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    Yaw-Yan- Extreme Striking Championships (ESC)

    Hey guys from Yaw-Yan Pasay...when are you coming up with a Yaw-Yan ESC Part 2...

    Photo below shows Ruben Sumido executing an elbow against his opponent at the ESC 1. They had a rematch at the Fearless Fighting Championships at MetroWalk and Sumido won again by TKO...

    As part of his record, Ruben Sumido also won a Bronze in MuayThai at the Latest Asian Indoor Games '05 in Thailand...with Kru Billy Alumno taking the Gold in Wai Kru

    I love how this guy fights in the ring...more power to those strikes Kid Sumido

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    Yaw-Yans in Cebu MMA

    Controversial victory
    By Jaime A. Frias II
    Sun.Star Correspondent

    MERCITO “Guerrero” Gesta of CMAC Kickboxing Club scored a controversial majority-decision win over James “King Solomon” Gacia of Yaw-Yan Pasay in their five-round 134-pound kickboxing match in the “Ground and Pound” mixed-martial-arts (MMA) and kickboxing tournament Saturday night at the Cebu Coliseum.

    The 18-year-old Gesta, trained by former world-boxing champion Gerry Peñalosa’s brother Karl, relied on his boxing experience, landing solid punches to the face and body of Garcia, to get the judges’ nod but the camp of Garcia complained that their fighter should have won as he scored more on kicks and knees.

    Clear shots

    “I hit him in the body as he gave me clear shots,” said Gesta, who also acknowledged the coaching of his father Cito, the club founder.

    Choi Cuaton, the Yaw-Yan gym director, said kicks and knee strikes should be given more points as they are more damaging compared to punches.

    “We understand that Gesta having punched well and being the local fighter, would be favored but since Garcia obviously punished Gesta with strikes to the body, legs and head, the fight should at least have been declared a draw,” Cuaton said.

    Better kicker

    Garcia was obviously the better kicker and relied on his roundhouse and low kicks and knees to hurt the durable Gesta. While the local boy, Gesta, a professional boxer, was obviously the better puncher.

    While in the 132lb mixed-martial-arts main event, Engie “The Enforcer” Piloto of Yaw-Yan Ardigma mounted and tried to submit Pablo “Predator” Santillan but Santillan showed his strength and resisted all of Piloto’s attempts.

    In the last seconds of Round 3 of the three-round fight, Piloto locked on an armbar but time ran out. Santillan however won the fight via majority decision.

    Santillan had a guillotine choke on Piloto after a reversal from the mount in Round 2 but Santillan couldn’t finish off Piloto.

    In the supposed main event but was held two fights before the last, the 135lb kickboxing bout between Vicente “Badong” Valdueza of Yaw-Yan Pasay and Adamson “The Assassin” Torbiso of Durex Dragon Kickboxing Club, was won by the Yaw-Yan fighter by technical knockout after the first round as Torbiso couldn’t bet back for Round 2 as he suffered pain in his abdominal area due to knees delivered by Valdueza in the first round.

    Cary “The Prince” Bullos of Yaw-Yan Musang Lapu-Lapu also won by TKO against Jun “The Striker” Fernandez of Western Kickboxing Club in their open-weight MMA fight.

    Bullos took down Fernandez early in the first round and had full mount. He landed a series of punches to the head of Fernandez and referee Richard Tan stopped the fight in 1:48 of Round 1 to prevent further punishment on Fernandez.

    Not defending

    “I had to stop the fight. Fernandez was not countering and defending, while Bullos continued to land punches,” said Tan.

    Other fighters in the kickboxing events who won via TKO were James “Bisaya” Dabon of Yaw-Yan Ardigma over Marlito “Diamond” Florida of Angel Technique Club, Michael Talines of Wushu Sanshou Cagayan de Oro City in the third round against Noe “The Freedom Fighter” Cantiveros of Yaw-Yan Ardigma, Titing Cabusas of Soma Kickboxing Club in Round 3 over Argel Oppus of Arcomjukai Kickboxing Club, Walter Zaldarriaga of Muay Thai of the Philippines-Dumaguete over Joerex Rivera of Soma Kickboxing Club and Jimuel Naingue of Arcomjukai Kickboxing Club over Jamel Macute of Muay Thai Association of the Philippines-Dumaguete.

    Other winners in the kickboxing event were Dexter “The Furious” Gadiano of Yaw-Yan Ardigma by majority decision over Rosene Steve Sevilleno of Wushu Sanshou-Cagayan and Alcheine Yosorez of Wushu Sanshou-Cagayan de Oro by unanimous decision over Novah “Yazi” Denolan of Angel Technique Club in the Women’s bout.

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    how's it going wanlu? sorry if i missed some of the posts - been buried with too much work. the plans for ESC2 is currently ongoing. we want to push the event by december of this year, no exact dates yet.

    sumido's fight in the ESC has one of the fiercest finishes during that night. he had 3 consecutive elbows that opened a cut on his opponent's head.
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    Yaw-Yan Fignt Night5

    Yaw-Yan Fight Night results...14-2 -1 loss was Yaw-Yan to Yaw-Yan ..only loss was our fighter who dislocated his shoulder...Louie Mateo of Yaw-Yan Baguio Finished his guy in the first round...

