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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Korpy, Jul 19, 2007.

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    lol... riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Korpy puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze. :D
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    Drop the attitudes, kids
  3. callsignfuzzy

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    I don't follow it that much, but I watch it when I can. It's almost a combination of FC kickboxing and Tough Man, 'cause of the shorter rounds.

    To clearify, there are two periods, with a single 3-min round per weight class. And as I understand it, it's no LEG-kicks unless part of a combo. The fighters may clinch long enough to throw a single technique.

    The pros are that it's fast-paced and you get to see some non-standard fighting, as karate and TKD fighters also get in the mix. The ring probably makes it easier for spectators to see the action, although I'm a little concerned about the safety of the fighters, as I've seen a few fall out.

    On the down side, I have to agree that 3 minute rounds don't lend themselves to a complex fight strategy. Unless you consider a technical brawl to be a strategy. I'm a bit opposed to the leg kick and clinch rules, too.

    I'm a bit iffy about the alternates, too. If one fighter has to go through a round in the first period, but his opponent can't continue for the second, they bring in a fresh guy. Might be more fair to swap out both fighters? I dunno.
  4. CKava

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    Or they could just have reserve fights in case such a situation occured.
  5. Korpy

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    No, the point that you keep arguing over something so little is so pointless, a young guy yourself probably had alot better things to do then argue on the net, so why do it?

    Btw no tos violation.
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    sigh... Korpy... as for TOS violations I'm pretty sure that would easily fall under the 'no abbreviated foul' language bit. I noticed it's been changed... if it was by the MOD's then that's a good indicator that it's not very smart on your part... if the change was by you then it's an indicator that you knew trouble might be coming your way because of it. Either way... it's 5th grade.:rolleyes:

    As for the rules/format... I think time will tell how much anyone buys it. It just strikes me as a silly ruleset. I don't care if Chuck made it up himself (I'll now be struck by lightning)... it's got a lot of flaws. No ring/cage is one of the bigger ones. It's the same problem in San Shou bouts plauged with restarts. You also lost the ability to keep the pressure on a fighter in the same way when they don't have anywhere to go and have to fight their way out. Sorry I'd rather see someone have to dig deep and get themselves off the rope or out of a corner and all the skill and ring generalship that involves than watching the guy dance out of bounds and getting the bout restarted by the ref.

    Additionally - the shortness of the rounds and the combination rule is just plain silly. That's the whole reason for conditioning in training is so that you have the juice to go the distance. There is very little distance to be covered here in this format. It's basically watered down competition to be more digestable for the general public. It strikes me as the dumbing down of the fights... perrrrrrrrrrrfect for the soundbyte mentality of America.
  7. Sever

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    Having just watched a few matches, I'm with the "rules suck" crowd
    Some of the fights are pretty exciting, and some of the competitors definitely have skills, but with such a short amount of time to do their thing, you can see why so many of the fights go into "wild swing, hope to take their head off" territory. Things like leg kicks and body shots which tend to show their effects later in the fight are largely useless (well, unless you've got a shovel-hook like Bas Rutten)

    Oh, and Korpy: your post was a ToS violation, which is why I edited it. Don't do it again
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    wow! i've watched a few clips of it on YouTube and it looks fantastic!

    hopefully it should get bigger soon!

    I love the fast pace of the matches, and the whole 'team' idea of it all. You can always trust Chuck Norris to bring us something good :)
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    <Smutty comment removed>
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    We get it, slip... you don't like the rules. Sheesh. Don't watch the show, then. Thanks for trying it out, it didn't work, you two didn't get along, go your separate ways.
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    err... my last post was a reference to people humping Chucks leg so hard he's about to get a compound fracture of the tib/fib... not necessarily directed at WCL. ;)
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    A guy I've trained with is in the WCL, Nick 'The Ghost' Gonzalez. They get paid extra for KOs, I know that. He fights on Guy Mezger's team.
  13. Korpy

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    Not even funny.

    But anyway, glad to hear some people like it.
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    It was still utterly unnnecessary.
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    Slip, you've been around long enough to know the rules by now. Don't post stuff like that again
    This thread's becoming more trouble than it's worth. It stays on topic without the kiddie-level sniping, smut and tantrums, or it goes bye-bye
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    ah right... my bad... I'll let this thread and the WCL skyrocket into the greatness it was destined for... behold...

    :D :rolleyes:
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    *queue Priates of the Carribean theme*

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