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  1. Dan Bian

    Dan Bian Neither Dan, nor Brian

    The same can be said of you, to be honest.
    The whole 'greater than thou' mystical man routine has been done, mate. These days, we value honesty and integrity, above conceit and belittlement. You've come on here, touting yourself as having more authority on this subject than the others posting; yet what you post has very little actual content, just lots of: "look deeper" "open your mind" "the answers will come". Very fanciful, but totally empty.

    So arrogant!
    Why is insisting that you are mistaken 'ridiculous'?
    You have not given any practical information on what you practice, other than "keep training" and "the answers will come".
    Other people on this thread, whether we agree with each other or not, have at least shared their opinions in an open way. Not with you - how dare we question you? We obviously are not as deep and wise as you!

    That is ridiculous, "my friend".

    Something that can actually be discussed!
    First of all, can you define the 'it' that I've highlighted above?
    I agree that 'techniques' are there as a framework in which we seek to understand the principles of the art, and the ultimate goal is 'formlessness'

    If you're just standing for 45 minutes, awaiting some sort of awakening or empowerment - then yes, you are just loitering.

    See, this is the arrogance that will get you nowhere in this community. You're trying to subconsciously set yourself up as more authoritative, by belittling others.

    We don't grow as people by opening our minds so much that our intelligence falls out.
  2. AndrewTheAndroid

    AndrewTheAndroid A hero for fun.

    The fact that you took that comment as a threat shows me that you need grow up. You did single me out as well as Dan, the fact that you didn't name any names doesn't change that. You didn't even have the decency to provide any evidence to support your claims. And no your methods are scientific. Not even close. It's obvious to everyone that you've never even picked up a ninth grade biology text before. If you had of then you wouldn't be arrogantly spouting unscientific nonsense like Chi.

    Supporting muscles work in the exact same manner as other muscles do. The process becomes effortless because the muscles that are supporting you get stronger in the exact same manner any other muscle would. You only want to make it seem mystical because you want to seem smarter than you are and you have a fundamental lack of understanding of how the human body works.

    You basically said that people who do zz are healthy while people who lift weights are not. This should include world class athletes. If you can't see what logically follows to what you said, then you have a serious disconnect problem.

    The reason we're laughing at your silly beliefs is not because of our understanding of them, but because they come from a time and place where people had hardly any idea how the universe and everything in it works. Science has progressed a lot in the last 60 years, but you have decided to cocoon your self in a belief that is hundreds of years old. Open your mind and educate your self about the science you seem to hate so much.
  3. El Medico

    El Medico Valued Member

    Wow,stop being so threatening. You're scaring everybody. If you scare Slip YOU'RE the one who's going to be held responsible!

    You may be correct.As to Panda it may be he has experience and feels there are more productive ways to spend one's training time.How do you know? The founder of I Ch'uan went from making his guys stand for up to 4 hours to drastically changing his method as he felt it wasn't worth it as relates to development of martial ability. Different strokes.

    I don't totally agree with everything DB says but does it occur to you that he may schooled in a legit but slightly different school of thought/teachings than yourself? It's not like all the various methods of training ZZ are practiced or even given credence by all ZZ practitioners.

    Telling someone they shouldn't make assumptions or declarations about the background of others they're unfamiliar with is kinda good advice for a newcomer on a forum-hardly a threat. Realistically,a threat? What's he going to do? Hack into your OS or something?

    What a snap judgement based on a few lines on a forum. I hope you're not a practicing clinical psychologist or something.

    It's obvious you have a paranoic persecution complex. I'm basing this on a sentence posted on a discussion forum.

    See how silly that is?

    You're not being "targeted" other than someone is disagreeing with you on a discussion forum. A rather common occurrence.

    Cracks like that are bound to enhance any reasonable discussion.

    I disagree with Panda on the value of ZZ but I find your personal comments (as above) to individuals much more disagreeable. If you're as schooled in ZZ as you claim you can most likely be a good contributor here even tho' many may disagree with things you state. Or I state.Or DB states. Something we all have to deal with.

    OK,let's all go to a neutral corner and stand in Post for ten minutes just to relax. Breath deep,kids.

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