Why I Prefer Dating Women Who Are Martial Artists

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    Nope, I just know where this conversation is heading, idealism is an attractive philosophy for those who want to belive that there is something more then this.

    So You know unconsciousness, it's the opposite of that.

    I can tell you what it's not, it's not magic, it doesn't allow you to change the material world, and it arrises purely from the material world.
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    I just wanted you to spend the time to go about explaining things by your point of view with absolute authority on the matter that you like to project with your phrasing. You would be ridiculous if you even think you have any solid clue.
  3. Dead_pool

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  4. Dead_pool

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    I don't really have any view on human consciousness, it's an unimportant subject matter, it is, it won't suddenly cease to be, that's as far as it goes for me, but you seem to have very strong views on this, what's got you so rilled up?

    Are you a big fan of idealism?
  5. Ero-Sennin

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    This is what you believe is valid research to make the kind of statement that (paraphrased) "mma gyms are a breeding ground for snatching up impressionable adults into the alt right" . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    You are absolutely ridiculous and not worth continuing this conversation with. Have fun with whomever wants to entertain themselves with crap like this.
  6. Ero-Sennin

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    So shut up and let people who do care about it talk about it? If you don't care about it, then you're trying to troll people who do. Why else would you decide to engage others? I'm not riled up about the topic, I'm riled about people who do the kind of crap you're doing right now.
  7. Ero-Sennin

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    Holy crap dude this is AMAZING. You have to be trolling me.

    How many conversations do I have to have on MAP in various threads, some which you've engaged in, and spoken from different angles spanning various ideas that don't align in any one political ideology, for you to get off my back in trying to label me as alt-right or into somebody that fits your ideological narrative?

    Would be GREEEAAAATTTT if I and other people didn't have to deal with that crap constantly. You're like a Christian in the 90s with a WWJD bracelet on.
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  8. Dead_pool

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    That's not what I asked (as a question not a statement). Is it that young males, who are the biggest demographic for MMA gyms are also the biggest at risk of radicalism to the alt right, because they are looking for a community.

    Why so touchy about a simple question?
  9. Dead_pool

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    Nope no trolling, this is a debate forum, if you don't want to debate, just don't debate.

  10. David Harrison

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    Esoteric practices led me to shun dualism and embrace materialism.

    I think the void and nothingness of Taoism, Qabala, Sufism etc. isn't an analogy or a glimpse of something greater than us. My experiences have led to me taking it literally. The mind is a storm, and at the eye is stillness and void. Formless potential. No true self, no singular consciousness or soul.

    I read an article recently with a couple of good quotes that sum up my own findings quite nicely:


    We are all the centre of our observable universe, so it is understandable that internal psychic drama would take on cosmic proportions in our imagination.

    I don't think we're that special. We're just slightly less stupid than our closest simian cousins.

    Consciousness is largely a sham. A retrospective narrative machine. It doesn't act as a force of volition in the mind, and the only way of exercising any kind of free will is by operant conditioning of one's own behaviour. It takes hard work, gains are long-term and small, and it will never be complete.

    As for dark matter or energy, the field of cosmology looks like a whole lot of crazy fudges to keep the standard model hobbling along until the right data come along. It's still fascinating to read about though. :)
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    Mod warning: Wow, things are getting heated and people are getting upset. So let's nip this in the bud. Now is a good time to remind people that this is a friendly forum. Keep your posts directed to the topic, not the person posting. Take a deep breath and read over your post before hitting that send button.:)

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    You and me both, brotha XD
  13. Mangosteen

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    I think the "MMA lads are ripe for radicalisation into the alt/far-right" is worth addressing.

    There are a number of high profile MMA far right ethnonationalist groups in Europe.
    At the same time, I dont think the main issue in MMA groups is ethnonationalism - its masculinity.

    Most young men who start in MMA and the related styles are like all young men trying to figure out their place in the world and what it means to "be a man". They are drawn to a hypermasculine image of an MMA fighter for various reasons.

    Once they are in classes though, the people they train with really matter. The community helps shape their views on "masculinity". If you hang out with nazis a lot, you adopt nazi views.
    I've met working class men of all backgrounds that agree to an idea of gender roles but think racism and most forms of sexism are stupid because they've interacted with a ton of those groups.

    @Ero-Sennin - I think everyone can be impressionable dependent on your circumstances. I dont think its people looking for a community, its just the interactions form a community.

