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    If you can get across to Coventry its worth training with this guy.

    MOD note. Some bad language.

    [ame=""]Barrington Patterson with Anthony Pillage - YouTube[/ame]
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    Coventry is 1 damm rough neck of the woods! - but some really nice folk there.
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    I only wish they'd removed that cardboard cutout of Brock Lesnar and all his manly boobs that's on the wall behind them. Ugh.
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    I managed to get it on loan from my university library, but I don't have it anymore - returned it a few weeks back. If you had some specific questions about what may be in it I could do my best to remember. It was a thick book. Not really my interest but I could see it being very interesting to some.

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    Doesn't matter I just purchased it via amazon uk instead was only £18.99 so why not. Looks interesting and will be good to refresh myself on this area.

    Cheers though mate.
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    It would appear that Xingyi is "unlearnable" for westerners and also the majority of present day Asians! I feel he makes a valid point.

    Language warning. Article does contain swear words some may find offensive.

    Not the first time I have heard this as my teacher's wife who is Chinese has said that its impossible to teach Bagua to westerners as they can't move properly.

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    Suppose it depends who the individual is. You could say its impossible to do almost anything in life if you are not doing it correctly, or being taught correctly.

    That's why I like to do as much research as possible prior to joining a club etc, see what the teacher is like, how they learned and so on. Trouble i find with martial arts in the UK is everything is run for business and some of the true art is lost.

    I think if you want to learn, and want to learn for the correct reasons you will. It will require time and effort, but doesn't anything we as a species have to learn? I can vouch for westerns not moving correctly as I can't dance for sh1t lol. But I can find my way around a ring or sparring match OK.
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    To be honest the guy is a bit of a joker.He was supposed to be publishing a taiji book on June 1st but has abandoned it because no one will understand it.
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    Maybe he is Robinhood?
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    He is acting like Robin Hood.


    Pity really as he is a very clever guy who clearly knows his stuff.Fluent in Chinese and Japanese and has trained with some really good people.
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    Who is acting like Robinhood ?

    There can be only one !

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    Hey at least youve got a sense of humour!

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