Why am I not Serious anymore?

Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by Perplexion, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. Perplexion

    Perplexion Valued Member

    I just cannot take my training seriously anymore and would rather spend my time sleeping. It just seems like to me as quitting the wheel for a hampster. Just don't appear religeous anymore. I do not know what I am asking for. Suppose do I just need a reality for that stuff? I want to keep going but just can't make sense.
  2. righty

    righty Valued Member

    To be honest it actually sounds a bit worrying.

    You could try something a bit different such as another art or a different sport altogether. Or the fact that you are always sleepy could mean that you are burnt out or have other stresses affecting you.it is sometimes not hard to lose your passion something but it can be important to replace it with something else otherwise what you going to do instead except stay indoors and sleep under your blankets.

    What can be important is trying to define what is that has changed. As your training changed or have you changed?

    Not trying to worry you or anything but lack of enjoyment the something you normally have passion for as well as excessive sleepiness are signs of depression so please be aware of this and seek help if you need it.
  3. Perplexion

    Perplexion Valued Member

    To righty. I have other line if defenses and probably a little too physically confident. If I get annaihalated, my first quote to myself would be- "Did,nt think that would happen." I am not a Ring-Fighter but am Confident enough to travel to the Destination. No! Not the ring. Perhaps to say, "to the Bank or Supermarket". You are right about other Interests, I do have them. Maybe I just don't have that physical-fear anymore to drive. I am not very frightened by too many Hoolagans. I will respond if you respond.
  4. Lockjaw

    Lockjaw Killing you softly

    When people begin to study the martial arts they often find the thrill of training far exceeds their expectations. But, what about down the road when they've been training for many months or years?
    How do you maintain momentum in an activity that requires a commitment for the long haul to truly find its benefits?

    Martial arts burn out is the flip side to the enthusiasm often shown by the beginner.
    Burn out robs too many promising martial artists of the lifetime benefits of martial arts training. Often they quit because they no longer feel the fire they felt earlier in their training. How do you avoid burn out?

    Well, one solution is to take a break. Whether it's in the work world or in school, most people take a vacation--a time to recharge the batteries, get a fresh perspective, and a chance to return to training with renewed vigor.
    Note, I said "return to training." Too many people push themselves hard in the martial arts, only to take a break and never return. A month off becomes a year or years and soon they've lost the conditioning, the technique, and forgotten the patterns they've spent years learning.

    How do you avoid this? It's simple. When you take your martial arts vacation set a date that you will resume training. Whether it's a vacation from work or school, you know the date you resume your activity; be it a vacation of two weeks, a month, or all summer. The secret to taking a martial arts vacation is to do the same thing and set a time limit in advance so that you don't lose your focus. Write down a date on a calendar to resume training and stick to it.
    Let yourself relax, but when that date comes get back to training. No excuse, and no delays.
    That way your martial arts vacation can serve its purpose-letting you recharge.

    The martial arts offer you a gift that reveals itself over a lifetime. Here's to a lifetime of commitment to find its unique benefits!
  5. Perplexion

    Perplexion Valued Member

    Martial Arts was never "Martial Arts" for me. I started for real danger. It is that I cannot get "Scared" enough to keep going. With a couple of "Physical" encounters, I have over 20 years under my belt. Mostly conspiracies. I am watched even by the Government as a Organized-Crime but have no gang and law-abiding. The eye is the strange phenomena that occurs when approached. They suspect ninjitsu but I am not affiliated. Just want too be scared again. Do you have any ideas.
  6. CrowZer0

    CrowZer0 Assume formlessness.

    Are you saying you are Yakuza, or afraid of the Yakuza?
  7. Perplexion

    Perplexion Valued Member

    Sorry, but I think I just got motivated. Some "Lua" Army is approaching! I guess I don't have to sleep anymore. Check to see if I am still alive now and then. By the way, The fastest people I have ever seen is them Shaolin monks. I wonder why they do not star in movies. They are faster than Jet Li, Bruce Lee and all them visible folks. Check You-Tube- Shaolin Warrior Training , Time- 1:30:25.
  8. Perplexion

    Perplexion Valued Member

    No, I am not Yakuza. They want to get in or to say I appear to be cool with my Life-Span. I am kind of an envy. If you see around about me in this Website. I claim to be a King of a Hill. Just a king of a hill. I am very unpopular, but been around forever. Even in my sleep things occur. To ordinary citizens they fear I am a Bad role-model.
  9. Perplexion

    Perplexion Valued Member

    To exit this conversation, let me finish. I know no laws, but just know them just like any person with common sense does. I do not follow righteousness. I do not commit crimes. I do some sins but Legal, Scientifically-Atheistically acceptable. Church members may disagree. What you can say is that the Organized Crime is by those who portray themselves as Saints. There is a Contest going on. I live my life as simple as a monk but just not as Straight as one. I like a little entertainment.
  10. Constant Flux

    Constant Flux Valued Member

    Thanks for clarifying.
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  11. mattt

    mattt Valued Member

    Welcome to MAP! You'll fit right in here.
  12. gapjumper

    gapjumper Intentionally left blank

    Has someone spiked my drink?
  13. righty

    righty Valued Member

    I take back my original advice as I now realise I have no idea what is going on. I'm going to say I tried.
  14. Count Duckula

    Count Duckula Valued Member

    Not yours; His.
  15. marinevet63031

    marinevet63031 Hapkido/Koryo Gumdo/TKD

    Hi Perplexion, welcome to MAP. We would like to hear more of your exciting lifestyle if you can share.
  16. Instructor_Jon

    Instructor_Jon Effectiveness First

  17. AndrewTheAndroid

    AndrewTheAndroid A hero for fun.

    Why is this in the Disabled Martial Artists section?
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  18. marinevet63031

    marinevet63031 Hapkido/Koryo Gumdo/TKD

    Mr. Panda,
    Let me be frank with you sir........I have no idea where this fellow came from. I do know it was an interesting sequencing of posts this gentleman made.
  19. Count Duckula

    Count Duckula Valued Member

    Because the OP is clearly impaired?
  20. Dao

    Dao Valued Member

    The OP's story sounds a lot like my own... only completely mental!

    Hope you get whatever help it is you need.

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