Why was General Choi exiled from Korea?

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by Ragnarok2005, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. As above.
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    Dear Sir...

    Dear Sir,

    As oppossed to getting into a lengthy conversation regarding the government, society, creation of an independent nation, and the other highly indepth situations which all contributed to his self exhile...

    I seriously recommend reading his autobiography. By doing so you will hear his story in his own words!


    ~~~One martial artist to the masses I humbly request that we all act as a whole to prevent this thread from becoming what we all know it can. Let his lifes work be noted while his spirit be allowed to rest!
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    to get to the other side!

    no, no, wait.... I thought you said chicken......
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    As a student of Korean MA I am surprised that you haven't read any of the history concerning Gen. Choi :confused:

    Aside from his autobiography ... I have read the Moral Guidebook a Vol 3 in a trio.... then Volume One: Motherland, the Land in Turmoil and Volume Two: The Vision of Exile: Any Place under Heaven is Do-Jang ...

    If you're lazy read this article of Gen Choi's extensive interview in TKD Times

    Page 54 explains in detail the reason why he exiled to Canada
  5. My current instructor doesn't care all that much for history or tradition, and my ITF instructors curiously never told me this fact despite lengthy car trips and group discussions on the founder. :rolleyes: - Came as news to me.

    As did Choi smashing somebodys head with an inkstone because he lost money in a card game. Hmm....
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    Actually he was just trying to write a letter with the ink stone, its just he did really understand the proper application of using the inkstone.... :rolleyes:
  7. Ink Kwon-Do, eh?
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    I actually meant to put *didn't understand*, kind of ruined that joke.

    Persoanlly I've been that bothered about Gen Choi as a person so haven't read any of the books KickChick has pointed out, but doing about 10 minutes of google work should bring up enough pages (with sources, and quotes from the Gen himself) to give you a rough idea of what happened.
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    don't feel too bad about it, as long as your fighting skills are top notch people will forgive you.

    and where's my family guy comment dammit?!
  10. Hehe. What are you on about? Your Family Guy Comment? :p
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  12. LOL!

    "I haven't felt this bad since that time I went to the Museum"
    "Why did the dinosaurs die?"
    "Because you touch yourself at night!"


    You seen Season 4 yet?
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    probably, it's one of the very few things i actually turn the tv on for
  14. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    From D. Burd ick's People and Events of T'aekwondo's Formative Years (1996)
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    Did anyone bother to read through the link I gave? :rolleyes:

    (no need to go through 10 mins of Google Search ;) )
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    That was more a "you could start a thread about it, or just look it up yourself" comment. And as you said, no need to search now thanks to you an Thomas.
  17. rtkd-badger

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    I did, very informative, thanks KC, and thank you also to Thomas, for his informative post.
  18. Yes. That was where I found out about General Choi's violent inkstone assault.

    And having heard it in his own words, Choi comes across as if racism was the sole reason for the creation of Taekwon-Do. To get one up on the Japanese.
  19. rtkd-badger

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    :bang: Do you blame him??? If I was him, or any Korean, I would have done the same.
    Kamsahamnida Master Choi.
  20. Well erm... Yes actually.

    I'm all for creating a new Martial Art and exploring for better ways. But Choi pushed himself to create this system and fought long and hard to change the name from Tang Soo Do... Just to show the Japanese.

    Oh and the inkstone attack. Way for Integrity and Self-Control, General!

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