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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by M@Robson, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. M@Robson

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    i have done my white belt grading in Hop Kuin Do YAY! i feel it went fine, was knacked and put my heart and sole into it. thing is they wouldn't tell us the result for two weeks, which doesn't bother me that much teaches a bit of discipline however, what does bother me is that someone asked about the grading results this week and guess what they have put it back another week ggggrrrrr. i just want to know, iv been waiting 3 weeks now. do any other clubs do this kind of thing?
  2. relish

    relish Valued Member

    Hmm my club (PKA) lets you know a week after, unless there's some unforseen problem. But I guess it does teach discipline, bit harsh on you though :rolleyes: Good luck mate I'm sure you passed!
  3. Hiroji

    Hiroji laugh often, love much

    That is just stupid! it wouldnt teach me discipline, just how to become more and more impatient!. If you have passed, youve passed, why wait to tell people?. Why have they put it back another week? they will have forgotten how well you did by the time they get round to deciding!.

    Ive heard about clubs waiting a week before finding out, which is silly, but 3 weeks or even 2 is just taking the michel schumacher :eek:
  4. relish

    relish Valued Member

    Well actually yer you've got a good point! My club only trains twice a week and one is invite only so they have to wait a week to make sure everyone's there! I only meant discipline as in when your told it's going to be two weeks don't go pestering after one, but then again everyone wants to find out how they did. BTW I think we also wait a week so the belts can be delivered through the post lol. What club do you train under?
  5. seyah

    seyah Valued Member

    My lot know on the day, no waiting around certificates are done in advance and should a student pass the certificate is dated, signed and given if they don't pass the cert goes back in the folder.

    As for the waiting for belts to arrive point! Why do you have to wait? I order belts in advance because I and my association will only ever put a student through a grade if we are confident a student can pass If they fail then it is used as a pointer for the students regrade which there is no charge.

    What I worry about is that you have had to grade too WHITE BELT! 99% 0f clubs / associations automaticaly start students at white belt as thats what come with traditional suits. My lot only wear a belt after they do the first grading i.e. yellow belt the lack of a belt depicts white belt level.

    The other 1% of clubs who insist on students grading to white belt are usually more money orientated which I totaly disagre with.
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  6. kickboxking1980

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    speaking as an instructor

    There might be a clever answer from the instructors point of view here. If a student has worked really hard to prepare and then take his or her grade they may after such hard work feel that they are entitled to a break or a mini holiday. By delaying the grade result they have to keep attending to see if they have been successful or not. This keeps his numbers up in his class. This is certainly the case in my club although i give results out on the same day as the grading or the next class that they attend,
  7. M@Robson

    M@Robson New Member

    I thought it might take two weeks to register it with WUMA?? as were affiliated with them im not totaly sure why its two weeks but its is. you start as a beginner then you have to grade to get white and then on from there. with any luck i will know tomorrow :) only time will tell
  8. seyah

    seyah Valued Member

    So it takes two weeks to register but why should it also take so long for you to be told???? Your instructor and or Association leaders will know how you did on the day im assuming? ( how many graded with you?) If there where 30 or more I could understand it taking a few days to work out all the scores and if you graded in front of your instructor i'd have expected you to have been told at least by the next lesson.

    In most clubs the white belt "IS" the beginners level I hate it when clubs make students grade to white belt Grrrrrrr!

    Anyway hope you've passed but I don't see why you shouldnt have.
  9. M@Robson

    M@Robson New Member

    there were about 15 maybe 20 of us grading, doing various grades, we had 4 blackbelts sat in on it. i dont know why its two weeks, maybe when i get told i will ask him, then i wont get put back again!! regardless of the way he does it its a good club and a fun to train so im not complaining, would be nice to know tho. will let you know tonight if i get it. im sure i have as last week he tought me some sruff for yellow belt :rolleyes:
  10. M@Robson

    M@Robson New Member

    GRRR iv just got back from my session and guess what i still don't know if i have got my white belt, this is getting silly now. I'm told someone asked on the Thursday session. this sounds odd but bare with me, I'm not that bothered how long it takes i just want to know. say at the end he said "yes/no" then it took 2-3 weeks to get belt certs etc i wouldn't care. i just want to know. patience is a virtue!!! did some more techniques toward yellow belt tonight tho, learn a new self defence combo, punch routine and blocks, so at least I'm not being held back.

    JABS HANA Valued Member

    M@, How much do you pay for your lessons/grading? I noticed that prostyle run a club in Leighton Buzzard and am thinking about coming along to try out kickboxing, Is that where you train?

    I downloaded the application form from the website and there is a line asking if you promise to stay loyal to our club. Does anyone know what they mean by this? I also train in TKD and am looking to do kickboxing for some cross training and extra sparring practise. Good luck with your grading hope you get your results soon
  12. M@Robson

    M@Robson New Member

    no i train at Flitwick but its all part of the same club, its £5 a lesson but they prefer a month at a time. the story i was told about the staying loyal is that they had a load of lads come down then after a while they went out looking for fight and got the club in alot of trouble, its more that you will respect what you learn and not abuse it.

    I actually cant remember how much the grading was :bang: sorry.
  13. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    Seyah me old pal!
    Now agree with some points and disagree with others.
    Now I agree with this waiting for weeks until you know wether you have passed or not.
    Now waiting for while they work out your score thats ok but you should know wether you have passed or not.

    Now White belt grading.
    In karate the white belt is given to hold your Gi pants up. In many kickboxing systems the White belt is a genuine first grade. Examples:
    Deadly Dickers WUMA use White belt as the first grade.

    The ECKA have Red belt then White belt.
    Countless world and european champions in Full contact/low kick kickboxing (and even a few in thaiboxing/k-1) have been produced by the ECKA based syllabus.
    Now many associations such as Paul Henessey's RCSU (the UK branch of WAKO Pro & ISKA) and the WKA all use a similar syllabus to the ECKA and they have now started with White Belt then go onto Red Belt.

    Now call them money orientated if you like, but in my opinion the most credible grading syllabuses in kickboxing to me are those that stem from an ECKA syllabus.
    Names such as Paul Henessey, Dev Barret, Kash Gill, Howard Brown , Ray Hoffman ,... etc they were the pioneers of modern british kickboxing in my opinion.
  14. M@Robson

    M@Robson New Member

    Yes i study Hop Kuin Do AKA Richard "Deadly Dicker" Hopkins art.
  15. seyah

    seyah Valued Member

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm OK! :) :) :) Some do agreed that was naughty of me slap my wrists. I still say though that if a white belt comes pre packed with a suit as they do then to expect a person to pay to earn that belt which was paid for with the suit is a no no better then to grade them to white belt free of charge. Just my thoughts :rolleyes:
  16. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    what if the belt is NOT offered with any "suit".

    Example many kickboxing clubs simply have a club T shirt with Full contact bottoms/Thai shorts.
    Then to earn your first belt, you pay your fee and take your grading.
    Just a different way of doing things.

    Like i said, ECKA do RED first then White 2nd.,
  17. seyah

    seyah Valued Member

    Yes I ment to edit the post I was thinking in traditional karate mode forgetting about the kickboxing and as my kickboxers don't get a white belt for that reason I should have thought befor posting that crap, AND I CONCEED on this................

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