Wing Chun Punches work like da bomb in kickboxing!

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Domestic_Rat, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. Timmy Boy

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    I can believe he busted his hand to be fair, because it's not uncommon for people to do that, but I wouldn't blame it on not being used to punching without wraps and gloves, especially with someone as violent as Mike Tyson.
  2. And after all, he pretty much grew up as a fighter on the streets. I would imagine he has a damn good clue how to punch someone without wraps on. Ok, he may have broken his hand but there are a multitude of reasons for this to happen.
  3. Slindsay

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    To be honest if Tyson broke his hand punching somone then we are all going to be screwed in a street fight 'cos I doubt any of us have a wrist as strong as his.

    Secondly what the hell happened to the poor guy he punched if Tyson broke his wrist?
  4. Nothing a bit of plastic reconstructive surgery couldn't solve (along with numerous operations). :D

    Coming back to the original point of this thread, wing chun punches might work in kickboxing but not as well as other punches (boxing/kickboxing ones). If Wing Chun punches worked better then we would all use them. There is a reason why we don't.

    Whilst WC punches might work better in the beginning stages of kickboxing, they don't work well in the long run so time is better spent tuning your kickboxing technique. You'll thank me in the end ;)
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  5. Anonymouse

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    Those are fine points Norm. I agree that wing chun is not as good in the kickboxing ring as kickboxing, after all, kb training is designed to be the best under the rules setting. Most of wing chun skills are negated with boxing gloves on: trapping, finger strikes, and not to mention that the punches are a bit weaker as is, let alone with the added pad of the gloves. One thing that deducts from most kung fu and karate styles effectiveness in the ring is that most ancient asian styles use bone hardening techniques to make their weaker punches cause more damage. This is also negated with gloves. Also, boxing blocks are good against boxing punches because of the gloves (unless you train with MMA gloves or similar style small gloves). Most people get used to blocking with the boxing gloves, and also defending against a huge doughy fist that cant fit through most holes in defense. Kickboxing is far superior in the ring under kickboxing rules than wing chun. (this coming from a wing chun guy btw)
  6. That is refreshing to know :) Thank you for being honest!
  7. Timmy Boy

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    People, can you please stop jumping in to defend how good wing chun is on teh street. We're talking about kickboxing, please don't start trying to open up the same old can of worms.
  8. Bil Gee

    Bil Gee Thug

    I'd be surprised if any style was better in a KB competition than KB, I'd also be surprised if any style was better than TKD in a competition. WC places no emphasis on fighting with gloves on or within a rule set. So IMO the answer to the original question, is pretty obvious and everybody seems to agree. If you want to win at kickboxing then learn kickboxing.
  9. You do mean TKD competition, right? Not trying to sound nitpicky or arrogant, but if you genuinely meant "a competition" then it was a pretty dumb statement.
  10. mai tai

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    timmy timmy poor misguilded boy......didnt i start a thread a while back. asking for footage of kung fu working on ....anyone. well i got not one response...not one. and now you want footage of it defeating a kickboxer....keep hoping
  11. Timmy Boy

    Timmy Boy Man on a Mission

    I think that's another topic for another day, mai tai... :D
  12. Bil Gee

    Bil Gee Thug

    Yes I meant TKD competition
  13. Anonymouse

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    "People, can you please stop jumping in to defend how good wing chun is on teh street. We're talking about kickboxing, please don't start trying to open up the same old can of worms."

    I dunno if this was in response to my post, but if it was, you should re-read mine. I was trying to point out that the skill set for kickboxing curriculum is superior to wing chun under kickboxing rules. Using gloves to block incoming punches is something unique to the rules and to boxing, but is a neccessary skill, and being good at it will make you a better boxer. That is true for a lot of little subtleties surrounding the gloves, and because of this (as well as a few other reasons), kickboxing is better at kickboxing than wing chun. Anyway, I didnt see anyone else's post that could be seen as "defending wing chun's effectiveness on the street", but if you werent replying to me, then nevermind :)

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