You know you're practicing ninpo when...

Discussion in 'Ninjutsu Resources' started by Banpen Fugyo, Apr 29, 2006.

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    Haha, true. I have tried to talk with my old man about these "urges", but I don't think he understands. :rolleyes:

    The dangerous (and embarrasing) thing about this is that i always get these urges when I've had a couple of beers.
    Going into deep ichimonji when chopping wood, without thinking about it happens all the time, people must think I'm mentally ill, or just retarded :Angel:

    And one really positive aspect is: You never get the urge to get physical, no matter how angry you get, and you never get that mad to begin with. You also don't fear pain or losing a brawl if it would come to that, even if you know your limits. That's a special kind of self-confidence.
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    - Your curses are accompanied by Kiai
    - When faced by monsters in nightmares, you move in kamae
    - You interpret "Genshiken" as meaning "Death Nurturing Fist" (No, I don't read it -.-)
    - When fighting with friends, you suggest ways that they can make it hurt more
    - Watching the FA Cup Final you notice good ukemi and commend professional fouls

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