Wong Kiew Kit - anyone met him?

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by honest_john, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. honest_john

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    Wong Kiew Kit has a dizzying amount of trips overseas including to my home country of the UK. I have read his books on Shaolin Kung Fu, Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chaun many times now and am thinking of taking things a step futher and attending 1/2 of his seminars/training sessions in the UK or elsewhere.

    Has anyone else done this? what discipline did you study? what did you think? and was it worth the money?

    Thanks, HJ.


  2. Sub zero

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    i have read wong kiew kits' book on shaolin kung fu a few times. It's reallygood. it's got a good balance of history or legends and training methods.

    If you knew of any seminars please let me know by PM.
  3. Sub zero

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    theres one in edinburugh!!!!might have to go to that....................if i can get time off work.
  4. Smee

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    Have you seen the price - £200 notes for one course, £350 for 3 courses.

    I'm sure it'd be good but would need to sell myself to some sri lankan sailors up a dark alley to be able to afford it.
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    Wahnam Student

    Hello there, I know this is quite an old post but I came across it and as it was left unanswered thought that I would post a reply. I have studied and been practicing Wahnam Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu since September last year and IMHO think that it is one of, if not the best Kung-Fu School in the world. This is to be expected from a fourth generation successor of the Shaolin Monastery. I feel extremely privledged to be practicing such a valuable art and think that the courses are more than worth the money.
    If anyone wants info on the courses/classes offered then goto
    But if you are not willing to practice hard every day then you had might as well not bother. This is because the training involved is not physical but completely internal, and consistant diligent practice is required to reap the rewards. It is not like going to the gym and jogging a few times a week to build up your muscles and stamina. Plus the use of traditional Kung-Fu forms in combat requires regular practice so that these unfamiliar movements become second nature and the correct split second reactions can be made in the right situations.
    I hope that this is helpfull and wish you the best of luck :D


    “If you only train form without training force, you will be futile even if you train you whole life. Kungfu students must not be ignorant of this."
    Wong Kiew Kit

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