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    I was inspired by the silat forum thread 'what makes your silat special?' and i thought to make this slightly differing one that can apply to you all,so i ask ' what makes you special in your art?'

    What do you do best/bring to the art the most, or to use a cliche term,what would be your gift in your art? be they physical things for example - ' i have great clinching ability' or related things such as ' I feel i am good at teaching/motivating'. i feel with many eastern arts,humility is preached as a great value, and so it is, but a bit of ego inflating just feels nice!

    so,what do you bring to the martial arts table? i think a good quote to show the value of yourself in the arts is from a great kushti wrestler he said 'when a wrestler cannot wrestle,we all loose something'

    Discuss :D
  2. tom pain

    tom pain I want Chewbacc for good

    My instructor told me I was a natural at Taekwon-Do. There were times when he made my do the four directional block and punch in front of the other white belts as an example (and the female instructor - who as self-acclaimed as being 'criticial of students' - desribed it as being 'artistic'), and that I had good natural power.

    During the grading for the white tag he would speak to each student individually after they did theirs and he said to me 'if you kept Taekwon-Do up, you could go very far with it'.

    Encouraging words, and ones I hope to fulfill.
  3. Llamageddon

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    Last time I did the kata Tekki Shodan, my sensei told me that he hasn't seen many black belts who perform it better than me. So I suppose my 'gift' is either having the ability to perform powerful katas well, or to produce alot of power and feeling in my karate training.
  4. shootodog

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    my endless questions.
  5. KempoFist

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    I'm sexy. Tis my gift...that and gogoplatas.
  6. Oversoul

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    I put the "rest" in "wrestle."
  7. Liffguard

    Liffguard Valued Member

    I have good armbars.
  8. satanicSkater

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    I put the DOH! in Taekwon-Do :(
  9. You know that awesome feeling when you really, really put some ****ing loudmouth, arrogant, bigshot, know-it-all punk in his place?


    Thats what I give people.
  10. SiAiS

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    Nothing, there is nothing that makes me special in any area in my life. I don't have to think very long at all before I can find at least one person who has more talent in any area that I care to choose, and in many cases... many.

    All that I have is a lack of fear, and a non-caring attitude towards the length, or even the continuation of my own life, so I am able to consider things with a beginners mind.

    I do though, love life.
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  11. kwang gae

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    LOL! Funny! :D From the looks of the videos you post, you don't give it to them very often!

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