Women's self defense drills

Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by wrydolphin, Nov 3, 2004.

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    Yeah, it's for 4141.
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    Ah well then, sorry for jumping down your throught. I feel a bit sheepish. :eek:
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    If you're interested in teaching women's self defense AWSDA is an excellent resource. They have a good referral database and host a superb seminar every summer in the US. Whenever we've gone we've found holes in parts of our teaching where we didn't even know there were parts :) Legal aspects self defense, awareness drills, how to teach basic groundwork in a few hours, inspirational talks by authors and activists, how to deal with the police (by cops), teaching rape survivors and so on all get covered.

    I'm not a paid shill, just a member who's found it to be an excellent investment in time and money.
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    Thank you

    To tellner thank you for the info this org. can be of great help. Yours truly 4141 :)

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