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  1. Enigma_TKO

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    Hey i just bought some wraps and was wondering how to put them on. Please bare with me in new to kb :p
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  3. Shantari

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    well, ill try to post on how i do my hand wraps, although it will be a bit difficult.

    Ok, First, you put your thumb in the loop, you wrap it around the back of your hand and wrap once,
    when you come back around, wrap the thumb and complete the revolution, do this twice, then begin to wrap your knuckles(WITH FINGERS SPREAD) do this about 4 times, then come around on your thumb, pull up and in btwn your pinky and ring finger, as it passes through your fingers wrap it around the outisde of your hand, do the same but with your index and middle finger, then finally pass through your middle and ring finger, come around wrap your knuckles again maybe twice and make your way down to the wrist, and WHALA....
    Darn, after reading this, it makes no sense at all, but hey, give it a try

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