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Which basic kick is most useful in a fight?

  1. Side Kick

  2. Front Kick

  3. Crescent Kick

  4. Roundhouse Kick

  5. Back Kick

  6. Spinning Side Kick

  7. Hook Kick

  1. munkiejunkie

    munkiejunkie sanity's requiem

    for me it is a teep to the knee
  2. BackFistMonkey

    BackFistMonkey Valued Member

    I said front kick

    but I am not a kickboxer .... I prefer nice low front kicks and front leg side kicks unfortunately their effectivness is limited against the kickboxers I have trained, sparred, played, and fought with . I am not used to kicking oponents who are as conditioned as they are , and found myself being much less agressive than usual and changing my tactics to something not so close and with more "ouchy" power... in other words ... mid to low leval round house kicks . Raking the shin and trapping the feet doesnt work so good against you freaky people who condition more than I do ..

    I noticed that no one chose the hook kick on the poll . As a M.A.'ist I have found the hook usable in many situations . But I can see how it isnt as handy in Thai or kick boxing as in other martial art styles .

    Is the hook kick part of the kickboxing corriculm ? Becouse when I thought about it I have rarely seen a kick boxer throw a hook kick and mean buisness.
  3. Gortov

    Gortov New Member

    Shin Kick by far my favourite. The best way I can describe it is from an Hapkido website.

    Rear or front heel snaps forward to the opponent's shin: hips assist thrusting into the kick

    Very fast, takes the attackers focus to his leg so you can hit him around the head freely. Also an extra bonus of hurting like a mother$@#%er.
  4. Yes - It's just that when fighting/sparring kickboxing rules, the hook kick opportunity rarely arises without the risk of getting struck whilst throwing it.

    The hook kick is definately a part of the syllabus, as with all of the other kick options available in the poll.
  5. Aaren J

    Aaren J New Member

    Hmmm. Well, I find that my most used kick is the Muay Thai low round-kick, right to the thigh, or a Kung Fu side kick to the solar plexus. But my favourite is definately the foot stamp. Good against a power kicker. I love Chinese Kickboxing!
  6. BackFistMonkey

    BackFistMonkey Valued Member

    Thank you very much I figured it was an option for a reason :p .

    All I know about kickboxing is what I have had to defend against . So yes I am ignorant on alot of the training/teaching side to the Art.

    thank you again,

  7. ;)

    How are you supposed to know any more? You won't have to defend against flashy kicks and things as, although kickboxers are taught a lot, the focus is definately on the functional side. A roundhouse will work better than a jumping tornado kick etc ;):D Unless you go to a non fighting gym where more emphasis is put on the rest (although the roundhouse/front kick should always have more emphasis than spinning hook kicks and 540 twirls :D

    Out of interest, how did you find the kickboxer's fighting style? Movement, attacks etc?

    No probs
  8. BackFistMonkey

    BackFistMonkey Valued Member

    Very "DIRECT" is the best way to put it . The subtlety and fineses I usually rely on went out the window . The distractions I use didn't work as well as usual. The kicks I recieved were comperable in power to other styles but maybe more consistant in the power level rather than maybe one out of three being " solid blows". The elbow work made getting in close hurt . Their hands/arms were in general harder to trap becouse of their stance and guard, they didnt run their attacks into my guard the way most I like most people do and they9 absolutely refused to let me grapple :rolleyes: ( gee I wonder ) instead would "clench " me ( is that the word ? ) and unload those handy knees into my ribs hips and thighs ( I wasnt very proficient at throwing/sweeping/standing take downs in those days ) .

    The many times I fought for points or giggles it was fun and I picked up some usefull knowledge, tactics, and bruising from friends... the one time it was for real ... well it sucked big time and got messy reall quick ( but on the brightside I would have been toast of I hadnt sparred with people who trained with the weinie head so I kinda new what to expect), the fight got broken up by six of his friends and four of mine apperantly we worried everyone watching .

    I am hoping to get some more sparring in with thai/kickboxers in the future I have yet to try any of the Hapkido techniques I have picked up .

  9. Jujitm

    Jujitm New Member

    I voted front kick but I'd say side kick second because I use front kick to keep the fight at long range where I prefer. I use side kick as more as an emergency kick fired at the thigh to force someone back who is rushing me.

    normally their leg flies back leaving their head bend down so I can... well you get the idea :D
  10. dadder12

    dadder12 New Member

    side kick.
    theirs a certain feeling to seeing someone run into it :D
  11. N47Ø

    N47Ø New Member

    I said front kick or Mai Geri as we call it. I use it alot because of something i learned in my fencing days. its called attack-on-preparation, when you see your oponent tensing up or just as he makes a move you strike. its common in fencing and couldnt resist the principal in martial arts and the front kick is perfect for this.
    i have caught many people off guard because many pre meditate their moves. even if they feint with a front hand jab you can catch them nicely in the ribs underneath the arm with a front kick, the same applies in many situations.
    i of course still love the round house though!
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  12. wazzabi

    wazzabi sushi eater

    front kick or snap kick to the nuts :D . it would be the first move i'd use :D
  13. pulp fiction

    pulp fiction TKD fighter

    I voted for roundhouse kick. But in combos it would be roundhouse and spinning hook kick. Love when that connects, also back kicks.

    Back kicks to the thigh are really cool.
  14. Jujitm

    Jujitm New Member

    whenever someone mentions kicks to the nuts I always wince :cry:
  15. TNT Tommy

    TNT Tommy New Member

    In nearly all of the kickboxing matches i have had, the roundhouse has been my most effective weapon. Most of the TKOs i have delivered are the result of the roundhouse. :D

    TNT Tommy

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