Your Favorite Submissions/Chokes

Discussion in 'MMA' started by Korpy, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    What is your favorite submissions/chokes to use?

    My favorites are the gullotine choke, the armbar, and the good ol headlock/choke.
  2. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    I don't know any yet except for rear naked choke, guillotine and one armbar. Do they have chokes in hapkido?
  3. LeiTong

    LeiTong New Member

    Arm-triangle choke and inside heel hook.
  4. femalewrestler

    femalewrestler New Member

    my favourites are armbar, RNC, triangle choke. I dont know how to do flying armbar/triangle yet, but those look pretty fun/impressive
  5. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    I believe so, haven't learned them yet. In addition to Hapkido I also learn Submission Fighting.
  6. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    I'm a big fan of the achillies lock, americana/ keylock, various gi chokes, the omoplata and the RNC/ body triangle combo. I like the armbar and triangle choke from guard as well, but most of the guys I train with are better at defending them than I am a putting them on
  7. faster than you

    faster than you Valued Member

    i love the triangle. it can pulled of from the mount, the back, the guard, the half-guard, even standing and in so many ways. also it provides a great position for moving the opponent almost at will once it is sunken in, i.e. reversals. plus it's always easy to transiton into an armbar from the triangle.
  8. hunter_kaval

    hunter_kaval The Ronin

    Either americana/ keylock or Kimura are two of my favourite.
  9. Jesh

    Jesh Dutch Side Of The Force

    Rear-naked choke, triangle and Kimura.
  10. LiaoRouxin

    LiaoRouxin Valued Member

    My favorites are in this order: flying armbar, armbar from the mount, armbar from the guard, cross-collar gi choke, guillotine, and rear-naked.

    In order of what I actually pull off: armbar from the mount, armbar from guard, sankaku jime (triangle), ude garami, flying armbar, rear-naked, cross collar, and guillotine. I'm not a big fan of chokes, you see.
  11. brainuse

    brainuse New Member

    If you can, hunt down a copy of Jutaro Nakao v Sauli Heilimo (7-13-2003, Shooto at Korakuen hall). The slickest reverse triangle I have ever seen, used to counter a leg shot.
  12. notquitedead

    notquitedead used to be Pankration90

    Keylock with the arm trapped under my leg from kesa. I also like heelhooks but I'm horrible at leg locks.

    The submissions I try the most are probably armbars, rear naked chokes, triangles, and guillotines. I'm much smaller than everyone I train with so I'm on my back a lot, but nothing is more satisfying than that shoulder lock from kesa. :D
  13. mai tai

    mai tai Valued Member

    i love the arm triangle...cause it feels so satisflying to apply...but it is TOO easy to counter
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2006
  14. TheMachine

    TheMachine Valued Member

    Armbar and rear naked choke have been my reliables. I wanna improve my triangle and kimura
  15. impala

    impala New Member

    Side Headlock (Kata Gatame), Rear Naked Choke (Hadaka Jime), Front Naked Headlock (Mae hadaka jime) aka. Teh Guillotine...

    Sometimes I get a (Triangle) Armbar (Juji Gatame) too.
  16. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    Seeing as I almost never land a sub I'll go with the one I sometimes get close to landing, the Kimura.

    Other than that I do love the triangle, pulled it off once and felt good about it for days afterwards.
  17. AAAhmed46

    AAAhmed46 Valued Member

    I just recently learned my first submission: Arm bar.

    Im not good at it, but i might get better.

    I think the arm bar is dandy!

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