your favourite book/ book series and why

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    Ooh, haven't noticed this before.

    Robert Greene - The 48 laws of power

    Joe Abercrombie - The first law trilogy

    Patrick Rothfuss - The name of the wind, and The Wise mans fear.

    Scott Lynch - The Gentlemen Bastards, The Lies of Locke Lamora, Red seas under red skies.

    George R.R. Martin - A song of ice and fire (Game of thrones on HBO is based on this)

    Peter V Brett - The Painted Man and Desert Spear

    Brandon Sanderson - Mistborn Trilogy

    Brent Weeks - The Night Angel trilogy

    Hm, that's all I can think of for now. :)
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    :bang: Turns out I posted on this in 2005 :bang:
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    holy crap this thread is old!

    updated answer:

    sci-fi: favourite's julian may's saga of pliocene exile, followed by dune, followed by niven and pournelle's mote in god's eye.

    fantasy: favourite's r. scott bakker's prince of nothing and aspect emperor trilogies (the latter on its second book, with at least two more incoming), followed by martin's song of ice and fire, followed by edding's the elenium and tamuli.

    don't read much that isn't sci-fi/fantasy, though :p
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    Prince of nothing, I believe I read that one, the one where his power is logic or something? I don't think I finished it, yes it's old, I was going to start a "your favourite books" thread but stumbled upon this one. :)
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    also i just remembered a really good series by christian jacq called the stone of light, which deals with the workers that built the pharaoh's tombs in the valley of the kings in ancient egypt. recommended to anyone who likes historical fiction (he also has a few other egypt based series as well).
  6. Fish Of Doom

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    sort of, yes. first book is the darkness that came before, second is the warrior prophet, and the third is the thousandfold thought.

    aspect emperor is also pretty good. the first one, judging eye, is quite interesting, and the second one, the white-luck warrior, is seven thousand shades of magnificent :D
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    tsun tsu's the art of war
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    The Gap series is much better than his Thomas Covenant stuff IMO.

    My favorite series is the Hyperion Cantos from Dan Simmons. It's a homage to John Keats as well as some of the best existential horror/space opera I've ever read. The four books are below.

    The Fall of Hyperion
    The Rise of Endymion

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