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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Moiteet, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Moiteet

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    Hi folks. I was hoping for a bit of advice. I’m looking into buying a rowing machine to use at home. At the gym I invariably find myself using the concept 2 rowers as opposed to any other form of cardio equipment, so I thought it might not be a bad idea to have one in the garage for the days when I am just too busy to make it to the gym. Sadly, they are becoming more and more frequent. The rower that I use at the gym is a Concept 2, a heavy duty bit of kit with a price tag to match. Unfortunately, I am going to have to settle for something a little less expensive. Which will obviously mean compromising on quality and robustness. I was wondering if anybody could recommend a good make or model that offers a nice balance between quality and price. I’ve been having a look at rowing machines for sale online but there is that much to choose from that it is difficult to make a decision. I’d much rather make one based on somebody else's recommendation. Any pointers will be much appreciated folks.
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  2. Tom bayley

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    I can recommend York fitness machines. I had one (magnetic resistance) for a few years, worked really well.
  3. Dead_pool

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  4. Moiteet

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    Ha! You don't get much more targeted than that. Thanks for the link!
  5. Moiteet

    Moiteet New Member

    Which model did you have Tom? I like the look of this one that I found on the website that Dead_Pool suggested:

  6. Tom bayley

    Tom bayley Valued Member

    Sorry I cant remember the model name - it was a while ago. it was their entry level magnetic resistance machine. It looked very similar to the photo.
  7. Mitlov

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    Two year necro on this thread because I have the literal exact same question as the IP...want a home rower cheaper than a Concept 2. This is for cardio training, not crossfit competition, so I don't need a competition-grade air rower. Happy to try magnetic. Anyone had any good or bad experiences recently they'd like to share?

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