Women in Martial Arts

Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by ICT, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. LilBunnyRabbit

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    Thank god I don't date or interact with 'ladies' then.

    I'm sorry, but the idea of partnering up with someone who can't take care of themselves, is completely reliant on daddy to take care of them because that's the situation daddy has engineered, makes me feel ill.
  2. dee_mon

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    Well, did your 20 years in MA make you a wife-beater? Dont worry about me Pasty, i can actually excercise some self control! If thats the way YOU behave with YOUR family after years of MA training, then thats pretty sad.

    And with the PMS comment you are truly showcasing your ignorance and misogyny

    Anyway, my boyfriend is going for his blackbelt soon - so, no, i dont think id be beating the stuffing (see mod? i did it all by myself! ;) ) out of him even if i did want to!

    Patsy, resorting to easy put downs and belittlement does nothing to prove the strangth of your 'argument' - in fact, you make yourself appear more chauvinistic - thats right, tell the silly little woman to grow up, that'll put her in her place.

    Furthermore you should not assume that your years on this planet mean that you are in anyway more qualified to comment on situations than i am. You SHOULD read Friedans book, you really DO need to educate yourself.

    i think perhaps you are not for real - maybe just trying to wind us up to get a reaction? Your ignorance is becoming farcical.

    grow up, patsy
  3. Pastyti

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    No I wasn't putting you down, I wondered if it may make you think. I have never been a wife beater nor any other lady come to that. You really did need to live through that time period to appreciate that it was not as hisorical newsreels would portray it as being. I remember the 50's Teddy Boy thing even though I was little more than a kid myself at the time, I was part of the Mods V Rockers excursion at Brighton and was present at the original Isle of Wight festival. Times have changed, but, not for the better.

    It cannot be argued that those of mature years have more life experience than those who are younger. That is simple arithmetic fact. As for your urging me to become educated, I applaud your good sense in encouraging someone you have never met to become educated and study, but, I consider myself to be too old at this stage in life to go back and do a Doctorate; I did however manage to obtain my masters some years ago, having enroled as a mature student and being accepted on the basis of business experience.

    Many thanks.

  4. Drunken Miss Ho

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    Then you must read Ms. Friedan's books, as she is quite a bit older than you, and following your logic, she knows much more about life in that period than you. She was and adult during the 60's, and interviewed several women who have a very different opinion of the time.

    Mods v. Rockers and Teddys have nothing to do with this discussion, that is youth culture, and we were discussing the happiness of women during that time (or at least I thought we were.)
  5. Pastyti

    Pastyti Banned Banned

    Hi Miss Ho.

    I've read the prece' you were good enouth to post, and I have to say (seriously) it sounded like a load of psyco-babble claptrap, or put another way political correctness. I'm not a fan of either, as I am of the opinion that in each case the authors of such works are strangers to the truth and make their income from the gullible.

    If you really want to convert me to your way of thinking, provide me with some hard concrete evidence which proves me to be wrong. Don't just poke fun and try to tease me.


  6. shotokanwarrior

    shotokanwarrior I am the One

    Which doesn't make them better, more worthy of respect, and doesn't mean their views count more than a younger person's. Saddam Hussein is older than me, does that mean he deserves more respect than me?
  7. Scarlet Mist

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    Well, yes, but not because he's older. :D
  8. Davey Bones

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    Why do I feel like I'm stuck in a bad history class?

    What disturbs me is the blatant classism that's being expressed. "Ladies" don't do martial arts. "People of a specific social standing" would never enter a dojo. God, not only are you insulting the women on this forum, you're insulting all of us by informing us that we're all classless barbarians.

    I feel the need to go belch and beat a "lady" over the head to make her my wife, hopefully I can get the blue out of my collar.
  9. Pastyti

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  10. Davey Bones

    Davey Bones New Member

    Post #169.

    Busted, dude, sorry.
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  11. Drunken Miss Ho

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    Again, this book was written in 1963. The concept of "political correctness" did not exist then. The concept of a new feminism (meaning a post-1900's suffragette style feminism) did not really come about until after this book. It is not a self help book. It is a series of interviews with mostly upperclass women (women who had attended prestigious Smith University) who after having gone to college, married and had children, and did not work. Most of these women had a profound dissatisfaction with their lives. This book is a record of their experiences. Granted, Ms. Friedan has made a name for herself in the academic world today, but when she published this book it was so unpopular with publishers that she had a very hard time getting it published. It was never intended to be a money maker. Before you critique a work you might actually read it instead of a summary of it taken off the internet.

