Which Weapon to Carry for Self Defence

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by SWC Sifu Ben, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Rataca100

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    Depends on location for knives really, but either way they dont really announce they have a 3inch or below non-lockable folding knife on them.

    How common is the loosing of the blade and where does it usually happen? Would like to read some news stories on that one. :p

    the point for the cane is they know its a weapon after you have beaten off the Ruffian in question and as far as the police are concerned its a just a heavy cane. ;) Wouldnt raise a eyebrow unless the person held it and liked weapons themselves. (apart from it not being a fashion item by many people anymore in the U.K and you look kind fo stupid with outdated fashion sometimes)

    To not sound obvious but to make the point i do know using a weapon opens up the lethal force factor and using a knife should be used as such and has no real alternative past intimidation to scare someone off. A stick could be used for joint locking someone if you know how so its less lethal than a knife. Feel like i need to make the point.

    Its not the best weapon but the point would be you have it out and ready to go prior to getting assaulted by Ruffians. The only time i have seen a weapon as acceptable to use is at your dwelling or in the case of the person having one. Its much better practice if you have a fixed bladed one though. Kind of why those ones you need a reason to carry as opposed to Swiss army knives or Spyderco grasshoppers.
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    You are making a LOT of assumptions about something you cannot actually do - try actually training first and THEN draw conclusions

    Same with your self defense concepts and law - you are making a lot of erroneous assumptions
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    Well i know for a FACT its legal to carry a non-lockable blade no longer than 3 inches in England. As for the intricacies of everything else in a legal peerspective ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    What do you mean by "making a LOT of assumptions about something you cannot actually do"?
  4. David Harrison

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    It isn't as simple as that.

    - http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/l_to_o/offensive_weapons_knives_bladed_and_pointed_articles/

    So, taking a random example, if someone was shown to have previously stated on a public internet forum that they have intent to harm ruffians with their non-locking knife with a blade under 3" in length, then it ceases to become lawful to carry it in public. ;)
  5. Rataca100

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    Funnily enough, i never did look up their website. :p

    [edit:] Figure i should post this assuming it has not all ready: https://www.gov.uk/buying-carrying-knives

    Also, if the Ruffians attack me i have intent to harm them, so my case is still solid. ;) (might get back to you when i read through this)

    Im blind, i didn't see the cite of the act.XD
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  6. Hannibal

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    These are the three criteria for a weapon

    This does not even begin to touch upon Scalability, UoF, reasonable response etc...
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    Fair dos, no real argument left on the matter.
  8. Rataca100

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    Sorry for the double post but i think i left my cane point under explained.

    Some of us should be aware that walking sticks used to be a fashion item alongside being used by people who need assistance with walking. Since you basically have a weapon in your hands already for either purpose or fashion providing it has some heft and build quality to it. (applies to umbrellas as well) I found a video which goes into canes which were made more hitty by design but dont look like they detract from the original purpose of either being a fashion item or assisting in walking. The walking stick is perfect if you actually need it to walk.


    ^video in question, as you can see from the examples they don't look that menacing and could easily be dismissed. At 3:30 was the one i was referring to when i mentioned a metal insert inside a walking stick. I was not referencing a sword inside a cane though.

    Sorry to semi derail it into a legal discussion to little end.
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  9. Pretty In Pink

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  10. Hannibal

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    They aren't

    I like guns, I've used them lots and I own several but a gun is pretty much kill only - there is no other option with it. They jam, they need loading, they need a clean line of sight and there is considerably high potential for collateral damage
  11. Southpaw535

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    Depends really. If you have fair warning and a lot of distance then cracking. And enough people do seem to use guns to defend themselves that you can't write it off. I do think guns are even worse than knives for breeding complacency in people though. Just on MAP we've had s many people basically say "I've got my gun, I'm fine." Because guns are so high on like the power chart it seems to breed an air of gun>all. First, that always makes me want to share the 21 foot rule video, but it also ignores the other stuff in real fights.

    Can you draw it in time? This is my big problem with handbag guns and seeing a few women on forums be very complacent about safety because they have a gun in their bag thinking it'll help when most women can't seem to find their purse at the till, yet alone grab a small pistol in a blind panic.

    And panic is the other one. I remember a thread after the Aurora shooting where someone was saying it never would have happened if one of the movie goers was a concealed carry person and it was like so the average Joe chilling in the cinema with his family excited for a movie, suddenly smoke grenades go off and someone with body armour and an assault rifle opens up and you're going to become rambo? Nope, you're going to crap yourself and run, or you're going to try and probably miss.

    For him that's probably not a big deal because he's been a soldier he's used to using one under pressure but as self defence advice I always think "buy a gun" is a very simplistic answer. Whether its the best weapon for it I don't really know. I feel like if I was that worried about being jumped I'd rather have a knife but we don't have guns to worry about so who knows.
  12. Pretty In Pink

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    That's pretty much what I said to the guy who shared it.
  13. Hannibal

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    You own guns? cool! LOL
  14. Hannibal

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    I own a Glock 22, SVT-40, S&W 686 and a rather powerful .77 airgun (no really, it punches through steel plates and is my "survival" gun)

    If anyone broke into my house and I needed to deploy a weapon it would either be my warhammer or a machete
  15. aikiMac

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    Agreed. I'm mostly Libertarian so I'm 100% pro-gun, but many years back I made the conscious decision that having a gun isn't always the right answer, and at this stage of my life it's not the right answer for me. What you have there are most of the considerations I ticked off in my own mind.

    That last one has three parts for me. First, curious children in the home ... and we know how that ends. Second, being that I'm a city dweller, there's a serious chance of my stray bullets hitting my innocent neighbor, and I don't want that guilt, either. Third, it's like any other kung fu skill -- unless I practice regularly I won't be much help when the day comes that I actually have to pull the trigger. I just don't see myself practicing regularly, and that means I'm going to miss, and we don't know what I'll actually hit.

    I love machetes. :love:
    Kali sticks and KaBar knife for me. I used to have a Cold Steel folder but sadly lost it on a camping trip! :cry:
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  16. Thomas

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    In my opinion, the biggest problem with a 'gun' for self defense is that it really can limit your options. If I carry a gun, then I have to know that if I draw then, then I must be ready to use it; if I use it, then someone may die. That's a heavy load to carry.

    I would prefer to trust in my powers of awareness and avoidance to be able to never get in that situation. For situations that go beyond that, I prefer to train (and have available) basic stick and cane techniques. I see those as more legally defensible and easiest to have one available. The legal considerations are not as stringent either.

    I am not 'anti-gun' (and actually support private ownership), but carrying one for 'self defense' is a very serious thing.
  17. philosoraptor

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    Has the faithful zweihander been mentioned? I think you can conceal carry it if you put an outdoor umbrella on the top of it.
  18. Rataca100

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    Carry a gun and what ever else with you. Guns don't have much utility anyway if you want a EDC thing. Doesn't hurt to have a pistol on you and/or a shotgun/rifle in a car. If you ever get into accident or breakdown in the wilderness away from humans and you need to protect yourself from animals there you go. If you can carry that is. Nothing says you can't carry multiple items for self-defence/EDC. (plus i don't think people consider animals much in SD for the countries with a lot of dangerous wildlife)

    As the saying goes, "better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it"
  19. aikiMac

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    Or as the Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts say, "Be Prepared" -- except that not all of us live next to wild animals, and not all of us live where guns can be legally carried. Where I live now, sure, I can openly carry a loaded pistol on my hip if I want to, but where I used to live that would get me arrested. :dunno:
  20. Hannibal

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    You live in the UK so this is based on guesswork

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