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Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by middleway, Jun 8, 2006.

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  2. piratebrido

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    I'll me sure to read these.

    Would even like at some time to catch a seminar with the dude (Alex that is), been impressed with what I have saw and read of him.
  3. Angelsweet

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    Do you know who taught Serge?

    There is nothing on his site that states who he learnt Ziranmen from.

  4. cloudz

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    His teacher was Huang Xian Tian disciple of Wan Lai Sheng.
  5. Angelsweet

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    You'd think that if he had that sort of lineage, he would have mentioned it on his site.

    I can't seem to find any mention of Huang Xian Tian anywhere.

    Maybe the pinyin spelling isn't quite right.

    Do you know if he also trains with Liang Chao Qun in France?
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  6. middleway

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    hi Angelsweet,

    Serge is very much in the Ziranmen line. there is a thread somewhere on here where i outline things in more detail.

    But as with his tradition doesnt talk about it. He doesnt teach it publically at all as i understand it he doesnt want to publicise or earn money from it. He is a TCM doctor and earns from that.

    He doesnt train with Liang Chao Qun but i believe they met once ... so to speak ...

  7. Angelsweet

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    Oh I see! "so to speak" sounds interesting!!

    I know that Liang Chao Qun is a disciple of Wen Lai Sheng, thats why I thought they would train together. Him being his "kung fu uncle".

    I've also heard that there is a possibility that Liang Chao Qun Sifu might give a Ziranmen seminar in the UK sometime.
    Would be very interesting I think.

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