Your Favorite Chi Kung Excersises

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by SickDevildog, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. piratebrido

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    I didn't think that applications were taught in Qi Gong classes, but then never being to one I wouldn't have really known. I suppose teaching martial techniques, if there is indeed any behind it, would take away form its primary purpose - cultivation of qi within the body.
  2. Visage

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    Nah, QiGong is just a non Martial approach to developing Qi for health and vitality.

    Taiji develops Qi for self defence (primarily [Tradionally]) and health as a handy side effect.

    One compliments the other though, so its all good :)
  3. reikislapper

    reikislapper see you on the flypaper

    RAFLMAO You should be able to teach me a few chi kung exercises., and I was really hoping for a good session on wed lol.
    lisa xx :D :rolleyes:
  4. Visage

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    You show us what you do, we might consider it :p
  5. averan

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    well said TejitsuDo...

    in my opinion, all qigong should be a foundation for martial skill and applications. but that is because i do my qigong with the same whole-body power and alignments that i use martially. i think that in the internal arts...there is less separation between qigong and martial training. that's maybe a part of what makes them internal, no?

    but i think also, that external arts practicioners outnumber us internal folk and that they supplement their external practice with internal qigong. their approach to training flavors the style of qigong they practice and teach. since they are so yang and hard martially, then when they practice for health, they go to the opposite extreme and do their qigong very yin and soft.

    and also, since their martial techniques do not use whole-body power, neither do their qigong exercises. the health-building and martial aspects are kept separate.

    and one more point, contrary to what TejitsuDo just said, about health being a side-effect, i would disagree and say that for the internal arts, health is actually a prerequisite for self defense! that's why it usually takes so long to effectively use IMAs to fight.
  6. Visage

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    Of course, TJQ makes one healthy when they begin training. I was refering to the further health benefits that are gained from prolonged training, IE curing of ailments such as arthritis, back trouble etc. ;)
  7. reikislapper

    reikislapper see you on the flypaper

    Hey, don't you start sticking up for TejitsuDo, he's such a tease when we are practicing the form lol.

    I have no problem with any of the internal Martial Arts as I'm learning to be one now, ok it's going to take a life time but I have patience, not sure about the teacher though lol. I also agree with using qigong as part of the training as I used to do some in the last class I used to take as I did a bit of Wu style. I just find it hard putting it into practice with the eternal stuff as I used to like getting the moves over and done with with as little hassle as I could and the teacher I have loves to get in depth and make sure your doing it right. He must know I get a bit wound up when I'm not doing it to his standards lol, sorry sifu lol.
    I would like to learn more though with the internal arts including getting the form right for once lol. I'd also like to see some of the energy side of what can happen with having the energy directed at me (must be crazy for that one lol) just to see if I can actually feel the energy which has been mentioned numerous times on different threads.
    I suppose that will come later lol, I hope when I learn more of the form lol.
    lisa xx
  8. Taiji Butterfly

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    Very slightly in some versions, but isn't the 'look' that's important with qigong - it's the feel...
    Depends on the version - parallel is best for three circle stance unless it's uncomfortable or you're a
    Definitely, which will tend to bow the legs out more I find...
  9. SickDevildog

    SickDevildog Lost In The Sauce

    Thanks for the replies TB,

    One mroe question how high are we supposed to hold the palms, is it about mid-chest, solar plexus, dantien?
  10. Taiji Butterfly

    Taiji Butterfly Banned Banned

    Mid chest for three circles but try the other ones and see what happens... Contrary to popular Chinese superstition your testicles won't actually explode, at least I don't think they will.... :rolleyes: lol
    PS Really this thread should be in the Health and Fitness forum btw, but a lot of the people over there seem to be obsessed with weight training and unbelievably narrow-minded, or so I found when I visited :cry: pity :rolleyes:
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  11. reikislapper

    reikislapper see you on the flypaper

    bad boy raflmao lol
    never mind they will one day Taiji'
    lisa xx :D ;) ;)
  12. franksv

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    How long?

    As part of your daily/regular routine how long do you do chi gung?Comming from external styles I find standing to be hard.I have been learning/practicing Hsing-I for only a year and a half and Tai Chi for 3-4 months.I stand for 10 min a day either hold the ball or santi.Thoughts?
  13. tcgohan

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    favorite stand alone qigongs

    I'd have to say my favorit chi kungs are...

    Eight pieces of brocade. (any version)

    Bear sway

    taiji qigongs. I really enjoy Master Jou's and Mantak Chia's is nice too.

    standing qigong :p this one I really need to work on, I got up to ten minutes and got really bored. :cry: (yep! Im u lazy 'merican)
  14. hegu

    hegu Valued Member

    I like

    to play with 3 circle standing qigong. I should do it more often thow:)
  15. Bluesash

    Bluesash New Member

    I do simple 5 min crane stances and 15 min Hungar

    Along with 36 Dynamic Tensons, and 105 moves on the muk jon, slowly!

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