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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Gary, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    A bread based diet it a tasty diet IMO, I don't have a sweet tooth, I just have a bread tooth.

    As for the beer:
    Gin and slimline tonic, next to zero calories, a good source of quinine, helps your body release ketones and the wedge of lime helps prevent insulin fluctuations. If you have a single the booze is passed through in an hour or so can fit one between meals and still eat well and absorb the nutrients.

    When there's a will there's a way.
  2. Frodocious

    Frodocious She who MUST be obeyed! Moderator Supporter

    I do miss bread when I don't eat it - lovely buttered toast and big, thick butties (plus pastries). I have to say I am partial to the odd gin and tonic with a slice of lime - maybe it's time to include it regularly... :thinking: ;) :)
  3. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    haaaa, If i do the predetor diet i'll be using gin to help induce ketosis quicker.

    could be risky!!
  4. Gary

    Gary Vs The Irresistible Farce Supporter

    I'll stick my recipe (with picture) for beer bread up later, it's awesome!

    I must confess the gut flora hypothesis is my own, it's not got any solid science behind it that I'm aware of and should be taken with a pinch of sugar. My logic is that like any bacteria, the selection in your stomach changes to be most efficient with whatever food source it's usually supplied with. When presented with a huge influx of sugar it's not used to the culture will break it down less efficiently causing more byproducts. I could be miles off but it's the simplest explanation that fits IMHO.
  5. SpikeD

    SpikeD At the Frankenstein Place

    I can't drink lager anymore, it just bloats me up like a balloon; I can manage a couple of pints of ale although i tend to stick with brandy if i decide to have a drink. As for cake, well it's all a lie anyway.
  6. Gary

    Gary Vs The Irresistible Farce Supporter

    Black Bread/Beer Bread


    330ml of Dark Leffe
    1 pack of yeast
    2 tbsp honey
    1 egg
    2 tsp sea salt
    2 cups of rye flour, 2 cups of whole wheat plus a little extra for working.

    Mix the yeast and beer in a bowl, whisk and leave to stand for 10-15 minutes. It should go foamy.

    Add the egg and the honey to the beer. Whisk again because the honey is going to sink.

    Mix the other ingredients into a powder and slowly add to the beer mix. It should eventually produce a slightly sticky dough that you can work.

    Knead the crap out of the dough, it's a good forearm exercise. Add flour if it gets to sticky. I like to work the dough over for at least 15 minutes until it will tell me anything I want to know. Then I leave it in fear for at least 3 hours, usually with a tea towel covering it.

    When the bread is ready to crack, I heat the oven to about 230C. I split it into two loaves, lightly flour them and score the tops because pretty bread is tasty bread. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until it browns then leave it to stand for 15 minutes.

    Eat it with with butter, it's lovely. ;)

  7. Frodocious

    Frodocious She who MUST be obeyed! Moderator Supporter

    Sounds tasty! :)
  8. Gary

    Gary Vs The Irresistible Farce Supporter

    I only ever made it because I read about 'Black Bread' in A Song of Ice and Fire... I'm basically a massive geek who lifts and knows a little nutrition!

    Applied this and had some red wine tonight. Calories work out in keeping with my targets as was my protein intake. I like this diet!
  9. Gary

    Gary Vs The Irresistible Farce Supporter

    Just made these protein 'cakes'.

    Turkey bacon for the lining, egg whites and spices for the filling. Better tasting than I expected and about 8.5g protein each, virtually zero fat/carbs.

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  10. Princess Haru

    Princess Haru Valued Member

    I'd never heard of turkey bacon, :google:not that I think you made it up
  11. Gary

    Gary Vs The Irresistible Farce Supporter

    It's not really a specialist thing, I got mine in tesco.

    I do however feel a little bad on the ethical side of this recipe, the turkey bacon probably wasn't free range and neither were the cheap eggs since I was discarding the yolks.
  12. Gary

    Gary Vs The Irresistible Farce Supporter

    Bit of an odd session today but one I'm happy to share.

    I'm still fasting in the day and feeding between 6 and 10 in the evenings. Today I forgot to eat, chucked some running shoes on and ran to training which is about a mile away (been trying to improve my cardio, getting there slowly) in some Vibram Fivefingers. Cosmicfish is having an impromptu rest week due to his back so I was squatting on my own. It turned out to be a good session and I hit a new PB of 150Kg with some still in the tank. In a fasted state. After running to training. And in a calorie deficit.

    I'm feeling pretty awesome right now.
  13. Seventh

    Seventh Super Sexy Sushi Time

    Congrats Gary, that's good to hear!
  14. Microlamia

    Microlamia Banned Banned

    150kg? Holy crap that's impressive, even for a big guy.
  15. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    OMG glad i checked this log.
    these babies look amazing.
    my lunch tomoro, with some goat cheese.
  16. Gary

    Gary Vs The Irresistible Farce Supporter

    Here's the original recipe, obviously mine is somewhat different because of my goals but this one has better music.

    [ame=""]Bacon Wrapped Eggs - YouTube[/ame]
  17. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    Thats breakfast sorted!

    Ended up running fasts without realising recently lol, just noticed it was happening, i've been feeling pretty good, you taking caffine or anything in during your fasts?

    also how've you daily macros adjusted? i'm still shooting for my ususals but then i'm only fasting till miday.
  18. Gary

    Gary Vs The Irresistible Farce Supporter

    To be honest my 'fasts' consist of about 4 or 5 cups of tea so there's probably a few calories in the milk but not a lot of caffeine. I sometimes have a sugar free energy drink though this tends to be as a nootropic before I do some writing rather than a stimulant for exercise. My timing split is really just for convenience, I don't find any problems skipping lunch and breakfast and eating in the evenings. I'm not running far yet but generally it is in a fasted state, sometimes with a few BCAAs.

    Macros are about 1800 Kcal on low carb days, usually 250g protein and the rest from fats. Low fat days are about 3000 Kcal, at least 300g of which is protein and the rest complex carbs.
  19. Gary

    Gary Vs The Irresistible Farce Supporter

    Training log

    Here's my physical training log, it's got about 5 years worth of workouts in there!

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  20. Gary

    Gary Vs The Irresistible Farce Supporter

    And a random shot of the contents:

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