why do you put disabled people down?

Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by matbla, Jun 14, 2006.

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    Kelly Josh .. I have just read that thread and I find it appalling and offensive.
    the young man obviously has developmental issues and is an insensitive assnine idiot.
    Needless to say anyone who wishes to train in MA should do so , we all have our limitations and to me MA is not about how I have done compared to anyone else but how I have developed / progressed as a person within my chosen field.
    I pose a single question ...who is normal ?
    We are all different that is what makes us human and not the product of a production line .
    Be happy seek to improve and train hard.

    Smurf :D
  3. matbla

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    thank you all iam taking a tkd class with handicaps it is great,
    i love doing tkd with them they do not make fun of me frommatt blake
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    Matt ....do your thing and be happy

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    I don't know why but this had me in stitches: I looked at the profile of that guy who posted the abusive comments, and under his 'interests' he listed; "Anti-Semitism & Technology".

    That is just fricking hilarious.

    Edit - have you seen his website? it's just crazy. He's all white power and that but he also seems to idolize Tupac Shakur...? He has also written a manifesto based on Tupac's idea of 'Thug Life'.
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  7. koyo

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    Handycapped people do not choose to be so. This brain donor chooses to be as he is!!!
    Knocked down 8 times get up 9 is a favourite saying of mine. This attitude has helped me in martial arts training. could I do it every day. I would like to think I could find the strength.
    The sooner Tyranos are extinct the better.

    Best wishes Mat

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  8. matbla

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    you too take care you reply is great
  9. Moony

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    Ugghhh.......Tyrano looks like some chavved up little ****.

    Ignore people like that. People like that don't understand what things are like for people with any kind of disability. I'm Dyslexic so nothing obvious in terms of how people see me but there's still a lot of ignorance out there that i have to work against.

    And i like what someone said in that thread about the only truely disabled people are those with that sort of attitude.
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    Why was this thread bumped with an off topic post?
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    i thought they were taken to the vets to be put down!!

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    Seemed reasonably on topic to me... (ie. look at the immediate post before from Jun '06).
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    Hmm, the link to that thread doesn't work for me, but that guy sounds like a *****. Don't let that guy give you the wrong impression though. I've been lurking around on here for a few days while I was waiting to get my account authorized and it seemed to me that most of MAP's users are pretty cool. :)
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    copy and paste it.. it will work then.. he doesnt really say anything overtly offensive, but his ideas are VERY OFFENSIVE..
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    Stupidity Is Permanent

    Ignorance is temporary. Stupidity is permanent. That guy doesn't deserve our time or attention.
  16. Light123

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    Just let somebody get their butt kicked for overconfidence.
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    what?.........have a good week
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    ????? :confused: :(
  20. bcullen

    bcullen They are all perfect.

    He's mentally and emotionally disabled, Matt, and yeah it is pretty sad.

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