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    Does anyone know of a class in the Birmingham area I could go and check out?

    I appreciate any help or even a point in the right direction.
  2. Putrid

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    This guy is in Wolverhampton and has a solid background in traditional Xingyi.Thankfully his Xingyi is better than his taste in music!

    [ame=""]Xing Yi Quan / Hsing Yi Chuan - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Robinhood

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    Try the different parks, you will probably find more of the real deal.

  4. Kurtka Jerker

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    What makes you say that?
  5. Putrid

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    In Birmingham?:confused:
  6. El Medico

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    What? You didn't know that the park scene in Birmingham is a hotbed of Hsing I masters?

    I think you're just feigning ignorance in hopes of keeping a secret. Next you'll act incredulous if someone mentions that Nottingham is where many Master Sheriffs teach openly in the parks.

    ( Just don't ask for techniques to capture and restrain guys who live in the greenwood armed with longbows and quarterstaves. They're kinda touchy about that subject).

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    Cheers for some of the responses so far. Appears to be quite difficult to find a place that does this. Wolves a little too far for me to travel. Have found one guy who will train you at a venue of your choice private 1-2-1 but it's £35 per hour. Given I know nothing about this art it's a little too steep for me as I have no idea if he is worth that lol.

    I was thinking of doing it alongside my wing chun
  8. Hannibal

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    I think I read that in the Tai Chi Classics.....

    Who is he? There is a lot of knowledge and experience here and those guys may be able to give you an opinion
  9. Robinhood

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    Our you could read JKD books and make up your own style and call it an art and try to sell it to people that don't know any better, using hyped up ads and stories of glory.

  10. Simon

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    Robinhood, as you cannot back up any of the claims you have made on MAP, or provide any proof of who you have trained with or the levels of skill you claim, I suggest leaving such foolish posts well alone.
  11. embra

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    The OP asked about Xing Yi Quan in Brum, not the open parks of Sherwood Forrest or JKD.

    As ever your answer will have been of help to no-one other than maybe your own ego.

    Hannibal asked a perfectly sensible question. What age are you Robin - 15 maybe?
  12. Robinhood

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    Hey, Hannibal brought up the book thing, I was just suggesting another book.

  13. Hannibal

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    Since you are here, and online by the green button , about that lineage if yours - what is it?
  14. Putrid

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    Another one here,and it looks as thought they train in the park so they must be the real deal.

    Thirty five pounds per hour is about the going rate for private tuition.
  15. slipthejab

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    hahahahahahahhahahahaha.... yes the parks in Birmingham are choc full of old geezers give it all that with Xingyiquan. :p

    hahahahahahhahahahahahah..... Christ almighty. :p
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    Probably this one.

    [ame=""]The Goodies- Ecky Thump - YouTube[/ame]

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    Golf wolf is what he is trading as I believe.
  18. Simon

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  19. embra

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    On another note.

    Anyone read the book Vital Point Strikes by Hang S Kim? I was introduced to pressure points many years ago (Passed 2 black belts in Shotokan when I was 15 & 16). But due to my age techniques taught were limited. Just looking at doing some catching up and reading around an interesting subject. Thought this book looked pretty good.

    Anyone beaten me to it?

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