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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by BGile, Oct 30, 2006.

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    No it is not bashin it is a difference of an opinion and you are the one who bashed, I have not called you 5051, I Don't believe that you and I really have a problem other then you calling me names, and that is your problem not mine. I believe you are a goat of your Sijo to be very honest.

    Just like when I stick up for something I belived to be right and find out I was wrong then I wll say I read it wrong or I was told wrong. But I have not called you or dan personal names, never and if I did do that I would say I am sorry and let it go.
    But over the course of several years we have had a few differnces and now your clone wants to jump in, pretty stupid to call me names.

    Yes, I am going to be the messenger to tell Mills something, why because he crossed the line and called me some names and got ugly, I replied back and he finally said ok, I was wrong, but that still does not mean he is, I just proved him wrong and he had to save face.

    Now when I am the person who makes his life miserable because it is going to happen, he should not have said what he did, simple. You should know that better then most.

    I believe Will is trying to set things straight, stuff I have known from long ago or thought I knew until a few years ago when I got into it with Doc about his thoughts on Bruce Juchnik, and I called him on it and because he did not like it he called me a racist. Funny really, LOL.

    Like I said, I hope it comes up you are clean, but I am not going to hold my breath. I would prefer it to be Sijo who is wrong or dirty. I have heard many stories, I was in Hawaii and had to deal with the Gangs on Hotel street that were the martial artist's over there beating up drunk service men.

    So as far as what Will mentions until proven different I will read his stuff just like I do others and make up my mind based on good investigation.

    I told you numerous times I am looking for the truth not name calling.
    I don't believe "clone" is name calling but if it is I'll stop. If I take meds or not it has nothing to do with this debate LOL...
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    DUDE! That looks like one Excellent Adventure! :D :love: :D
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    Hmmm. No name calling there eh?

    Clone is a name, but whatever.

    A lot of people calling you names eh Gary?

    More name calling tsk tsk.

    So are you saying that you and your friends got beat up by Sijo while you were drunk in Hawaii?

    If by investigation youy mean "swallow it whole" then okay.

    No comment.
  4. BGile

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    Dan thanks for pointing out a few thing's I'll be better :Angel:

    Servicemen, I was in Shore Patrol being that we were there from a ship and I was a person who was part of that group. Most of the servicemen who were drunk and victims of a robbery, or theft by hookers, or jumped by gangs, not normally one on one. But sometimes maybe they did get beat up fair or unfair does not matter. If you look at history it was a tough area, Hotel st.

    I mentioned Doc was "black" seems now that is racist. I was not sure of which area his genology came from, Chapel seemed maybe ?? who knows?
    He has said, so I have found out now it is Africa.

    Names are part of the threads especially if you are in it I have noticed.
    An occasional is fine but not constant. :Angel:

    Gary :cry:
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    Two words will solve all of this nonesense.....Gong Sau
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    I did not write that, I posted it from Will Tracy, to me, to John.
    He knows what it means. I explained it in another post about the time GM Sam, John and I were talking several years ago and GM Sam mentioned that Chow was not a mormon he disliked them.

    So, John knows exactly what I have said, and his answer tell's me he knows all I need to know.

    Whatever man... I have decided NOT to try to "interpret" your posts.
  7. BGile

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    Others have mentioned,

    What some of you may not realize is that Gary (BGile), Dan (Danjo) and John (John Bishop) have a long history, or more accurately an extended on-going discussion, about certain aspects of Kempo history. Aspects that are so esoteric and convoluted that it is hard for me to even tell what exactly they are arguing about sometimes. And so over time they have discovered certain chinks in their opponent's armor and post to try to expose those, so that may explain why what seems like an innocent question is answered with obfuscation.

    I'll mention,
    Thanks for the clairification. Pretty observant and been around a while yourself. :D

    I would rather answer and not quite clear, then to not answer at all, if truly interested you would do research of topic not thread. Plus as I have mentioned the return reply may not be for your eyes. Some will avoid others will find.

    Kempofist mentions,
    Two words will solve all of this nonesense.....Gong Sau

    I'll say.
    LOL, if it was as easy as that, it would have been done when David slew Goliath.

    As of late and before actually, I have pretty much walked this web alone, by sticking up for certain things and not others. I am pretty much out on a limb at times and so is John or Dan or anyone else who has not done the proper research and found out before printing.
    We all make mistake's it has become a minefield when certain orgs go down when a leader has been felled.

    So as in Japan and this world of MA we sometimes in our path find other things that might interest and go there or not, because you are offending someone and the price is pretty high.
    But if you move on and can stand on your own, many times it is better. Not that it will be easy but we all make decisions and they are never easy the older I get the easier it is to be able to just say hey, my mistake because it just might be that.

    Kerry has learned that is the easy way but he has paid a big price believe me.

