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  1. Stickgrappler

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    actually this is the correct URL:


    just curious if anyone has had experience with this item? it looks interesting - a watchband that you can effect a sleeve choke with. anyone know if this is legal (in NY, USA)? patent is pending and this would be a covert weapon.


    p.s. i am not Greg Thompson, nor an employee of his company and i do NOT play one on TV :)
  2. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    Don't think its an item I go for.....

    Doubt its legal. I know it isn't in the UK, carrying anything for use as a weapon is illegal. Was just reaing something the other day, they say there clamping down on "stealth weapons" weapons disguised as normal objects like the watch, hair combs and credit cards with blades in etc.

    Once your found using something obviously carried as a weapon, even in self defence your going to be in an awkward position in the eyes of the law. Stick to carrying hard backed book! ;)
  3. dredleviathan

    dredleviathan New Member

    "scuse me mate have you got the time?"

    Zip... grrr.

    Cough - splutter

    "Jeez I only wanted the time"

    Fade to black.

    You too can be James Bond!
  4. Solane

    Solane New Member

    Watch straps always break in fights, and what use is it to the person who always losses their watch.?????

    Other big thing you need to be able to get up close and personal to apply this.

    “Excuse me mister mugger may I step past your Gun/Knife to scratch your neck.” “WHAT of course I’m not going to try anything funny, you have the weapon.”

    “Oh dear he seems to have stopped breathing I didn’t intend for that to happen. Can anyone do First aid.”
    “Hello Police officer can you help”
    “BONK!!!! Your nicked son”
    “But I was the one attacked first.”
    “And you certainly finished it now stay down.”

    Did anyone read the disclaimer on the other page “ Can result in serious injury or death. The user assumes total responsibility for any kind of injury that may occur from this device.”
    Translated means “Thanks for the money enjoy your jail time.”

    Hit them with an umbrella less hastle.
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  5. dredleviathan

    dredleviathan New Member

    Add that to the list if pointless instructions/disclaimers in the world along with:

    "May contain nuts" on a pack of salted peanuts and

    "Do not hold upside down" written on the buttom of a pack.

    All that aside the whole garotte-in-watch is so, like, 1960's. I mean its like totally over, dude...

    And surely the patent belongs to Q-branch?
  6. dredleviathan

    dredleviathan New Member

    Added to which, what happens it the opponent is armed with a box-cutter or some nail scissors - he'd cut his way out in a jiffy and then you'd by right up the kibosh!

    And what if he really does only want to know what time it is?
  7. Tosh

    Tosh Renegade of Funk

    Nice to see they've got agent XXX Vin Diesel under control though!

    "The things I'm gonna do for my contrACCCCHH!"

  8. dredleviathan

    dredleviathan New Member

    LMAO Tosh...

    You can XXX my **** Vin!

    Man was that a ****e film. It was kinda reminicent of early Stallone in the bumbling BS dialogue.
  9. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    Thats an insult to the word ****e! :D

    Worst film I've seen for ages, how can they manage to spend so many million on a film and have such bad dialogue and story.
  10. dredleviathan

    dredleviathan New Member

    There was a story?
  11. Stickgrappler

    Stickgrappler Valued Member

    i'm thining it's illegal, but it looks like a fun thing to train with. it will not be my first line of defense, probably my last line of defense if anything.

    it may go the way of the ju-jo, so i figured maybe get one now and not have to be 10-20 yrs down the line saying hey, look what i'm bidding for on ebay :)
  12. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal


    I remember a few angry Russians and the dodgiest bomb ever seen.

    It was like a story stollen from Austin powers or a 20 year out of date cold war thing. The vague pointless scraps of story there was, in between stunt after stunt that lost all impact after 10 min and made depressed after an hour :rolleyes:

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