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    (This could of ended bad) .....kinda really long winded

    When I was 19, Id just moved in with my mother trying to get though work/school.I was woke up 5ish in morning by my mother boyfriend. He drunk/high yelling and spitting curse words decide he leave my mother cause she decide to go get high with out him. He then left the apartment.

    Im thinking " well that a great day to wake up, mine as well get up and play some video games". I decide to go take a shower and as i was washing my hair. I hear a knock at a door. I figured it was for my next door neighbor . Then I heard what I thought was foot steps, i grab my towel wrapped it around me and opened the bathroom door. I jumped back alittle.

    There stood a 6'4 mid 20's thin guy looking into my bedroom right across from the bathroom. He turned and looked at me.. all i could think about was "OMG my room a mess". He asked where my father was and i simply added " thats NOT my father" he reply " well He owes US money". I replied back " well hes not here but he has pills on the refrigerator." So he started to head back into the living/kitchen (closed my bedroom door :D)(still talkinabout pills..trying to remain calm). I started to walk behind him offering him to leave until my mom BF comes back.

    As I turned the corner to the living room their was a 20ish year old short husky guy sitting right next to the exit door. I out loud " **** theirs TWO of you". Kinda laughed it off and in my mind i was thinking ** You talk to strangers all the time in a bath towel, it totally okay just remain calm.** I did so very much really really calm never felt it before. tall one like " what you got under that towel". I was like " my body"**dumb a>> ** SO he started up a converstion( blah blah) i finally got them to head toward the door.

    I finally got the door open to have them excuse themselves. It november and as a southern girl you tend to NOT favor cold weather so shaking like a leaf I held the door open( what seemed like FOREVER). They just wanted to stay and "chit chat " some more and i was done with it. I insisted they leave and like good old "Friends" decided to give me a "hug".They got a>> grab and they short one wanted some more, He grabbed meh front and i stiff'n up as he tried to pull me from the door **** to a room. Im really lucky as the tall guy seemed pretty kool and got his friend out the door. I told my gaming peeps about this will laughing my a** off. They werent laughing to much but hell that all i could think to do is laugh, better than crying right. Funny thing is tall guy came back and asked for my number ... guess he liked me WOOT.

    Im finally taking TDK and Im not so jumpy when a roommate cuts a corner on me :p or too too bad when my guard not up. Ive always been a jumpy person :p
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    Wow, you're very lucky! I bet you can imagine the type of things that could've happened.

    Anyway, I guess when you're living with your parents, you don't have much of a choice. But when you're independent, I guess it's important not to keep bad company.
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    happened about 2002 2003 something like that. My cousin to.ld me about this african guy doing a masters or something at university and said i should meet him, he was nice. (screw her, i still havent forgiven her for not telling me til after he tried to hit on her too and get her to go to his apartment and when i reported his attack to police she wouldnt support me and didnt wanna get involved) So i went tomeet him in the office of education building shared by masters student. so we were there not alone and he was showing me pics of africa. ok that was fine. Then he said he needed to use phone. Ok. so we went to this room that i discovered there was no phone there. Thats when he was trying to kiss me and asking me to go to his apartment. I said no and got up off couch. thats when he grab me and lifted me up off the floor so i was face toface with him (he like seven feet tall and im just 5 '2) and he was kissing me I couldnt push away from him he was too strong. But my hands were free. so I nailed him in his head with a sharp with what we call in shotokan a teisho uchi (palm heel strike) But I knew no MA then. and he dropped me and i high tailed it out of there. Stupid cop thought there was something wrong with me (people think im different its like those doctors who said im autistic) and said evil people prey on people like me. What....?

    anyway thats my short story.
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    OK this occurred about 2 hours ago here at work. I'm on lunch break so I decided to tell it.

    I'm across the street from a airport terminal and I see and hear a guy yelling at the top of his lungs at this lady who is at least a foot shorter than him. The guy is very aggressive and was all in her face. The lady has her left hand on his chest and I can hear her repeatedly saying "Please stop, calm down!"

    I approach because I figure if the guy sees me in my uniform he might relax a little bit to avoid getting in trouble. I felt strongly that this guy was going to hit this lady.