    I've trained in a bjj group of dads that all look after each other in ways that I didn't expect in such an environment.

    People need a tribe but the tribes don't have to hate each other and you can build social connections across groups without a single tribal identity being dominant.
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    Please note this is not a comment towards you personally, @aaradia , but the MAP position you're presenting currently which I always assume is shared amongst the entire moderator team.

    Can I ask what is meant by a "friendly forum." I'll be blunt, when I come here to post I come with the mindset that I'm going to have to defend everything I say, mostly due to a couple individuals. When it gets so common it happens even when I'm trying to share some things I've learned in my life through tremendously painful experiences, that doesn't feel friendly to me. It's probably unique to me that I also feel very insulted and disrespected when somebody uses articles and blog posts as their form of evidence for an authoritative stance on a subject. I feel that way because that's what I would do to another person whose opinion I didn't really care about and I was just trying to +1 them to troll. It takes all of 2 seconds for the "don't confuse your google search with MY google search, son!" argument to be made, and nobody benefits from it. That's all this person does when they engage me and I've mentioned it to them multiple times in other threads that it's not constructive towards discussion and solving problems. It's been missed or intentionally ignored. I decided to take a more aggressive route in this discussion's development (and end, as I stated I wont engage further if that's the quality of conversation we're going to have. There are no more chances with me in this thread, though)

    I also don't believe letting somebody make such a declaration about an entire martial art is "friendly" towards MAP's mission statement. Give us a good definition of "alt-right" because the common understanding is "evil nazi" and man, if mma gyms are breeding grounds for FRIGGEN NAZIS!!!! we shouldn't let our kids or ANYONE train there! Next comes getting them out of the community. We don't need that here AmIRight?I'm pretty sure MMA has had to fight tooth and nail to be able to hold competitions in the UK? Is MAP against MMA growing as a sport because of perceived ideological alignments "proven" with random articles and blog posts? If so I don't want to be a member of MAP anymore because that's crap. I don't think that's how MAP sees MMA as a community, and I wasn't going to let this member get away with it. I have to re-read EVERY post on MAP because its ToS is not inclusive to people who grew up with the language I did, or have chosen the professions I have. Minorities, felons, poor rednecks, and people in the infantry have made my normal language be ebonics, slang, curse words, and generally just not ToS friendly ways of speaking. It is a concerted effort that takes me a lot of time to post here. This post has taken about 45 minutes. I took multiple deep breaths before hitting "send." This also might be a reason I get pretty reactive when I feel like people aren't giving me the same time and respect I'm giving them. I was going for the "this isn't worth entertaining and you're being vile" vibe because that's what it deserved. If I didn't violate ToS I'll count this as a success in my writing ability (which I actually am working on, along with a speech pathologist through Veteran Affairs so I can start talking about my experiences easier : D)

    The member we're discussing mentioned that "this is a debate forum" but it is definitely not. It's a discussion forum, meant to build people up and discuss things from a martial artist's point of view. That's what I understand when I google "Martial Arts Planet" and read the description. That's definitely not the vibe this individual gives off when they come around nitpicking at every little detail in every conversation I seem to be a part of in MAP, that always goes down the "I suspect you're alt right and I'm going to prove it!" It's vile. It's disgusting. It's enraging. He probably doesn't even know he does it because he's so deep in whatever groups that all agree with his opinions that he has to make sure he proselytizes to the rest of us heathens because it's of dire importance to lead us from the cave into his cave that's not even past the fire and out the exit, it's just adjacent to the one we're all currently trapped in.

    I don't intend on escalating. I meant what I said, and I still mean it a day or so later. If my approach to this isn't ok, meaning how I choose to engage with somebody doesn't fit what I believe is an ambiguous definition of "friendly," then I need to know so I can find another medium to engage with people to work on my writing/speaking skills. I'm not a fan of not being treated like a responsible individual, and this reprimand feels like that. Are we not allowed to be snippy for the sake of driving home a point with an emotional factor? We remember things best through emotion, and especially through uncomfortable emotions. If the individual in question continued to appear from this point on doing the same sort of tactics I would know to file them into the "narcissist or insecure male needing to prove worth" and engage them appropriately. If they went, "whoa, alright, let me leave this guy be because clearly they're being hostile towards me specifically so maybe I'm doing something to agitate them" then there's still a chance we can be friends! Especially if next time they do engage with me there seems to be some actual effort to see me as an equal and not the "filthy other."

