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Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by humble student, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. humble student

    humble student Valued Member

    How many have come up with a personal style, that uses your disability as an asset?

    I use my short right arm to draw people in and keep their attention while attacking with my left side.
    This also helps by setting them up for the defensive move I want to use.

    John Runer
  2. humble student

    humble student Valued Member


    I also have good grip strength in right hand, once an opponent gets close I can grab or trap with my right arm and strike with my left. I also have learned to use finger locks and head manipulation to off balance stronger opponents. Where I point there head and locked finger they go. Using a spear hand to soft targets throat, eyes, stomach and other less obvious targets also helps even the odds. Contact is actualy light but just the quick and unexpected pressure gives me a surprise element that is hard to react to.
  3. Mawi

    Mawi Banned Banned

    .... how can .... whoa.... hmmm... grrrrr... :p
  4. humble student

    humble student Valued Member


    Its not made up it's called Chin Na and it is very effective using pressure points and locking joints it is something I am learning as best I can on my own From DR. Yang, Jwing-Ming's book Shaolin Chin Na. It is a nice addition to my previous Jujutsu training.

    By your own style I don't just mean making things up but finding a similar art and using the techniques with in that art to make your disablity an asset. I have seen people in wheel chairs that were awesome Judokas because there attackers were off balance! The lower the center of gravity the better for a throw. I see by your post kicking works for you, for me I must limit it!

    John Runer
  5. E-Rocker

    E-Rocker Valued Member

    I haven't made up my own style or anything like that, but one thing that I like about Kali is that if I were ever to find myself in a wheelchair again, kicking would be out of the question, but I could still stick fight!
  6. Mawi

    Mawi Banned Banned

    No disrespct but a lot of the Kung Fu stuff is mombo jombo. Even some Kung Fu guys said that kung fu is beutiful for show but really isn't as good as other martail arts out there. Well one time i went to a gym and saw a guy from korea, a guy trained in qu or chi style kung fu. Well he could do flips and stuff but really had no power.... And his attacks where very what can i say unpartical. I can tell you he had cool looking moves but...... really no way they would work in a fight. You can take stuff out of any art and put it in your style but you also need help from Masters or Sefuos or well expericed guys. You might learn things worng makeing your style very unpartical.

    :) I like where your going thou... Most peolpe think there art is the only good art but you mix things up.... Good thinking.
  7. Guerilla Fists

    Guerilla Fists New Member

    Not quite disabled

    I wouldn't consider myself a disabled martial artist.

    But without my corrective lenses I can't see much better than a bat. I've been in fights where I didn't have them. My depth perception was good enough only to judge where the guarding/blocking arms are. Being a grappler by nature I use this to my advantage.

    I can honestly say most my fights have ended on my first punch because of how I compensate. I grab with my left hand the nearest wrist of my opponent and pull it down. Simultaneously I step in right and blast their face with a lunging hook. KO everytime.

    Basically I use the distance between their guarding hands to gauge where to hit rather than using my sight.

    Does this count? Thoughts?
  8. dustIn credible

    dustIn credible Valued Member

    i agree some kung fu is pretty and fancy, but all is good for self defense. Id pick wushu over untrained person any day of the week.
    Chin na isnt on of those pretty, but ineffiective arts. I have trained with a student of Dr. Yang and have met Yang acouple of times. Chin na works, as well as aikido or anyother joint locking system.
  9. humble student

    humble student Valued Member

    Flashy Kung Fu

    I know what you mean by no power. There is Kung Fu with acrobatics and with just fighting. My goal is to just learn basics for seldefense. Also yes any thing that affects vision can be a disability. Your method of grabbing an opponent is great! I do the same thing to avoid a hit if you close in fast its harder to get hit.

    As stated before Chin Na is not flashy it is not for show it is for defense. I do a have a book on Wing Chun-Wing Chun Fighting and grappling by Dr. Joseph Wayne Smith.
    I don't have the basics to use the fighting but have learned a little from the grappling. Like I said earlier looking for a similar art and using what your ablities are suited to can only help. I walk with a cane and have a generous master sending me "Cane Master" videos to help me learn to fight with it!

    Thank You all for you advice!
    John Runer

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