    I have no desire to convert you to anything. I am merely presenting what I consider to be outside sources relevant to this discussion, mostly for the benefit of others who might be reading this thread. And If you feel I've tried to tease you, I'm sorry, that was never my intention.
  12. dee_mon

    dee_mon New Member

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Pasty is just taking the mick?

    Anyway, i refuse to debate anymore - i think he is just trying to provoke a reaction, i cant be bothered.

    I'm too busy being an uncouth and boorish low-class trashy excuse for a woman. Now if you'll excuse me, i think i'll go batter my boyfriend. (I think my period is due you see)
  13. Pastyti

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    Well done. I always appreciate a sense of humour. However, seriously I was (originally at least) taklng in terms of my kids & what they NEEDED to successfully make their way in life. I readily and willingly accept that this may not always be the case and if this isn't for you, then so be it. I had never the intention to insult anyone, but, I do not change my answers for the case of expediency (political or otherwise.) I am what I am, and always will be. I'm not a male pig, neither do I hate women, sometimes I find you ladies hard to understand, as you seem (to me) to be less than consistant or logical, your life seeming to be based on emotion. This is never a good choice.

    You see, I worked my way up from the dregs of society by sheer bloody hard graft and fighting for business and fighting for just survival. (I've worked in a lot of unsavory places). Having been through that, I'm the boss, be it at home, work, socially, in the Dojo, (which I own, so if you don't like it you know where the exit is, that includes our Sense), in my masonic hall, on the local council, political party or anywhere else.

    Thats me. My kids have a CHOICE. This is a democratic situation, your given a choice. It's up to you to decide which you chose. The path to an easy life, full of plenty or a hard existance having to fight in the business world and possibly literally as I have had to, the choice is yours. Hard or easy, had I been given an option, I know which I would have chosen. Why fight when there is no need?

    If I have caused offence, sorry, thats life. As I have said before, you can take the easy route or the hard one, I didn't have any choice, given the choice I wouldn't have taken the route which I had to, so I have given my kids an option. Please do not chritisise me for that, as I consider it a fair one.


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  14. Judderman

    Judderman 'Ello darlin'

    On that note can we leave the historical rhetoric and get on with the martial arts?

    Ta muchly.
  15. shotokanwarrior

    shotokanwarrior I am the One

    What???!! I missed this. I can't believe that attitude. You are blatantly telling everyone on here that they are 'lesser' because they train in martial arts. Just who do you think you are?

    And by the way, there's 3 'e's in the word 'believe'. That was a major lapse, someone so well-bred should know better.

    You can beat me. *puts her hands above her head ready to take a punch*
  16. tellner

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    Please Do Not Feed The Troll
    'Nuff said?​
  17. uphoria

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    I have just spent a bit of time reading all of the posts in this thread and I must admit you conflict yourself quite a bit. I am not trying to change your viewpoint on how to raise your children or how to teach them the lessons that need to be learned later in life through parental guidance, but the idea that practicing the MA is "unladylike" kills me. I grew up in a very wealthy area, wanted for nothing, went to the best school, all of my friends go to Ivy leagues. The reason I took up the martial arts is because of the time my parents CAN'T protect me. If you are alone walking to a class and you get jumped, your parents cant do anything about it. There are always those time when you are unprotect and that is just a fact of life. My parents encourage me to take the arts, though they wont allow me to spare in tournaments, which I fully understand. I do not like the idea though that your daughters are being raised as cattle for the most part. To be married and happy is a privilege, I do not know if it is synonymous with money though. I believe it all comes back to being in love. By the way will you allow your daughters to hold jobs? I mean meaningful jobs... lawyers.. doctors.. etc. What type of Martial Arts do you practice? I have heard a lot about the 30+ years training, but not what you actually train in. For the sake of repeating.. You cant protect your children all the time.. So, why not teach them to protect themselves? Even in the most basic manner.

  18. Sgt_Major

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    Its a power-trip thing then?

    You have supreme control, your the boss. Your way or the highway?

    what aspect of dimocracy didnt your education teach you?
  19. Jesh

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    lol :woo:
  20. LittleGirlBlue

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    I feel sorry for your daughters...

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