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    Rahayu Den-Rahmat (fyi in East & Central Jawa we abbreviate Raden to Den),
    My knowledge FWIW is confined to my silat and my lelaku shaped by my tirakat :).
    I apologise that my knowledge of history and custom is poor compared to my illustrious younger brother (Kiai Carita) who no longer posts on this forum. (FYI he posts on Sahabat Silat as Ranggalana. It has an English section also).
    The little I know about Fatahillah is that he was from Egypt (his mother being from Pajajaran) and that he helped the sultanate of Demak to drive the Portuguese from Sunda Kelapa (it wasn't known as Batavia yet), which was subsequently renamed Jayakarta.
    This was surrounding the period of the dissipation of Majapahit due to the ascendency of Demak and the spread of Islam through the support of Demak via the teachings of the Walisongo.
    It is interesting that you have chosen a historical figure from the period in question (Raden Rahmat from the kingdom of Campa - modern day Vietnam). The kingdom of Campa (pronounced chum-pa) and Majapahit had familial ties, Brawijaya of Majaphit had a princess from Campa as his queen. Can you tell us a bit why you chose this historical figure (Raden Rahmat) as your online persona?

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    Mas Raden/Den Rahmat....Sunan Ampel

    nice question, ...nice answer to my post also...u might think u lack history but ur info is accurate according to reasearch. well firstly, Raden Rahmat is foremost of the Wali Songo. 2ndly he is a key player in the way things went until colonisation and resulting in my ancestors being displaced (this doesnt mean im from Champa, just relating history and squashing it to save time...but its his role in the way indonesia developed i associate with him...more in Solidarity and Honour am i with shard to say in words)...and lastly, i admire him so much that before my son was born, during the first 40days of him being conceived, i had a dream where i was approached by a man all in white....his radiance was more apparent than anything else. i was still deciding on a name and he greeted me. he did not introduce himself...he just looked at me as if i knew who he was and he said ''remember his name is Nuruddin...just remember that...his name is Nuruddin..'' and he left and i was i kept his name as a memory of the dream and due to my allegiance to the wali songo and my ppl of resistance ...which ofcors Mas W.Kadung is of no doubt still part of...btw, if you are wondering ... Raden Rahmats name is Nuruddin ar-Raniri (i believe raniri to be Rander a place somewhere in India??? )...i stand for correction again. but thats what it is and he still remains my Icon...cos Ipod doesnt have any value to my soul lol...:topic: lol
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    Sigh.. Wish i also had a very interesting Nick that everyone could be marvelled at. Just in case anyone wants to know, im Kertas.,Wang Kertas (like Bond... James Bond).
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    Den Rahmat, thnx for sharing :). In Jawa another name we have for Raden Rahmatullah is Sunan Ampel who spread his influence from Surabaya (it is the capital city of Jawa Timur province). I have not heard of his name as Nuruddin though .. so thnx for expanding my knowledge!
    Sunan Ampel was like the leader of the of the Wali according to the Babad Tanah Jawi (the Legend or History of Jawa), if I'm not mistaken.
    It's true that in Jawa there is disagreement of who is part of Walisongo ... and even if songo refers to the number 9 (Jawanese) but could be Arabic tsana which means those who we praise (yang terpuji) ... or even the Sansekerta asana which we interpret as indicating the seat (of influence).
    Some lists include up to 16 wali's while others have 9, but have different people represented within the nine.

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    oi Kertas

    names arent for marvellation, just for referrence...but i better be in the shadow of the ppl who had mercy given to them for eternity rather than having a name i dont even have relation to.

    but hey, Mas Walang...i think i wana learn some Jawanese to update my vocab which at this point is Kosong. but thats your choice. about the Wali Songo, its tru the 9 thing is sort of not right but i think interpretations like yours give rise to language research in that period...would be good to know what language was prominent among the kingdoms and also among the communities...hey we are off topic i c...but i admire the work of the Wali Songo and both Sunan Ampel and Susan Gunung Jati are my icons
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    I have browsed the literature and internet for information on Fatahillah and the other Wali Songo. It probably will not add much more knowledge to most of you but Fatahillah is known under several names, but one of his more familiar names is: Sunan Gunung Jati. He controlled the area from Cirebon (of which he is supposed to be the founder) up to Banten after defeating the (Hindu?) Pajajaran Kingdom. Some articles on him him state that he is the only Wali who ultimately established a kingdom. Driving out the Portugese from Sunda Kelapa is indeed another feat connected to him. His grave (with the nine doors) is in the Cirebon area. Opposite to his (and his family grave site) is the Gunung Jati which he supposedly had 'built from jati wood' for one of his wives (can't remember her name right now) so she could 'look across the sea' to her native country which I believe was nowadays Siam. Some people have him originating from Paseh, Aceh, some from the Middle East, some from Pajajaran.
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    dont underestimate ur input

    Hey Pekir, u have just enlightened me abit dont stop...say it cos someone will that someone now
    ive too heard he was the founder of Cirebon, which became a very strong centre of islam i believe

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