Why if I study karate and I get beat does karate suck?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by INTERNAL BOXING, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. Ikken Hisatsu

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    no, i mean a completely different guy who also happens to be a famous kyokushin fighter with the same name.
  2. chrispy

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    A small observation here.. Boxing and the lads saying more weight beind the punches as a whole - I agree. For a very simple reason, when training to be a boxer you are training to fight in a rule set where there is no grappling or anything like that so if a boxer throws the 'smokin' joe deluxe' he's going for the knockout and if he misses he dosn't have to worry about his opponent grabbing his arm and throwing him - sure he dosn't want to be so off balance he can't defend but he's not training in an environment where throws are somethign he has to worry about.

    Where as in karate throws and takedowns are common place and the easiest way to set yourself up for one of those is to attack and put yourself off balance, or to extend your arm (in this case) so far for so long that it gives an opponent a chance to grab on and pull you off balance.

    Sure in both arts punches are designed to hurt your opponent, but as far as I know at least in boxing you don't have to worry about being grabbed and pulled off balance, so putting a little extra bodyweight behind your punches isn't somethign to be all that worried about comparitively
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  3. Timmy Boy

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    Yes, there is follow through in boxing, but it's not an uncontrolled haymaker, you don't step through, you keep your balance and you retract your fist afterwards. That's why boxing punches get used in MMA.
  4. chrispy

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    Oh for sure I just mean that if a boxer in a boxing match drives with his weight behind a punch he has to worry about getting nailed but not getting thrown so as long as he's still in control he can likely put more weight behind his punch than a Karate guy fighting in a karate style fight with grabs and throws. maybe that still confusing.. in fact i think I confused myself...
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    Except, I train under the MMA ruleset, not the boxing ruleset. And also, Thai Boxers do have to worry about getting thrown. Fighters in both groups use boxing punches, and in MMA, takedowns are far more more commonplace than in karate.

    In some schools of karate, yes. In many, no.
  6. chrispy

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    see now your just changing all the rules... i was talking about boxers that do boxing :) blech i dunno, heck i was trying to back you up!
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    Ello :D

    Haven't forgot the thread, just had a lot on, will post reponses once I've got some time :D

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