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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by rex00, Feb 1, 2006.

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    Hi, ive just decided to stop doing Thai boxing because i was about 7 years younger than most of them there (im 14 there all 20+). So now im looking for a kick boxing school near me as there are no other muay thai schools around. ive looked up a couple on the internet i found:

    www.thekickstop.co.uk which i prefer the look of, but has anyone heard of the intructer he says he an undefeated british champ Martin Lamb so i guess some of you might of and if you have is he any good at training?

    www.blackbelt4sure.com This im not so sure about, the instucter dosent look in too good health and they descirbe kickboxing as having tae kwon do kicks, which im no expert on but i thought they used for thai like kicks. He also has a bunch of strange programs on his website, with strange names.... he also comes out with some complete crap on his breif history of martial arts he says "The study of Martial Arts began thousands of years ago in China". Which as most people with half a brain know that martial arts came from lots of different countries.
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    It's a shame you have to ive up the thaiboxing because of the age gap. Do you have any friends that would be interested in joining?

    I think out of the two you've listed, it seems the former is the better option. You seem to have made you're mind up already. But I can't confirm any of the claims either site makes.
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    I did bring on of my mates along for a few lessons but he found it a bit too hard and gave up after a few weeks and by the former do you meen the blackbelt4sure one?
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    by former I mean thekickstop. Looking at the sites the blackbeltforsure seems better setup in ways. There's a lot more information, but this is just a reflection of the website. I think there's a big chance it could be more "commercial" kickboxing, mcdojo if you will. The kickstop one doesn't offer too much information but I wouldn't dismiss it. See if you can spend time at both and see how they compare. Try a lesson a week at each and then make your decision. I see the blackbeltforsure offers free trial membership, so use that to your advanatge and don't be forced into signing or paying for anything you don't have to.

    hope that helps

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