    Infos,Pictures and videos to be posted at the Yaw-Yan Makati website soon

    From The Yaw-Yan Chef
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    that was nice! the fighting challenge 5 features the return of Sir Louie Mateo, director of Yaw-Yan Ksatriyan CAR (baguio). u guys were so lucky to see the event. :cry:
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    Yup Louie won despite his age he he he...I dont know but if you ask me,I honestly think that everytime he eats in Mc Donald's, he should get a 20% discount na...

    He's a good friend of mine... stayed in my place for a couple of weeks during the time we were forming the first MuayThai team...
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    Yaw-Yan Fight Night 5

    Once again i want to thank everyone who helped make this event a
    Success.We had 15 matches and we are downloading the fights on
    Google and youtube,i hope they will be finished in the next days

    first match was a special match (rematch from Elite Striking
    1) Roldan"IRONMAN"Cartajena Yaw-Yan won 2nd rd KO by knee strike
    over Artemio Mancol of Kyokushinkai

    2)Billy"TIRHDOR"Jarcsco Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati won 2nd rd KO by Knee
    Strikes to the head over Michael Monterde of Tat Kon Tou

    3)Jordon "LABUYO"Balcita Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati won 2nd rd KO
    strikes to the head over Rodel Sabrine Exposure Gym

    4)Michael"BUHAWI"Duncan Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati won 1st rd KO Fighter
    could not continue over Ramil Giganti Tat Kon Tou

    5)JayAr"MATADOR" Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati 2nd rd KO Via Back Fist
    Over Albert Sabrano Muay Thai Bicol

    6)Carlo Juarez Yaw-Yan Balona winner 3rd rd Decision Over
    Danilo"ALASAH"Tudtud Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati

    7)Renante "Noble" Flash Franco Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati Draw
    with Myong Pabustan Yaw-Yan Belona

    8)Rogelio "UPAW" San Yaw-Yan Pasay Draw
    With Emmanuel "Animal" Sabrine Exposure Gym

    9) Ricarto Dacuyan"Catoy" Yaw-Yan Pasay Winner 3rd round decision
    over Ramon Gonzales of Kyokushinkai

    10)Michael Versaga Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati Winner 3rd round split
    Over Jonathan Maximo Muaythai Bicol

    11) Jojo"Kwago"Venta Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati Winner 3rd round
    Over Romil "CLAW"Auxillo MuayThai Bicol

    12) Greg Lorenzo Yaw-Yan Ksatriyan Baquio ist Round KO
    Over Ryan Dizon Kyokushinkai

    13) Jet "OKINJA" Corpuz Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati 1st round KO
    over Al Dela Trinidad Muaythai Bicol

    14) James Dela Cruz Kyoushinkai Winner 2nd round ref stop match due
    to dislocated shoulder over Jerry "Kicker" Valdez Yaw-Yan Ksatriyan

    15) Louie"IGOROT" Mateo Yaw-Yan Ksatriyan Baquio Winner 1st round KO
    over Joshua "Hurricane" Abella Tough guys

    More Power
    The Yaw-Yan Chef
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    Tournament Videos

    I'd like to share some of the videos during the fighting challenge 5 tournament... they fights are still quite good and exciting even though most of the fighters who fought are still beginners.

    Louie Mateo VS Joshua Abella:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cG5HLs-pTvc"]Fighting Challenge 5 - YouTube[/ame]

    Michael Duncan VS Christopher Balbua:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnzwTv6SjAg"]Fighting Challenge 5 - Michael Duncan VS Christopher Balbua - YouTube[/ame]

    Greg Lorenzo VS James Dela Cruz:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlLzNTyumpc"]Fighting Challenge 5 - Greg Lorenzo VS Bryan Dizon - YouTube[/ame]

    Danilo Tudtud VS Carlo Juarez:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ih4-WO6SK8"]Fighting Challenge 5 - Danilo Tudtud VS Carlo Juarez - YouTube[/ame]

    Jojo Venta VS Ranil Auxillo:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQIicUCR-dM"]Fighting Challenge 5 - Jojo Venta VS Ranil Auxillo - YouTube[/ame]

    Michael Versaga VS Pong Villareal:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6VqLQjEdWI"]Fighting Challenge 5 - Michael Versaga VS Pong Villareal - YouTube[/ame]

    Jet Corpuz VS Al Dela Trinedad:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUb0XLHL5Dg"]Fighting Challenge 5 - Jet Corpuz VS Al Dela Trinedad - YouTube[/ame]
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    Greetings my friends in Yaw-Yan...Im outa here...you guys take care and more power to your strikes...
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    Yaw-yan Cebu again in action




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    Here's a picture of disarming arnis sticks using the feet and legs. taken during our 34th founding anniversary celebration last august 20, 2006.

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    Hi Burunkol

    Checked the other photos on the yaw-yan blogsite taken on Yaw-Yan's 34th Anniversary .The bolo punches ,weponry ,arnis..really nice..

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    pucha sayang i wish i got to see.
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    Looks as though it was a great day, congrats on 34 years, may the next 34 be even better.

    Will have to visit you guys this December when I am out there, looks as though training is hard but fun.

    Best regards

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    Thanks everyone!!! it was an afternoon filled with fun and camaraderie between all those who've attended. there were even seniors who went all the way from other countries to participate in this event..

    lbb - its ok, i'll take you to the gym when i get back. ;)

    pat - thanks!!! we're looking forward to see you guys in december. :D

    viking - thanks! the demos performed showcased the combat aspect of yaw-yan. i've also included some shots regarding the bolo punch and its relation to arnis strikes...please see below


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    Thanks Burunkol,
    What about the staff and rope fighting ?

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