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Discussion in 'MMA' started by gracie22555, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. gracie22555

    gracie22555 New Member

    i think they are ridiculous. In real life there are no weight classes if a big 250 pound guy attacks you. you cant just stop and say wait a minute your not in my weight class. You would have to fight him. In ufc there should be no weight classes there should be one championship belt available to all weights. i hate the stupid pound for pound thing. I mean if your form of martial arts is truly a great fighting technique than size shouldnt matter. Like royce gracie for instance, he took on opponents much bigger in build than him. he is a gangly 6'1 guy with a small build yet thanks to his technique he beat larger stronger opponents. this was impressive because it showed weight wasnt an issue when you know how to fight. i realize they are in place to protect fighters, and prevent mismatches, but cmon these guys are fighting for a living, obvioulsy their safety isnt that great of a concern.

    IMO eliminating weight classes would make people love the sport much more. having weight classes in place is basically saying all that matters is size in a fight, which is dead wrong.
  2. Studioworks

    Studioworks New Member

    So should men fight women? Prince Naseem should fight Mike Tyson?
  3. Atharel

    Atharel Errant

    1) pride has open weight fights

    2) making sure strength isn't wildly different means that it's mostly a contest of skill, which is good
  4. kmguy8

    kmguy8 Not Sin Binned

    lol, go back to class for a while kid.. start sparring hard... train randori a bit.. come back and tell me it doesn't matter.

    yes, but in those days fighters were not nearly so well rounded, conditioned.. and the class of fighter was MUCH lower as a whole. a little guy at 150-to maybe 185lbs has almost no chance against a well-trained opponent of say 250 lbs... sorry to break it to you.. the days of surprising strikers w/ JJ is OVER

    wrong.. it is saying size does matter (which is true in life generally despite what the ladies tell you).. not that skill might not save your "but" on the street where your "skills" are a surprise to an attacker.. but in a cage.. lol

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  5. callsignfuzzy

    callsignfuzzy Is not a number!

    1) At the risk of bringing this into a whole new ballgame, it's the cage, not on the street. As such, it should have any rules that guarentee a fair fight.

    2) As has been stated, weight is a variable that makes a difference in a fight. If a 185lbs guy matches up with a 200lbs guy with the same skills and conditioning, the bigger guy wins. Period.

    3) It was all cool back in the day when Royce was the only guy that could grapple. These days... well, you've seen the results.

    4) It's because these guys fight for a living that safety is a HUGE concern. They rely on their body opperating at top capacity to essentially preserve their health. They're facing someone who's out to do them bodily harm. If safety wasn't a concern, someone would die.

    5) It's not about your "form" of martial arts these days in MMA comps. That's why it's "mixed" martial arts. Some BJJ, some boxing, some Muay Thai, some wrestling, and presto-chango, we now have a more complete approach to combat. Look at your fights. While some folks excell at certain skill sets, nearly everyone has some training in punching, kicking, clinch fighting, takedowns, ground-and-pound, scrambling and submissions. 90% of it is the same "form". Hence the need for weight classes. It's no longer about beating the style, it's about beating the fighter.

    6) Eliminating weight classes won't draw people into the sport, except those who love blood and the "freakshow" factor of a 600lbs sumo wrestler taking on a 200lbs dude. It will A) hurt the sport by making things unfair for smaller fighters, B) get the politicians all riled up again 'cause of the whole "human cockfight" issue and C) cater to a negligible portion of the audience. Aside from a possible openweight tourney (which I'd actually like to see), it simply won't happen.

    Respectfully, sounds like you're kinda stuck in 1993. Have you followed the sport in the past couple of years?
  6. Skrom

    Skrom Banned Banned

    i'm now fully convinced that this guy is either brain damaged or a troll. if troll: 2/5
  7. jsmith

    jsmith Valued Member

    Troll, he also started the "New UFC sucks" thread.
  8. faster than you

    faster than you Valued Member

    mma contests are tests of skill more so than tests of weight advantages/disadvantages versus skill.
  9. Apotheosis

    Apotheosis Valued Member

    You are an ignorant fool.
  10. TheMightyMcClaw

    TheMightyMcClaw Dashing Space Pirate

    Does anyone remember Gracie vs. Kimo Leopoldo? I think it was UFC 3 or 4, one of the early ones. Now, Kimo ranks up there with Akebono in my book, but look at what a hard time Gracie had defeating him. Why such a hard time to beat a guy like that? A seventy pound wait advantage, that's why.

    This thread is silly. I'm not sure why I'm responding to it.
  11. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    You either A) have nothing resembling an idea what you're talking about and/ or B) are posting seriously amateurish flame-bait. Stop it
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