Which Youtube Chanel do you watch?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by AndrewTheAndroid, Aug 11, 2015.

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    In addition to many of those mentioned, I've gotta pimp my coach's site, mostly for boxing, submissions, and conditioning:


    I also really like Damage Control MMA:


    I don't hit up Funker Tactical all that much, but I like what I've seen from it. Mostly for FMA/SD stuff:


    For Western wrestling, there's Cary Kolat:


    ...and Jason Layton:


    For striking analysis, there's Jack Slack (TWO channels, for whatever reason):



    ...and Lawrence Kenshin:

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    I've been watching a few different bits and bobs on youtube recently, and thought I'd share here.

    Sensei Seth is one I've meandered through a few videos from. This is a nice example, I like it because it's sparring with a few friends/students, doesn't take itself too seriously and doesn't pretend to be World Champions in superhuman action, whilst still being decent work. KARATE VS KICKBOXING?! Sparring Icy Mike and HIS STUDENTS | Hard2Hurt - YouTube

    What have you got MAP?
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    These aren't all martial arts related but all are worthwhile...

    Practicalkatabunkai/Iain Abernethy (the man!)
    Jesse Enkamp/Karate Nerd (great info and take on holistic martial arts)
    Lawrence Kenshin (brilliant breakdowns)
    Jack Slack (second best fight analyst in the game...funniest at the very least)
    Natto Sumo (great sumo highlights every basho but NHK keep trying to take him down IIRC so has also been known as Sumo Natto)
    Chris Sumo (great sumo breakdowns, behind the scenes and cultural context)
    Tom Merrick (great body weight exercise stuff with excellent follow alongs and beginner routines)
    Red Letter Media (funniest youtube channel who also review films)
    Kuro-obi world (good exploration of karate and wider martial arts)
    Shredded Sports Science (funny and informative)
    Sci-man Dan (science de-bunker man...also does marathon/running vids)
    The Tank Museum (Tanks...what's not to like?)
    Wylie’s Art and Science of Boxing (the best fight analyst but doesn't post vids often...hell of a back catalogue to go through though)
    Rummy's Corner (great boxing breakdowns and a great accent too!)
    Bill McClintok (the best music mashups)
    GingerNinjaTrickster (funny, impressive, helluva kicker)
    Van Roon martial arts (not a lot of vids but the one's he's done I'd say are TKD must watches)
    Rick Beato (the best music breakdown man on youtube)
    Gabriel Varga (excellent martial arts advice, breakdowns and analysis from someone who has very much walked the walk and still is walking the walk...this man beat Lerdsila!)
    BT sport (get UFC highlights up very quickly)

    There are probably more but that lot will keep you busy.
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    Another one I've enjoyed has been a Shotokan Sensei training in various other styles, and visiting Okinawa.

    Karate Dojo waKu - YouTube
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    Hard2Hurt, Icy Mike's channel, is the only one I watch with any regularity, mainly because it's quite funny. He's got a good breadth of background, from TMA to sport standup to beat cop to SWAT, but he is unashamedly amateur when it comes to MA. Generally sensible stuff, but when I disagree with him I still appreciate the arguments he gives.

    I can't link to any of it, because he always swears. :D
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    The recent one where Mike and Sensei Seth broke down which animals they could beat in a fight was brilliant.
    There are some clueless people around. Something like 8% thought they could beat a bear in a fight! :)
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    Sifu Kuttel has several Youtube channels that have been very helpful to my training over the years.

    Sometimes he demonstrates forms, often out in beautiful natural surroundings. But mostly he just breaks down specific moves in short tutorials. He also has things like stretching tutorials. Just chock full of good stuff!

    His original channel.

    His current CLF channel.

    This is his latest. He used to put his CLF and TCC in one channel, but now he has a channel devoted to TCC only.
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    Master Wong ;)

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