Wudang Arts ( Bagua / TaiChi) sifu in Sydney

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by Mad-about-Bagua, May 25, 2004.

  1. Mad-about-Bagua

    Mad-about-Bagua Valued Member

    If anyone is interested in learning some IMA from an authentic Chinese Sifu, please email me for contact details: taoistkungfu@yahoo.com.au
    And please visit us at : http://www.geocities.com/taoistkungfu/

    Sifu William Ho – 100% trained in China
    45 years of Internal Martial Art /Wudang Kung Fu experience
    Bagua Zhang / Pakua and Yang style Tai Chi ,
    Sword and Broad Sword , QiGong, TCM
    Speaks English, Mandarin , Cantonese

    Sydney City (Central Station park, Sunday 10am-12pm)

    Small class, $20 per lesson

    Highly practical Self Defence applications of Bagua and Tai Ji .

    Bagua Lineage

    Dong Hai Chuan-Cheng Ting Hua- Chang Chao Tung -Chiang Jung Chiao* -William Ho

    *Chiang Jung Chiao is also known as Jiang Rong Qiao ( JRQ)
    Dong Hai Chuan aka Tung Hai Chuan
  2. M3inline6

    M3inline6 Valued Member

    Out of curiousity....

    ....How do the internal martial arts attempt to build punch & kick strength? The reason I ask is because one of my Capoeira group members is a Bagua practitioner, and he shows me these techniques to build punch strength, but I don't understand the concept of how they work. Forgive my naivety, but the concept truly does pique an interest. Any information you could provide would be helpful.

    Allow me to explain one of the exercises:

    -you stand with your arms stretched out to the side; chest out
    -then you move your arms back slightly using the shoulder joints
    -then you drop your arms slightly, again using the shoulders
    -all fingers are stretched out as if reaching to touch something
    -after a short time, your hands & forearms begin to feel the same as your foot falling asleep....(i.e....that tingling feeling that makes you feel like you have sand in your foot! I know you understand what I'm trying to say! :D)
    -hold that position for as long as possible

    Now, how does this help w/ punch strength? I know he speaks of philosophies such as being "grounded" to achieve a strong punch, etc., but again, could you please offer feedback?

    Thanks in advance....

  3. Mad-about-Bagua

    Mad-about-Bagua Valued Member

    I dont know if this helps.
    In IMA, "power" is derived primarily from efficient use of body mechanics such as borrowing opponent's strength as opposed to using one's own strength,using gravity to advantage, angular momentum ( turning force) and also "chi".

    Chi is cultivated primarily from mediatation ,and best released through loose and relaxed limbs. Pure IMA do not rely much on muscular strength for power.

    I'm not familiar with the exerciseyou described.
    Also even within the IMAcommunity there are some who practise it to a more "internal" level,others ( who do it wrong) practise only the forms and rely on muscle power and thence practise it in an External manner...a serious contradiction as it is an IMA
  4. Azrael

    Azrael Fighting Spirit

    M3inline6: That exercise you described sounds like it is designed to lengthen the muscle tissue throughout the arm. If done in the way I am picturing, it would also strengthen the wrist to a certain degree. So how does it all apply to punching power? Firstly, a longer muscle will have a far more inscreased range of motion. Secondly, when punching, your body will tend to put on the breaks when you are near the last inch or so of the punch, or close to locking out. Your body does this to protect the extended muscle. This training allows you to lengthen it, thus taking off the breaks. Your body won't need to protect itself, as it is conditioned and prepared to flow through the whole range of the punch smoothly and efficiently.
  5. Mad-about-Bagua

    Mad-about-Bagua Valued Member

    Update about Class location

    Please contact me for latest class location:


    In the spring/summer/ autumn ,we generally train in the park next to Central station. But in the winter, if the day is particularly cold and windy we move elsewhere
  6. Mad-about-Bagua

    Mad-about-Bagua Valued Member

    Yes we are still in Belmore park every Sunday
  7. Mad-about-Bagua

    Mad-about-Bagua Valued Member

    Does anyone here practise any Yin Fu style Bagua?

    My lineage is Cheng Ting Hua - Jiang Rong Qiao (JRQ) - William Ho.

    I'd be interested in linking up with any Yin Fu practitioners, especially those in Sydney.

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