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Discussion in 'Silat' started by ptkali778, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. ptkali778

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    hi guys! any one of you guys heard of white monkey style of silat? heard this from one of my co-worker. i was wondering if you guys can give me more info about this. apparently it is from borneo. well my co-worker is from borneo, so i pressume it is from there, and of course white monkey is the english translation of it. Any clue? any input?

    thanks a bunch! :D
  2. Kareema

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    Salaams everyone, and Ramadan Mubarak to my Muslim Brothers and Sisters :Angel:

    PTK, the "White Monkey" style is pretty ubiquitous throughout Southeast Asia (all of Asia actually.) Pak Kiai Carita can probably tell us more, but I think it all goes back to Hanuman (Anoman) who is even found in my native Trinidad.

    Any culture that studies the Ramayana is bound to have some form of martial arts practice, and chances are many of the techniques will be named for or after Hanuman. What say you, Pak Kiai?

    Well, enough 'Monkey Business' for today :D

  3. SilatSeeker

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    I'm white... and my silat instructor says I move like a wild monkey in a cage instead of a silat player...

    Perhaps this style would be perfect for me.

    Oh, there's a Chinese system called Tong Bei Quan that is based on the white ape I believe. It's an internal style primarily. Perhaps it traveled?
  4. Kempo Fighter

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    I stumbled upon this thread by accident, seeing as how im ignorant of most things silat, (just to let youk now) But I loved reading the Ramayana, & also know a bit about Tong Bei.

    Looking about the information about "White Ape" It seems to me that the movements and the economy of strikes are not similar to Tong Bei, I dont believe its traveled.

    Secondly, maybe its just because im functionally retarded, but I thought Tong Bei was the Mandarin Duck style? I have a 95% feeling that im very wrong. But Im still just wondering, because I heard from a credible source that its Mandarin Duck, not White Ape, or maybe its integrated both.


    Just my thoughts.
  5. RedBagani

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    Borneo is such a large place. there is the Malaysian side, the Indonenesian side and the Brunei Sultanate. I could ask around but it would help if you are more specific. Exactly where did your co-worker come from? I have been to Sabah, Brunei and Sarawak, and the only time i heard of the term "White Ape", it wasn't in reference to Silat or martial arts.
  6. ptkali778

    ptkali778 Valued Member

    k i'll ask again when i see him...for the record i think he said white monkey......not white ape.
  7. Kiai Carita

    Kiai Carita Banned Banned

    Kera Putih

    I am vaguely aware of a silat school called Kera Putih (white mokey -ape in Indonesian languages there is no difference) somewhere in Surabaya. I don't know wheter it is a 'traditional' school or a 'modern' school or wheter it is indigenous or Chinese or Japanese influenced.

    In the city of Madiun, Jawa, home of Setia Hati Terate there is a (newish) school called Kera Sakti (Powerful Monkey) and it is Chinese based. I would guess that Kera Putih would be the name of a school rather than a style and the style might be kera (monyet) ... Hanuman dancers often are also silat players as a good Hanuman performance must involve monkey-batics but I am not aware of Hanuman style of martial arts.

    To find out more I would suggest you join O'ong Maryono's KPS Nusantara web-forum as I think he is the most accessable silat expert who has a broad enough knowledge to answer your question.

    Warm salaams to all,

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