Who takes Kempo?

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Bellator Manus, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. Bluesash

    Bluesash New Member

    Bob White KS

    American Kenpo, With Mr. Bob White
  2. Pacificshore

    Pacificshore Hit n RUN!

    United Studios of Self Defense......Demasco(Eastcoast) or Mattera(Westcoast)
  3. flyingleopard

    flyingleopard New Member

    Sorry to hear that.
    Ask your master who fred villari is.
  4. GeeniusAtWurk

    GeeniusAtWurk Valued Member

    I used to do USSD when I was waaay young, but I have learned from my mistakes. oddly enough, driving home I saw signs of a USSD pool party being held in my neighborhood. I know now it's a McDojo, but i'm interested in who fred villari is. Is that available from Bullshido?
  5. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

  6. GeeniusAtWurk

    GeeniusAtWurk Valued Member

  7. niclans

    niclans Valued Member

    Another kenshi of Shorinji Kempo yeah!!
  8. MajesticB

    MajesticB New Member

    Well I used to take Shaolin Kempo. Then they changed the name to something like Goryuu Kempo or something like that, I quit a couple years ago, but yeah, didn't notice much of a difference after the name-change. Anybody know what Goryuu is? I remember them saying something like "Five Dragons" or whatever, dont quite remember.

    UPDATE: Well, Goryuu I found means "Five Dragons" (of course I don't know what language it is in). And the Five Dragons represent 5 different fighting ranges: Weapons, Kicking, Punching, Clinching/Felling, Ground Grappling. As I do remember, my class was a very well rounded class, taking these 5 ranges into account.
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  9. Doc C.

    Doc C. Valued Member

    Sorry that's not Parker kenpo. That's Sullivan Kenpo.
  10. dianhsuhe

    dianhsuhe Co-Founder: Glow-Do


    Kara-Ho Kempo
  11. Justin M

    Justin M New Member

    I study American Kenpo.
  12. GeeMac

    GeeMac Valued Member

    RyuKyu Kempo here.
  13. RussianKenpo05

    RussianKenpo05 Valued Member

    shaolin kenpo, castro lineage
  14. Tsumetai

    Tsumetai Banned Banned

    I study Tracy's Kempo and Ed Parker American Kempo Karate, however my studies are focused primarily in JKD.
  15. Red J

    Red J New Member

    Shaolin Kempo, Villari Lineage
  16. MonsterOnJuice

    MonsterOnJuice New Member

    I take tracys kenpo karate... been taking it for 6 years... I enjoy it, moving to China thought o study sanda na
  17. linnypin

    linnypin New Member

    Tracey's Kenpo - took it for about six months about 15 years ago and just got back into it about a year ago.
  18. bill007

    bill007 New Member

    Shaolin Kempo under Master Roger Lavoie from 1992 to 95 or 96 don't remember exactly, attained brown stripe green belt.

    Kenpo in Masters of Self-Defense Centers under Sensei Nathalie Paradis & Gregory Young from 1997 to 1999 / Sensei Danny Masson & Patrick Brochu from 1999 to 2001 / Sifu Marlon Wilson in 2003 attained 3rd degree brown belt.

    Now starting American Kenpo in the WKKA under Sensei Yannick Grenon.

    Some try in other Martial arts before I found Kenpo/Kempo like what they called combat Kung-fu from a guy called Mr. Leboeuf (never get back to that school) and Karate Samourai I think it was in fact Shotokan for two months under Nohair Bouchard & Master Roger Lesourd.


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