Woman killed - no witnesses

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by nzric, May 23, 2006.

  1. nzric

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    "Eight witnesses heard a woman's screams at the time of her disappearance, but none called police."

    Doesn't it make you sick. What kind of society do we live in when a woman gets killed with 8 people around? Fair enough if someone doesn't want to step in and be a hero, but the least you can do is call the police.
  2. Existence

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    indeed it does. although i feel those "warriorship" people are egotistic, self satisfying and have no true compassion; it would be better to have more people who pretend to care instead of people who don't care at all.
  3. Incredible Bulk

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    i wouldnt want to infringe on the human rights of the attacker, lord knows i'd end up in more trouble than him....

    sad state of society
  4. pgm316

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    It doesn't surprise me at all, people find it very easy to detach themselves from others situations, when it suits them! I've intervened in many different things, nothing as serious as that, but once when a few guys were giving another a good kicking, he'd already gone to the floor and was taking a few to the head... Worst thing about it was the amount of people stood round enjoying the show...
  5. medi

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    In English Baxter, you know I don't speak Spanish!

  6. Existence

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    me no english
  7. medi

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    Well have a go at least... I didn't understand that at all. :)
  8. thepunisher

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  9. Lord Spooky

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    It's pointless! No one will know what they will do until they are in that situation. People may think they know what they would do but as someone once said no plan survives initial contact with the enemy er or something like that :D
  10. inthespirit

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    I don’t think there is enough info on here. I am referring to the fact that the article only states that “Eight witnesses heard a woman's screams at the time of her disappearance, but none called police”.

    Here in London I always hear foxes fighting, it sounds like a kid getting slaughtered, should I be calling the fuzz every time I hear this. Likewise I always hear kids running around screaming and causing a commotion, the noise could be interpreted as fun or serious. The only way to find out if something is up, is to go have a look for yourself. There is no mention of such in the article, but this is not to say that nothing of such nature transpired. I think if one were to answer the question “What kind of society do we live in when a woman gets killed with 8 people around?”, we really need more facts on this case.

    I don’t quite get the point your making, but myself and quite a few other people I know have intervened in situations that we came across on the str33et and such, most of these involved women. Likewise I have also stood back and watched fights for sheer entertainment value and did nothing, these did not involve women.

    I think the point is not to think too much. If you stand around thinking you will be late. I dont think :Angel: a plan has any place here.
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  11. succubus

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    call the cops?

    i'd probably have stayed a long way away and made a loud noise. and/or taken a photo of the guy with my long lens for the police. :p
  12. Davey Bones

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    An American TV show just did an unofficial study. They had actors posing as a child and an abductor. In the middle of a busy street in NYC, the "abductor" is trying to drag the "child" away, and only 2 people, IIRC, tried to intervene. Everyone else just put their heads down, turned away, talked to their friends, or in some way, shape, or form, ignored the whole damn thing. So this article hardly surprises me.

    Agreed 100%.
  13. Lord Spooky

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    and that's why you can’t really answer Punishers question ;)

    I had a situation a couple of months back. On the way to the supermarket in the car with my family I noticed a guy being dragged into the middle of the road (broad day light on major road through a busy town) and then getting a kicking to the head.

    So what do you do? I have the wife and kids in the car (wife’s driving) I can hardly tell her to drive up to them so we can intervene, God knows what was going on!

    So we pull in a side street round the corner out of sight and I call the Police, luckily there was a Police station a stones throw away. I’m still worried that this chap is getting his head kicked and potentially being left there to get run over (I'd already seen one car avoid him and drive on by) so I jumped out the car and casually walked towards the incident, trying to be discrete :D

    Now a number of things were going round my head, and thank god I’d got my adrenaline under control else I’d have probably bottled it, but I couldn’t in good conscience just leave the guy. So I carried on and just as I got near the police turned up (phew :D) just to see all those involved legging it to a car, even the victim pegged it in the other direction. Funnily enough I saw him again latter at a security station on one of the car parks talking to a couple of coppers.