    What would be your recommendation here?
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    Mod note: Ero, what I mean by friendly is stick to attacking the position and not the person posting. For example: Hence, "that is a dumb statement" is ok, but "you are an idiot" is not. One is heated discussion. the other is a personal attack.

    Specifically here, I asked for people to take a breath before after reading "shut up" in a post. And because of the tone of posts by other members was heading this way as well -towards personal. I was just trying to steer the conversation back to the topic and not continuing down the path of getting personal. It wasn't over the bounds, yet, but borderline. I also tried to keep names out of it to just have everyone take a breather as the conversation continued.

    Also, if you have had problems with something or someone on MAP, I wish you had discussed it with us before it got to the point of saying you might leave.

    You are a valued member here. If you are having issues with other posters, please PM a mod, or better yet, list owner Mitch. I think there have been plenty of heated debates that have gone on here without mod intervention by me or any other mod.

    But I have submitted your post for discussion by the mod team. Your, and any other members, input is valued and your concerns overall WILL be discussed. Also, No mod is past review. If I have overstepped my bounds, they will let me know. I am for sure not perfect, Just be patient, there is a big time difference between where all the mods live and we all are busy working and doing our martial arts and other things, so conversation takes time.

    Please feel free to continue this discussion with me and/ or other mods via PM ok? Also, this goes for anyone else. Please contact any member of the Mod team with any concerns. In particular, if you have an issue with me or any other mod, contact listowner Mitch vis PM.
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  16. Dead_pool

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    I'm gonna step out of this now, this is obviously not a good time.

    Ero Im not your enemy, I'm just discussing a topic, I'm definitely not an authority on anything, however I do train in a MMA gym, I have done for over 15 years.

    This is me logging off for a bit, I hope you feel better soon, and if it helps I won't enguage with any of your posts in future.

    Take care man.
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    Right , as another mod.
    I can see completely where aradia was coming from with her request to calm things down , and to reiterate her point , it’s always better to challenge the the point of view/argument than go straight at the poster , so when we see posters telling others to straight “shut up” it will always raise alarm bells and often a mod request as aradia made.
    That said , I can see @Ero-Sennin point about the difference between discussion and debate , I sometimes feel people can get so hung up on being right they fall into more of a debating style of posting where there almost has to be a winner and loser and lose sight of what I believe map was created for , which is somewhere people can come to discuss differences of opinion (mainly about martial arts) and hopefully come to a mutual understanding.
    Now , this doesn’t mean that blatant stupidity/charlatans can’t be robustly called out , or that no one is allowed to disagree with each other , just that we would ask you to do it respectfully , maybe question if you would talk to that person that way face to face ?
    As a final note , can I point out that it’s been a difficult 18 months or so for the whole world , and I’m noticing how people’s tempers/tolerance seem to be reflecting this in the real world with being unable to see loved ones , not being able to do the things they want to , and obviously the many losses people have suffered , add to this the day to day stresses of life and some of the other things going on around the world right now and we end up with people butting heads as has happened here.
    I’ll leave it at that , but as always , anybody needs/wants to talk I’m always open to a dm, if anybody feels a post is out of line report it .
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    Why? What's happened? Did I miss something!? :)
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    No map meet ;)
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  20. cloudz

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    ok, cool
    How would you categorise information?

    I read somewhere that a full zip drive weighs the same as an empty one.
    Our heads are fairly full of it, for example, but when you're not calling on it, it has no materiality to speak of.

    Then there's the information the universe runs on, like the laws of nature.
    When we drop stones into water the ripple effect is circular; why isn't it a triangle or any random shape each time.
    These recurring patterns and axioms; where are they hiding out exactly.

    Where's the big server with all the code at? :D

    So coming back to dark energy, for example, we think of it as this force that's speeding up the expansion of the universe. Our condition and experience in the world tell us that for anything to be - for us to recognise something as being, well, something. We have to be able to recognise it in some material way. Things we can see, feel, measure - you get the idea.

    In this case, couldn't it be that 'dark matter' is not a material force but an axiom or just some rule (information) that effects the rate of expansion, of the universe, to the effect of speeding it up.

    As for consciousness and the material world - telekinesis aside (lol). Taking a step back, I'd say it can shape the material world and more so our experience of it. You wouldn't see any buildings or cars if they hadn't jumped out of someones consciousness at some point.
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