Why LARP breeds faulty technique

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by KempoFist, May 21, 2007.

  1. BGile

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    Gary, you seriously need to read more carefully. He said it's NOT any better even though it's done faster.
    "Then" and not "than" got me confused, must be to far away from the computer :D

    Need to look and see the difference in the word and the definition :eek:

    You mean others are reading good as in the links and the other informationHmmm could have fooled me.

    The real reason for the "seriously" is ??? as in better "then" NEED, on its own or "than" you are doing?

    Little print and "aeiou" hmmm...Picky, picky. :rolleyes:

    What if it read thin, thun, thon, then or than. Would it matter? No...he is still maketing something that is just bad body mechanics. And very bad to watch for those who are so opinionated in BJJ as the only bestest in the land.

    Right... :google: rules in this day and age, what was before it ??? Now all else is no good?
  2. BGile

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    True remember that the next time you are feeling so good as to choose off someone in a bar...LOL
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    This is classic you Gary. I can't understand any of it.
  4. DAnjo

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  5. BGile

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    Sorry Danjo, but if you don't understand it, maybe it was done on purpose or not.

    Now, I am not going to explain it, suffice it to say I understand it all :eek:
    But I'll add:::

    So what about the term "then" rather than "than" in Kempofists post? Hint.
    Give me and a-i-e-o-u... as in vowel's. Do they really matter some say no some say yes. Sensei----vs, I before E and the thingie about C... ;)

    Originally Posted by KempoFist
    You did realize that halfway through the video they demonstrate everything again full speed right? Not that it's any better ****then****, but at least they did do that.
    Hope this helps :confused:
    Plus...If you fight in a bar and try to mount you might have it happen, but not in a ring...It is a testy thing he was mentioning right? :D
  6. KempoFist

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    Incorrect Gary. "Then" is the correct word, because Then deals with places in time, where "than" deals with comparisons between two subjects. The context I wrote it in, calls for the word "then" because I am referring to two different timesin the clip.

    No it won't happen in the bar, the street, the backyard, the prison, or anywhere you can think of. Because it's a lemon move at best, and a surefire way to **** off your opponent into rearranging your face at worst.
  7. KempoFist

    KempoFist Attention Whore

    And while we're picking apart grammar, what does "choose off someone" mean???
  8. Nuck Chorris

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    Gary lives in this glass house ya see? Inside his house is a rock quarry. He has a good throwing arm. He likes to throw the rocks.
  9. BGile

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    Geez, you guys are fun :D

    Kempofist, isnt it late for you on the east coast?

    Choose, as in you know, choose. As in it was his choice to pick a person and fight, they chose each other or one chose the other, as in Choozzz. ;)

    Now as far as faulty technique, it will hurt very bad, even if the technique is not real good, when taking ones testies to the test.

    About the then, not to be confused with ZEN.

    The fact is, it was not very clear or else I did not understand it like I should, so, maybe it is my fault or your way of mentioning it.

    I understand it is hard to understand what some are saying in their Neuuu Yokkk accent maybe that was the reason. :D

    It is late for you Kempofist, when is bed time? I take it you are like me retired from working, for a living or maybe, it is something else? You never answerd me if you are still with mom and dad. :confused:


    Is this your idea KempoFist or do others feel it is right, the way it is being used here, or are you just being disrepectful as in your signature about a minority group?


    I was curious, since you asked me so nice (about choose) I thought I would ask you about your signature?

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