    Others just died in old Japan and nothing bad was mentioned of the dead because of there own fears and beliefs. It is not because they did not know the truth they were just not inclined to say it after the person was gone to the after life of this world.
    Fear comes to mind, not good if you are a warrior. Superstition is a strange bed fellow, but it seems the way of many.

    Will Tracy mentions that many of these writings are old and just edited to be brought forth clearer. I'll go along with that, According to Mills he did a terrible thing but I don't believe it is terrible it is something he did and did it with knowledge beforehand he is telling it, and he feels strongly about, and prior to the nominations of the honor role that will be put on by the Tracy's next year.

    Did this time line not happen did it not go the way he said it did, Mills and he are here talking I know another that could help Chuck Sullivan, but he is basking in the afterglow of following very close to EP and his thoughts so I don't think we will get much from that org.

    Will Tracy, felt with his vast knowledge (probably one of the most knowledgeable) at this time and prior, so he has done what he feels is right.
    He has paid a big price for his thoughts. He is older and wants things to be known that only he knew. He loved EP but did not love all of his deeds.

    I look at it like this, we voted as a country to have a President, some like him some don't, but what you have to go along with is the intelligence of the men and the ones who they are around and we, not knowing what they know and may not for 50 years, but that is what divides us from them they are willing to be in the position and are taking it on the chin and in the back, but they are still willing to do it...
    I like that in a man or person.

    Chess you have to like that game but we all can not be Bobby Fishers, nor would we want to be. Same here with this thread.

    To align yourself with ones you have so many doubts is a very big mistake, when others divide as they will, you need to be ready to say I did what I thought was right and this is why.

    I think that is what Will Tracy has done. Some write books, others talk about it, some can write, others need others to do it for them, Will did it for himself.

    Strategy is a word that take's on many meaning's, it is in the mind of the beholder at the time, to be talked about by others for ever.

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    My eyes are bleeding after reading this.
  9. BGile

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    Dan mentions:
    My eyes are bleeding after reading this.

    Dan why do you do a quote on the whole thread ? Am I now on the ignore if there is one, and John can then see it because you have put it in your post?

    What is the point, then add a one liner? I notice quite a few do it and since you do it, so much I thought I would ask you about it?

    I have mentioned I am keeping up my dexterity and typing skills, similar to why I punch on a punching bag for a continous period of time, to keep up the skill.
    If you don't go running or swimming or working out hard, how can you be able to draw on it when you will need it?
    Similar to the skill of shooting. One of the big draw backs to not practicing on your own, to not use the pistol or rifle or the art if you don't practice how can you keep up to snuff.

    At my age if I don't work out and keep up as we are loosing as many cells as are being replicated. Tough getting old, but the alternative is not good either.
    So if you are not making the right ones they are not there when you need them.
    That is what I read some where. LOL

    Oh, by the way good post.

  10. BGile

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    mentioned by Dianhsuhe
    Whatever man... I have decided NOT to try to "interpret" your posts.

    Probabley a good idea, just like smelling the rose, don't interpret, as they are one of a kind. Enjoy or not.

    So what are your thoughts on Will's timeline and his feeling, appears he was a messenger much of the time. Messengers gain vast amounts of knowledge, unless it is sealed. In the school in San Diego do they mention if Chow was mormon, or not?

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    I quote whole posts usually because I've had people go back and edit or delete their posts and thus make what I say unintelligible. This way, there's no confusion.

    the rest of your post has nothing to do with the topic (as usual) so I won't reply to it.
  12. BGile

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    I can deal with that.

  13. KempoFist

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    God damn, I'm on the verge of flying out to California and Gong Sauing the whole lot of you after reading all of this nonesense. I gotta check out Bas' school anyway, so I'll have to make that a thing-to-do along the way ;)
  14. dianhsuhe

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    Gary- Is this info. meant for me?

    "So what are your thoughts on Will's timeline and his feeling, appears he was a messenger much of the time. Messengers gain vast amounts of knowledge, unless it is sealed. In the school in San Diego do they mention if Chow was mormon, or not?"
  15. BGile

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    Gary- Is this info. meant for me?

    "So what are your thoughts on Will's timeline and his feeling, appears he was a messenger much of the time. Messengers gain vast amounts of knowledge, unless it is sealed. In the school in San Diego do they mention if Chow was mormon, or not?"

    Yes I was curious if that is what you are aware of, the yes he was, no he was not. The fact is he was mad at the mormons and he disliked them does that mean he was not one? I believe years ago GM Sam mentioned it one way or the other, now Will is being very specific.

  16. BGile

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    Dick Tercell and his death

    This is one of the most important things I feel about the EP legacy and how it is tarnished. If you read from Will's infromation it is truly a sad situation and one that is very pointed into what EP was.

