Why was General Choi exiled from Korea?

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by Ragnarok2005, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Liam Cullen

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    Wow, we're bashing the General again, I didn't see that coming, did anyone else see that coming? *sigh*
  2. TheMadhoose

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    Rag dissing the General wow a MAP first surely!!
  3. Alexander

    Alexander Possibly insane.

    Oppression is no excuse for racism.
    Proper martial arts though. :D
  4. KickChick

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    When asked if he ever regreted dedicating his life to Taekwon-Do, he stated: “I taught Taekwon-Do without regard to race, religion, nationality, or ideology. In this respect, I am the happiest man in the world, and I am proud to have left my footprint in this world.” His place in history is secure as he will live in the hearts and minds of all those who love Taekwon-Do.
  5. I don't see you defending him.
  6. TheMadhoose

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    Well im no expert but isnt that the opposite of racism?
  7. EternalRage

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    Well the funny thing is he tried to make something distant from Japanese martial arts as did the Korean government, but ended up with forms and basics that still do not look that much different...

    I did like the part in the article where he states that he created TKD in the 1950s and that it didn't exist during Jesus's time (or something like that), a tip of the hat to the "2000 yr old lineage" BS.

    I was confused where he said his second name is Taekwondo, given to him by God. Did people actually call him "Taekwondo"?

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Korean government was responsible for some of the atrocities that they put on him. They really screwed the Moo Duk Kwan and Hwang Kee, plus they had so much corruption that it's probably true. The Korean government and their puppet the WTF more or less destroyed most of the Korean MA that came out after post occupation. They're like the Empire, complete with Death Star and star destroyers.
  8. MadMonk108

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    I think he might have been speaking metaphorically. Kind of like, "This was my destiny..."

    Welcome to the Rebellion, my friend.
  9. Spookey

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    The Ink Stone...

    Dear Ran,

    Regarding the integrity of General Choi...

    If you where to further investigate the context of his life and the period of his like in which this instance occured you will understand that the Choi Hong Hi was not more than a lad when this occurred.

    I believe that service in the Japanese Military, years of imprisonment, near execution, and the numerous years he spent assisting in the resurrection of the Han Nation of Korea (Dae Han) as well as his further life changing experience during the war against communism all assisted in creating the General Choi that is reveared by many!

    After all...who can say they never made an error in their life that for which they do not have remourse. I believe any man woman or child with a conscience will agree that they have remourse for something!


    Regarding those who question why no one will stand in defense of the now deceased General Choi...I would assume that it takes no great amount of warrior spirit to do so. I mean even a scared child has more Indomitable Warrior Spirit than those so weak as to cowardly attack the integrity of a great military leader who was one of the founders of a nation only after he has passed.

    Prior to his death I didnt see these posts popping up from the blue...furthermore I dont see anyone running their mouths in front of Choi Jung Hwa, Rhee Ki Ha, or any of the others who have devoted their lives to carrying on the Legacy, Legend, and Dream of General Choi!

    To General Choi:

    Thank you for what you gave my family. In your death you stated that we no longer needed you. You stated that you had two names one granted by your family (Choi Hong Hi) and one blessed by Heaven (Taekwon-Do)...You continued to say that we no longer needed you because we are all Taekwon-Do!

    For the Legacy you created and gave to my family I stand today as your prodigy. I will honor and fight to defend that which you gave to my family almost four decades ago.

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  10. TheMadhoose

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    A very well spoken post spookey.Knda what i wanted to say but im not as eloquent as yourself.
  11. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    You mean the TKD Times interview? I did!!!!!!! What a nice interview (and chunk of history). Thanks for the link!
  12. Good post. :)

    I have actually PM'd you in reply to when you asked that question before. You didn't reply. I *did* explain.

    And there is a huge difference between "attacking somebodys integrity" and "questioning" it. I seriously wish you'd stop taking it to heart.

    Infact this is the first time I have "bashed" General Choi. Everything else you seem to have a problem with is the fact that I don't buy into the rubbish General Choi said in his life and Martial Arts.

    I honestly and truly respect yours [and the Generals] achievements and dedication to TKD. But don't take it so personally when I refuse to believe that a twin palm pushing block is to block a simultaneous kick and punch. :rolleyes:
  13. MaverickZ

    MaverickZ Guest

    oh god... please don't tell me you just said that.
    i'm going to go ahead and be embarrased for you.
  14. kwang gae

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    Rags, are you stirring the pot again? :)

    The General did what he did. Others have done what they have done. TKD is what it is as a result.

