Who is more violent? British or American

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    Anne Coulter is a bigot and always has been. Both against people with developmental disabilities (see her refusal to back down from using the r-word as an insult) and against black people (see her book Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama).

    The summary of Mugged's thesis from Amazon.com:

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    What an odd question.
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    What an odd statement to revive a two year old thread :p
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    Everyone is an individual.

    A loaded question to say the least, and statistics be damned. There is the potential for violence in all people and how or if that's ever brought to the surface depends on an innumerable amount of extenuating circumstance, culture being only one of them.

    Even then, both countries are not mono-cultures on to themselves so even that is a breaking grading curve.
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    To have the general idea you would have to use different data not only FBI's reporting on this subjct. In my humble opinion, considering the number of mass shootings in the US that country is way more violent than England.
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