Your thoughts and comments on this silat clip please?

Discussion in 'Silat' started by TruthForce, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Thanks for the advice Taoizt but im afraid its the only bag available in the studio so im kinda stuck there. Also see what you saying about the shoes thing. Ive always trained in bare foot but its also, imo, realistic to train in day to day footware. Will see if my students are up to being filmed so will see what happens re: application demonstrations.

    Peace :)
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    Yes that would be me :)

    Thanks for visiting my web page. I tend to keep it simple when explaining silat, whats i wrote was taken from a conversations with a GM. The reason why it made sense was that the seni/kembangan was a meathod of creating an elusion, so its more associated with fun and games. When your oponent falls for it, you have your chance. On the other hand, in a suprise attack with a bladed weapon, understanding of juru or any instinctive survival reaction will probably be your best bet. If you see my point. Re: the mirrors, its a constant reminder that im a fat munchkin too hahaha.


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