    Enjoy it. :D
  15. LOL!

    You know me Kwang. I love my Taekwon-Do! :D [I really do.]
  16. DavidBatemanTKD

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    I think that was a very disrespectful comment aimed at a man who has dedicated everything he has to learning and preserving taekwon-do, as did his father when he brought it home to his family from Vietnam. Don't be embarrased for him, be embarrased for yourself, because obviously he feels more passion for what is a way of life and not just an activity then you ever will. And hopefully, your next post (whether here or elsewhere) will contain just a LITTLE more respect.
  17. DavidBatemanTKD

    DavidBatemanTKD New Member

    How does that make sense? Why is there a "first time" at all? What are your reasons for wanting to "bash" him anyway? And how do you truly respect his achievements and dedication to Taekwon-do but you don't buy into his "rubbish." And why DO you promote your school, but don't promote the schools creator? Please explain, if you can.

    How is wanting something that is your own and not a foreign country's racism? How is not wanting something that reminds you of the dreadful Japanese occupation, and improving on what they brought to make it yours :confused: racism?
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  18. Different things altogether, no?

    Of course I respect his dedication to TKD! How can you not when he dedicated his life to it? I wish I had the strength, will and energy to devote my life entirely to one thing.

    And no I don't buy into the things he said. That's a different subject that I've posted on before. Heres an idea, I'll come and attack you with a stick and you can show me how General Choi's U-Shape block works. :rolleyes:

    And it's not just the creation of Taekwon-Do. General Choi said "I despise the Japanese" and it could just be the impression I get, but from reading that link it seemed a lot more than just National Pride.

    Obviously this attitude changed in his later life. But it still makes me feel uneasy about the motives for TKD's creation.


    I promote our school because.... I just do. :rolleyes: - It makes a good signature. And actually, I'd say although Choi is at the foundation of our school, the content, the education and the style of teaching is not his work, but my instructors. Who has dedicated a large amount of his life to cross-training, studying and forming his own opinions that are making a real difference in training methods.

    And that isn't just school pride. I've seen plenty of schools that are blindly following the General's teachings and I'm glad of the fact that everytime I train with my instructor he opens my mind to many new things, ideas and applications. - Other instructors have more or less done little for my education other than stopping me in the middle of a pattern just to adjust my arm so that the tips of my fingers are level with my shoulder [as an example]. Unaware of how the movement in said pattern is actually used, but very much aware of the exact position General Choi said.

    That doesn't make for a good education. And I'm glad that we are moving forwards and not forever carrying on a tradition and never questioning it.
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  19. Spookey

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    Maverick...then Rag

    Dear Maverick,

    Please elaborate on your reason for feeling I should be embarassed or that you should be embarassed for me?


    Just a few things here...

    In relation to the General and his National Pride vs Racism-

    I do not believe the jewish population hates the Germans, however I beileve they are justified in there disregard for the Nazis. Why so is that acceptable but it is less than acceptable for General Choi to have discust for the people who destroyed his nation? Odds are there is someone in your family that has spite towards the Japanese Empire of the second World War. Many Europeans fought both the Nazis and the Japanese Empire for the preservation of many nations!

    Regarding the Oh Do Kwan and General Choi Bashing...

    Personally, I didnt receive any explantion in your PM it simply didnt enlighten me at all. (Not a knock just the way it is). Also, I am greatly confussed as to your disagreance with General Choi and his as you stated "Rubbish"...Would it make since for you to call Henry Ford an IDIOT over and over again while being the owner of a Ford dealership? That is similar to a revolutionary voting for the ruler against which he is revolting!

    I just dont understand...please enlighten me!

    Finally, there are many that will teach the hyung with no understanding of the purpose of the motions. The how, what, and why of the hyung is the soul purpose of the hyung. However this is the flaw of the instructor not of General Choi. If you read what General Choi calls the training secrets you will see that he states the necessity to understand each movement thouroughly!

    TAEKWON my young friend,
  20. MaverickZ

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    because that was THE corniest, most cheesy, statement i have EVER read. and i've been on the internet a long long time.

    come on spookey, admit it, you got a little shot of adrenaline when you posted that didn't you. did you feel like braveheart just then? did you feel a little pang of warrior pride?

    and davidbatemantkd, you can take your respect, turn it sideways and go ahead and insert it right where the sun don't shine. i don't give out my respect. people earn it. emotional windblowing doesn't work on me. and finally, don't ever lecture me. i've done more to preserve the true fighting spirit of tae kwon do than you'll ever know.

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