Your Favorite Kickboxer?

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Korpy, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    I remember seeing that fight a while ago (my old man had it on VHS), and I remember thinking, "this guy can really kick!" Looks like Trimble was another cross between TKD and kickboxing?

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    Super Foot

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  2. shift

    shift Valued Member

    Peter "Sugar Foot" Cunningham vs Yuen Biao
  3. cdnronin

    cdnronin Valued Member

    According to Theriault's fight record Paul Ford was knocked out in the 6th round of their fight.
  4. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Going slightly :topic: here, but what is it that makes a fighter so admired long after their retirement?

    For me, Bill Wallace is # 1 because of his amazing kicking ability, his unblemished record, his determination to turn a handicap into a strength (could only kick with one leg), and his wonderful sense of humour and down-to-earth demeanour. I admire any good fighter who has a sense of humility.

    What is your (everyone's) opinion on this?

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    Super Foot
  5. Damien Alexander

    Damien Alexander New Member

    I know about that fight.
    Funny thing is; they fought more than once.

    Why it isn't mentioned, I have no idea.

    I also know Paul had a temper.
    Theriaults management offered to sign Paul on,but he said no because it would have taken his chance to fight him again since they would be from the same camp, essentially.
    I have no idea if that had anything to do with it,but back in the late 70's and early 80's,things were crazy politics. It was all in it's infancy,basically.

    I used to train with pauls step brother for years and hit the tournament circuit for ages with him. Watching paul train at Pearls gym in columbus was mental.
    But,again, I have no idea what went on record and what didn't or why.
    I can only speak from what I saw personally.
  6. Damien Alexander

    Damien Alexander New Member

  7. cdnronin

    cdnronin Valued Member

    I'll see if I can ask Jean-Yves tomorrow about Paul Ford.
  8. Damien Alexander

    Damien Alexander New Member

    Please do.
    I am interested in knowing his side as well.
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  9. never_surrender

    never_surrender New Member

    I don't know weather any other trainees/fighters notice this, but i can kick better with my right leg than i can my left. My right leg is higher and a lot more smoother and has more power than my left (although only fairly slightly). When i throw low kicks i use my left leg, when i want a good hip/rib cage/head shot, i throw the right which to me is OK but gives opponents a general idea of what to look out for and giving some tactics away. (I think once i actually got a head shot from the left but it left me with some dis-comfort and decided against it from then on). Is it just me or does that happen to others too? If so, how can i get round it? Make both legs equally as good?
  10. Damien Alexander

    Damien Alexander New Member

    Back when I could kick properly( a herniated disc has a tendancy to ruin that ability!), I found I could get seriously and fast kicks with my left and lots more power from my right.
    I am right side dominate anyway,but I trained both equally for years and still had the same results.
    The flexability on my left was quite impressive,but not so much on the right.
    I had one guy say I could over a horses head with my left,but through his neck with my right.
    But,alas, with my back injury, no more high kicking.
    Hence the end of savate.

  11. burungkol

    burungkol Team Yaw-Yan

    emiliano zapata from the philippines :)
  12. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    Marvin Perry as well.

    Great San Da fighter. Won titles in San Da, Muay Thai and Full Contact.
  13. shift

    shift Valued Member

    Oh wow, I competely forgot about Marvin Perry
    I spoke with him once online and asked him how comes he stopped fighting. He said he developed serious back injuries that prevent him from competing.

    It's a damn shame...I seriously wanted to see him and Cung Le fight.
  14. shift

    shift Valued Member

    Records and consistency do it for me, but on top of that I like seeing a very active fighter. I love to see explosiveness and the ability to adapt in a fight to any given opponent...I think that's what true mastery is and Benny the Jet had that and Masato has it.

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