    All of a sudden the guy reaches out as if to grab the lady by the hair. I start running, fearing the worst for the lady when suddenly she raises her left arm and blocks his arm and she must have either jumped to her tip toes or did a fantastic flying elbow right on the guy's nose. I stopped dead in my tracks with my mouth wide open. The guy is clearly stunned and takes a step back and the lady delivers a powerful straight right punch once again on the guys nose that brings him to his knees. The lady circles around behind him, grabs his shirt on his right shoulder and rears her right hand again to finish the guy off.

    I arrive at this time and say, "Hey, it's cool! He's had enough!" The lady looks up at me and walks towards me and asks, "Do we have to involve the police?" I looked at the guy and said, "The police? No. Ambulance? Maybe."

    I told her to just hurry up and catch her plane and I would deal with it. A bystander and I helped the guy to his feet and into his car. His shirt was covered in blood from his nose and he was all too happy to just leave once he got his bearings.

    I thought I was coming to rescue this "little lady" turns out it was the guy needed rescuing.
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    Fantastic story.

    I can picture the faces of the stunned onlookers.
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    Epic. Good for her.
  7. Blade96

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    This happened to me in spring 2010 sometime. I have this good friend who I'll call Colin. Colin and I have been friends since around 2003. He has always been with very low self esteem and unable to take a compliment. In fact he thinks of himself as a 'mutant' But I never knew why. as he is a nice guy, very sweet, a talented break dancer (he taught it for some years) and intelligent too.

    On this night, I had been doing Shotokan karate for some 7 or 8 months by that time so was still a pretty new yellow belt. I went to visit my friend that night. Colin's mom, she very sweet and we sat watching break dancing vids and hockey game (he loves the boston bruins and like him i'm a hockey fan). His dad though was another matter. I went to say hi and he just sat watching tv. I also learned he was a brown belt in Judo and he drank every day.

    At one point I stayed in Colin's room for a few mins while Colin went to pick up his brother. I was on the floor looking through videos when The Dad came in, very drunk and very savage and aggressive. "Who are you! What are you doing in my house! What are you doing on the floor! Get up" moving towards me and stuff. I thought, a nasty evil drunk brown belt. a bad combination. I thought, This guy is capable of doing who knows what to me. I have several angry drunks around my relatives, who i had experience. I had also had only 7 months of MA training at that time, but what I had picked up taught me to remain calm and just don't provoke him. (It was that same calmness which told me dont provoke my ex who has 2 BB's. I escaped without being hit.) So I just stood there and answered his questions. I tell ya, I was scared. I have no idea why my friend left me alone, maybe i didnt think anything would happe. I don't blame him for that. We're still friends. A few mins later, his mom came up and saw what was happening, and pulled him away and told him firly that I am always welcome at their house. When the dad went downstarirs, I was comforted by my friend and his mom and brother, who I think they are all ashamed of how this guy treats people.

    That night when I got home, I knew where my friend's low self esteem came from. "Were you abused by your dad?" I asked him. "Yes" was the reply. A victim of abuse can recognize other victims. I knew someone had hurt him - but didnt know who til i went to his house. Instantly even before asking him, I knew who had been the cause of his low self esteem.

    Later, in later 2010, the same calmness as I said helped me avoid being hurt by my ex when he locked me in the apartment and as vicious angry. I left him at the end of September 2010. I only spent 5 months with that evil power tripping control freak guy. I was lucky as statistic says the average physical abusive relationship lasts about 6 years, and if it is emotional abuse, as mine mostly was, those ones last a bit longer.

    I do feel my MA training helped me through those tough times!. :) I will always credit Shotokan with helping me save myself! :)
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    These stories are really motivates that Self defense and self protection are an important priority for women. The most common crime to happen to a woman is rape, but it is more about a feeling of dominance from one person over another rather than actual sex. According to statistics, a woman who is only 21 years of age has a 25 percent risk of suffering violent crime in her life. Assault on women is also a common crime because assailants assume women will be more passive and not fight back; this has to do with stereotypes of women. The best way for women to fight back against crime is to prevent it from happening by avoiding being alone or being in badly lit areas. Some women find themselves at a greater risk for becoming the victim of either serious assault or murder. While martial arts are effective at building esteem and a healthier body, they are overrated for self defense. This type of empowerment training is also quite efficient as well as fierce: a good course can teach women to render their would-be assailant unconscious.
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    Interesting stories. Very inspiring also.
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    Mod Note- The purpose of this thread was for women to be able to discuss self defense situations they have been in or heard of.

    To quote KickChick in the original post
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