Will koryu teachers teach students with tattoos?

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by kuoshu, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Rock Ape

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    To your Japanese language skills what does tamashii sento mean to you?

    See the aikido forum and thread "i just started" to me it says : soul/spirit communal bath

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    PS you have email
  2. Sukerkin

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    I don't claim to have great Japanese language talents, it's a hard language for the Western mind to get a grip on but as far as I recall tamashii does mean soul, spirit or mind. Isn't sento just cent tho' (as in the currency)?

    I'd be interested in the unravelling of this linguistic riddle too.
  3. Kogusoku

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    Sorry to bother you mate, but no e-mail recieved.
  4. Sgt_Major

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    see, that was before someone explained the system. I can understand what and why they work now.
  5. ScottUK

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    So why bother chipping in with your opinion about something you didn't know about...?
  6. Kogusoku

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    Sento can mean either communal bath house (銭湯 ) or battle/combat (戦闘 ), depending on the kanji that they use.

    Tamashii Sento just sounds grammatically, downright odd. It should really be "Sento Damashii" and as I've stated before in other threads, there is only one school that has coined the usage of the term, aikijujutsu and that is Daito-ryu.

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  7. Sgt_Major

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    Because I can, because Im entitled to, and because I wanted to.

    why shouldnt I?
  8. ScottUK

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    No further questions, M'Lud. :)
  9. Kogusoku

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    Well you learned from it, so something productive came from it. :)
  10. Sgt_Major

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    exactly - had I not had an opinon (wrongly) and put my opinion here, I would still know nothing about the subject, at least by having the cajones to say my mind, Ive now learned something.

  11. ScottUK

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    For that I commend thee, fool but for a moment... :)
  12. Sgt_Major

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    you mean for a moment not a fool :p
  13. ScottUK

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    Hehe ask and be fool for a moment, rather than not ask and be a fool for a lifetime...
  14. doc_jude

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    BS!!! The reason for this is so that your gasmask can get a proper seal. No other reason. It's the same in the US Military.
  15. doc_jude

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    Koryu Bathhouses...

    As for bathhouses, don't believe that everyone with ink is banned. I frequented at least four bathhouses around Tokyo, and practically lived in the one down the street from my friend Hiroshige's house in Omote-Sando.
    Good thing they let me in, I got to meet Beat Kitano there. It was RAD!!!

    AND... he asked me about my ink.
  16. pgsmith

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    If you'll read the other posts, you'll find that nobody said that folks with tattoos are banned from all bath houses. However, it is the way of it in a large number of them. Tokyo is also a bit more broad minded than the majority of Japan, as there are a lot more foreigners there. When I was last in Tokyo, most of the people wouldn't bother to give me a second look. When I was in the town of Kakamigahara, I had an entire class of school kids (along with their teachers) stop what they were doing to stare at the foreigner. :)
  17. Kogusoku

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    That may be so with central Tokyo, but outside Tokyo, it's still a different matter.

    Case in point: I'm still in Souka-shi in Saitama at the moment and went to the local sento last week. They still have the Irezumi Kinshi (no tattoos allowed) sign out there at the front. Same situation at the local swimming baths.
  18. ScottUK

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    How's practice going? :)
  19. Kogusoku

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    Awesome! I've learned so much in the past 6 weeks that I think my head's going to explode, Scanners style.


    8-9 hour training sessions really do tighten you up though. Need a jackhammer to loosen up my shoulder and back muscles at the moment.

    I have already filled 1 1/2 notebooks and filmed hours of footage on jujutsu, bojutsu, kenjutsu & iaijutsu just in case I forget anything. The older I get the harder it is to remember things as vividly.
  20. doc_jude

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    Oh, no, they had the sign up, but when I asked about it, they said,"No, that's only for Japanese, you okay."

    I even went to some places down in Kyushu, in and outside Fukuoka, & never had a problem.

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