    Basically his ego was so in bloom, he was beyond a normal human to have compassion for others. Since he was a devout Mormon you would think that he was someone to have compassion for his fellow man but just the opposite is true if you are to read the story of the Tercell trajedy and the amount of heartbreak it brought.

    The hurt to Tercells parents was very horrible in my opinion. From what I gather because of the fact that no one really came forth and expained the bizarre nature of what Tercell was doing and his involvement with the idea that by doing Kung Fu, Tai Chi, you could kill yourself pretty easy, with this stunt. We have seen it in Kung Fu displays, I saw something in Reno a few years ago when they were touring the US.

    So with a thought that there is a reasonable doubt about suicide, and that he killed himself by an accident he could have been buried in a Cemetary sactioned by the Church. But because of EP and his statement that it was not something that was being done, so he condemed the man to enternal hell. And his parents also as long as they lived with it.

    My agnostic views are I am not buying into the whole Catholic Church or the Mormon's for that matter, but what he did was very very wrong in my humble opinion and really he can't be given any thing but a failing grade.

    Very horrible act on his part and he was not man enough to tell the truth and he was trying to place him self as far from it as possible. Yet he still wanted the Crest. Boy that is sick.

    I probably feel much more opinionated about it (looking at it from a former PO and Investigators opinion) and feel the Police did not do a good job either.
    I don't think the man commited suicide. I think he did something stupid and paid for it with his life, but not with his soul if there is such a thing and I am not fully conviced about that either.

    But it all really goes back to if you want to believe Will, but he does have the copyleft on the crest.
    So it goes back to what you want to believe I guess, but the facts are pretty much out there for all to make their own conclusions and I am glad they have surfaced and can be scurtinized by the new people coming into the MA and will give up the idea about him being some demigod on earth.

    He was man and he made mistakes but this one in my opinion if what Will writes. Given some consideration, is a pretty terrible thing.

  17. DAnjo

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    Gary, you are truly astounding. You come on here and elsewhere and run down people that you have never met and offer opinions that you are by no means qualified to offer.

    You are clearly a mental case. You threaten to have me fired from my job (which made me laugh BTW). And now you come on here and say horrible things about Ed Parker.

    I've got news for you Gary. On both counts. One: I have tenure. So unless I am convicted of a crime or fail to fulfill my job duties by contract, I will keep my job regardless of any slander or threats you try to level. So have fun with that one. This is not Little House on the Prarie, where a teacher could be fired because they stayed out after 8 pm or took on mentaly ill retired policemen on the internet.

    As to the other thing: You wouldn't have been worthy to carry Ed Parker's jock strap much less make judgements about his character. I don't think that you're anyone that has any business saying whether he was "Man enough" to do or not do anything. Parker was always out there with himself and his stuff. One might not have agreed with everything he said or did, but he accomplished more before he was thirty than you would if you had lived twice as long as you already have. Quality versus quantity. You've lived 65 years and have accomplished nothing, Parker lived for 59 and started a legacy that has continued to grow exponentially since his passing. You remind me of a flea evaluating an elephant. No matter how high you jump, there are simply going to be parts that you can't see.

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  18. BGile

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    I feel that my observations regarding what and how I posted are fair in the light of what has been written by Will and since this is his thread about his writings. I feel that it is only fair to address it.
    I'll stick by my post.

  19. BGile

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    Ed Parker's career in Law Enforcement

    Will Tracy mentions that EP was a LA County Sheriff for a very short time.
    After graduating from BYU with a degree in Sociology in June 1956, (not in both sociology and psychology as some claim) Ed Parker moved to Pasadena, California. Three months before Ed had tested for a position with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, and got a job with their Probation Department. Ed wanted to work with troubled youth, but because of his size and martial arts skills he was assigned to supervise the most hardened parolees. Ed saw no future in this and asked Roy Woodward for advice. Roy Woodward had encouraged Ed to come to Los Angeles where he was regional manager for American Health Studios, and had paid Ed's expenses so he could go to Los Angeles to take the Civil Service examination for the Sheriff's Department. American Health did not allow outside trainers, so Roy introduced Ed to Terry Robinson who was athletic director at the Beverly Hills Health Club.
    The Beverly Hills Health Club was not a health studio like American Health, but rather more like a spa, social club and health club combined. Its members included most of Hollywood's movers and shakers. Ed did not teach classes as many believe, but rather simi-private lessons to small groups of two or three friends, and many of these had Ed come to their homes to teach private lessons.

    So after this start and stop in Law Enforcement he went onto open up a school and The rest can be read at Wills site which is posted in the first post of this thread. Pretty interesting reading.
    It is Will not I, that have written these things.

    I am the messenger here, as I have mentioned on numerous other posts.
    The same for the rest of you to do I would think. Is to take the writing's and read and disagree or not.

    I will say this his chosen vocation afterward was no where as dangerous as the one he quit.

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    Where is this GOING????

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