    No in that instant I did something, all be it very subtle, which I hope stopped that guy from getting his head caved in. Now if I’d have been on my own I don’t know what I would of done. At the time I debated letting the offenders know that the Police were on the way. Now would I have gone through with that or just observed until the authorities got there? I don’t know.
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  14. pgm316

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    How do you know when its an abductor or angry parent/naughty child?

    If you knew all the facts while the sitution was happening, it'd make decisions a lot easier than trying to guess if it was a domestic dispute or not.
  15. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Spooky, good on you mate, you did do something.

    Funny enough I was speaking to my mate the other day as he was going home after being out on the ****. He was walking along and saw a ruckus break out between a bloke and a bird, he was like “wow there is a fight!”… “bloke is pushing the bird” … “I’m getting in there”… I was like “wait a sec mate“… phone goes dead. I called him back a few minutes later to find out what happened, he was too ****ed and forgot he was even talking to me. Apparently the bloke was pushing his sister around and got tackled off of her, and then dump tackled again when he went to hit my mate. Moral of the story, no idea.. maybe “don’t bother with plans, just drink”…. :D ...

    I think such a scenario at least warrants a closer investigation, and considering it may be matter of seconds, there is not much time to dwell on it. I think a potentially offensive/aggressive movement may be warranted, considering the possible consequences if it is indeed a real attack/kidnap. If not, you can always explain what you thought was happening, I’m sure it would be understood and maybe even appreciated. By offensive/aggressive movement I don’t mean a flying kick at the potential parent, more like just getting in the way.
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  16. xen

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    i met one of my closest friends nine years ago.

    i'd just moved into a new street, i was on my own in the house, about midnight.

    i was playing the guitar, just chillin'

    i heard a woman screaming blue murder outside.

    i was out the door like a shot.

    the woman was on the floor, a bloke stood over her, trying to pick her up.

    another bloke came out of his house from round the corner.

    turned out it was a husband and wife having a massive row, both drunk, she had fallen, he was trying to help her up, she was screaming at him to leave her alone.

    i talked to the husband, my mate helped up the woman, we all agreed that he would go home and she would come round to mine with the other bloke for a coffee and we'd send her home in a cab. Give them both the chance to calm down.

    me n the other guy have been really good mates ever since..

    we got the measure of each other that night because out of all the houses in the area (terraces in a town) we were the only ones who could be bothered. No-one else called the police or if they did, they never turned up.

    G.'s seen the two of them around town a few times since that night. They both thanked us for making the effort, even though it was a misunderstanding.

    A few years later i was living in a city on a council estate, in a flat, i heard a woman screaming. I went out the door to the stairs, the old lady over the hall came out saying, 'don't go out'

    i told her to call the police and went for a look around the estate, the screaming had stopped, and i couldn't see anyone.

    it was probably another domestic (there was a few esp. in the flat under mine :rolleyes: ), the police never showed and there was no gossip about it.

    i can't ignore someone screaming for help.

    i don't understand how anyone could.
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  17. Durkhrod Chogori

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    After looking at her picture and seeing that she belonged to the Asian community, I might think that no one called due to racist behaviour.

    Australia is a very racist country. :cry:

  18. Lord Spooky

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    That in itself is a very racist comment!
  19. Durkhrod Chogori

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    What the...!? :eek:

    Mate if you think like that then an entire segment of University researchers and social scientists are racist. There are hundreds of written references about racism in Australia against the Indigenous Australians and other ethnic groups (Asians, Muslims..). Do you want me to post them? One instance:


    Please refrain from posting if you don't know what's going on!

  20. pgm316

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    Fair comment, but easier said than done. If you saw someone dragging a child, would you do something?

    If yes, how many times have you? Quite a common occurence to see kids being dragged around by adults.

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