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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by dizzyday07, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. dizzyday07

    dizzyday07 Valued Member

    Just to let you know that I achieved my yellow belt (PKA) last Tuesday.

    Not bad for an overweight, 38 year old mother of two!!!!

    :) :)
  2. hux

    hux ya, whatever.


    congrats, and congrats on your future belts as well!

    I'm just curious, my kickboxing org doesn't have belts - what is the requirement to earn yellow at your school? A school that we spar with pretty often trains under the Joe Lewis fighting system, and I think for yellow they have to perform basic kicks, blocks, and punches.
  3. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    the syllabuses depend on your association:

    I grade under the WAKO pro syllabus

    The grades go: White / Red/ Yellow

    Jab Cross Front kick Roundhouse kick(rear leg), Knee Strike
    Defence= parry against jab, deflections against front kick (counter with low kick), outside forearm block against street attack

    Padwork using all of the above attacks and combos of the above too


    sliding jab, sliding cross, hooks (left and right , body and head)
    side kick lead leg roundhouse kick, push kick
    defelctions off both arms, inner forearm defense , slipping against straiht shots
  4. 187

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  5. blippy

    blippy New Member

    congrats and well done
  6. seyah

    seyah Valued Member

    Brill Made up for you, keep it up. :)
  7. dizzyday07

    dizzyday07 Valued Member

    Taking my green belt in 3 weeks time!!

    I also attended my first "fighting" class on Sunday. Was the only female in a class of about 20 guys!! We did a lot of blocking etc practice over 1.5 hours then there was some sparring at the end. I went "into the ring" with one of my tutors (because I was a bit nervous about going in with the others who vere VERY enthusiatsic) and managed to kick his goolies 3 time - unintentionally - but it had everyone laughing.
  8. seyah

    seyah Valued Member

    Who said he's got any? If he had he hasn't now :love: :love: :love: Good luck on the forthcomming grading.
  9. rygon

    rygon New Member

    Yellow Sash


    Left Hook (Front arm)
    Right Hook (Back arm)
    Left Hook to body
    Right Hook to body


    One Step Front kick front leg
    One Step Roundhouse kick front leg
    Side Kick, front leg
    Side Kick, back leg


    Left Hook + Right hand to head
    Left Hook to body and head
    Left Hook + Right Hook + Roundhouse Kick, front leg
    Right Hook + Roundhouse Kick, back leg
    Single Jab + Left Hook + One Step Front Kick
    Double Jab + Left Hook + One Step Roundhouse Kick


    2 + Self defence moves
    Attack from rear
    Bag Work
    Shadow Sparring 1 * 1 min

    Repeated in opposite guard after each section.

    this is what we do for a yellow belt in my club...which i will have to do ..again (was training at a diferent club before and now ive joined this new club they want me to take my last belt again)
    congratulations and i hope you have a lot more success in years to come
  10. Song1

    Song1 New Member

    Congrats mate. Keep up the good work.

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