Wrestling made simple

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    Wrestling made simple

    Well not really but I was talking to one of the lads about core principles in grappling and wrestling and there are a few universal truths that I believe hold true:

    1) Its all about space: if you are in a dominants position you need to kill space its your enemy, anything from body lock takedowns, to side control pins to being in the guard. If you give your opponent space you give him an out.
    conversely if you are in trouble you need to create space: be it framing under side control, digging under hooks in the clinch, pushing the head away whilst body locked etc all are looking to essentially create space in order to move.

    2) it's also all about the hips: whomever controls the hips usually wins: be it stood up shooting a double, in guard or mounted whomever managing to gain control of the hips and stop there opponents hips moving usually wins.

    The control of Hips and Space really covers everything in grappling.

    Three bonus points:

    1. Hips again, whomever has the lower hip level usually wins the takedown game.

    2. Whomever has dominant head position usually wins (this applies equally standing and on the ground.) This also relates to breaking an opponent's posture by controlling his head.

    3. (At the risk of sounding like Dominic Cruz)who ever wins the underhook battle is likely to win the match.
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    Always remember a mantra in BJJ when you hit a problem or a technique wasn't working or you were stuck in a pin..."move your hips".
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    Bonus point #2 is law
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    Underhook v overbook: action v reaction

    The overhook or whizzer is a great move: it allows you to set up a number of judo throws: uki goshi, hara goshi osoto gari and uchimata just to name a few, and is great to set up your front head lock series.

    Its a great way to break your opponents grip and turn an inferior position to a superior one

    On the ground its great to put pressure on your opponent whilst on top and kill his movement in both half gaurd and aide control and when used with the Chin strap a great way to set up mounted guillotines from top side control.

    So why is the underhook considered the better choice?

    Well IMO it comes down to reaction v action and the range of options available.

    The overhook is a reactionary move by and large a `oh plop he is in on my legs or hips I need to do something` or 'oh no he has an underhook I need to kill it.' Its something you 9 times out of 10 use as a reaction rather than set up on purpose.

    This is because the undertook allows you to do so.much more, it allows your to control your opponents hips, to lift his centre of gravity, it gives you access to your opponents hips and lower body.

    It allows you to create space or kill it.

    I think we all use both but which you use more depends on your style of grappling I'm a counter grappler so I like to bait my opponent and hit him with a whizzer whilst standing or on the ground but 90% of the time if I'm attacking I'm seeking the undertook it gives me so much more option to attack.
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    I'm invariably working in overhooks...either because I subconsciously favour them or because I suck at pummelling. I like how a shallow overbook gives you the ability to force a step from your opponent. I like it for foot sweeps etc.

    Any advice on setting up standin attacks? I'm finding that i can time my shots pretty well but I'm always attacking an opponent that's on balance - so i get sprawled on or i run into a brick wall.
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    What tie ups do you favour and what attacks are you getting sprawled on?

    I personally like collar and wrist or bicep control to set up my attacks simple snap downs to get them to react, if they pull up my hips are lower than them and I hit the double, if they step forward to regain balance I hit a single or ankle pick and if they do neither its a snap down to a front head lock
    Best I've ever seen at head tie to leg attacks

    Part 2

    As an aside I love double legs in mma but pure grappling singles see to be easier probably because the stance is that much lower it's easier to get sprawled on
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    Hey nice vids, thanks for posting them.

    He made a good point about shooting with the same arm you collar tie with - I definitely do that a lot and it is counter intuitive. I'm definitely going to try crossing my opponents arm and head as well.

    I go for doubles and singles evenly but my doubles are by far more effective. Singles intend to just sink into their their leg and I lose my momentum for follow through. I need to remember to keep my head and hence my hips up and in when I shoot for them.

    I'll report back after training tomorrow

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