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Discussion in 'Silat' started by realitychecker, May 4, 2006.

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    Breathing in and out of alternate nostrils is a method used in pranayama to control the nervous system using breath. Usually it’s used to put a person in a particular mental state which is conductive to meditation. To put it in a more scientifically it is used to change the brain waves from beta to alpha and frequencies below alpha.

    When I sink my weight I usually find myself exhaling but when I raise my weight or jump I usually inhale, just feels natural for me but I guess others do different. As for slipping and shuffling I think I mostly exhale but not always.

    I have not yet resolved in my mind if it’s best to inhale or exhale when taking a punch. I think there are two different schools of thought on this. One is to resist the impact by forcefully exhaling and the other is to absorb the energy by inhaling.
    When inhaling it will force the diaphragm down which will compact the abdomen, if this is done at the same time as tensing the abs it seems the logical approach to withstand an impact. Strangely enough my teacher says you should not tense but relax when taking a strike but it dose not seem logical to me to do that.
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    Breathing Technique

    See if you can figure out when these guys breathe ...

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    Forget about breathing, for that only praying will help! That’s crazy, did you see their teacher limping around with a walking stick and he is not that old either. O master I want to be just like you when im older, I’ve already ordered the walking stick, if I make it that far!

    I’m much heavier than the average Indonesian so you would probably have to dig me out of the crater my body makes when it hits the ground :D
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    Well its old footage so their all probably limping around or in a wooden box by now ;)
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    Salam to all!

    If my memory serves me right, old footage was shown at the Malaysia cinemas around 1984. It was actually much longer than the 7 minutes shown here. In some cinemas it was shown up to one month and became box office.
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    Thanks for posting this. It has taught me the importance of striking a cool, yet threatening, silat pose after I've jumped from a building or through a window. A very valuable lesson for all of us who are silat players.

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    Yeah, things not to do if you want to survive. But thank Todd -- he sent me the URL.
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    I think this the same footage that Todd put on Silat world...Am I slow or what? :)
    This freak show is nothing to do with silat, this is about jingo boistering, this is a show off in the most embarassing way, and this is something is forbiden in old silat and should be forbiden to all silat students.
    I'm probably very naive and grumpy old silat students, but is anyone can tell me the benefit of that training? Other than euphoria of being able to do so?
    You don't have to learn martial arts to do that? As a matter of fact, the stuntman would do better....
    What bother me sometime is that many of this so called Mahaguru or Pendekars believe that they were are teaching the most effective fighting arts in the world. They have a special training for anything, mantras for power, speed, and for ilmu kebal.
    If they are really can do that, why don't they try to teach the students to compete in a sport of boxing? Only few techniques with all those mantras, they can easily knock out their opponents and be rich! Imagine that, they do not need to do stupid demo jumping from three stories building to get new students.
    The fact remain the best boxer and the world champion of boxer is comes from South America and the USA. And none of this people did any mantras or fasting nor of the boxer learn martial arts.
    So to borrow my brother Stevan's mother profound words, "Can he fight?" We shall concentrate to what the objective of learning silat.
    Zeee wiz, must be the coffee is too strong, I feel grumpy this morning :)
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