Which martial art do you think is best for overall physical conditioning/fitness?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Earthsnake, Sep 6, 2018.

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    Welcome to MAP!

    That article was terrible though, haha! That guy equates all arts very incorrectly.
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  2. Hannibal

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    Absolutely not

    Patchy quality control, mass marketed over promise/under deliver and the passing on of an “end product” to people who have not gone through the component arts to gain ability or skillset

    Even the workouts are nowhere near as intensive as an average kickboxing class

    Ironically a lot of this is also true of JKD.....
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    As the man in pink has said, don't ever equate fighting ability with self defense capability! Boxing, Thai, BJJ, Wrestling etc. are all exceptional fighting systems, but they are just that. Fighting systems! Perfect self defense system doesn't exist. The best self defense systems will tell you to stay out of trouble. All the fighting ability in the world won't protect you from a committed assailant who attacks you from behind by surprise (youtube knockout game). And that's without weapons......
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    You are absolut
    Yes you are correct MMA involves a lot of different aspects of your strength and it is the best possible option for a good healthy lifestyle.
  5. hewho

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    Varies club to club for fitness, as has been said.
    The club I went to with the most emphasis on fitness training was Sanda, but we were training to fight competitively, and the coach is also a qualified PT.
    The most exhausted I've been from doing actual sparring though has been during wrestling sessions.
    Find an art you enjoy and can get to sessions in, and if you don't feel it's helping your fitness start exercising more :)
  6. Grond

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    I think any martial art that gets you moving around is great for fitness, with some high calorie burns like wrestling being obvious winners, but don't discount the cal burn from something as simple as jumping rope in boxing class. I might be repeating myself, but jumping rope a lot leads to a seriously tone bod ready for any kind of physical exercise. It might seem like a simple exercise, but it is deceptive and complex. Best money I ever spent was on a set of nice weighted jump rope set, a bit worn but still in my garage. I grab it any chance I can get, but admit that hasn't been as regular as it used to be.

    Basically any time I've ever done a martial art, I've gotten in great shape from it. Karate put meat on my bones, boxing hardened up my core, shoulders, and arms. I just learned there is a Tae Kwon Do school within walking distance of me, and it turns out the owner/instructor is an actual MMA fighter and she offers both standing and ground classes in MMA. I'm seriously considering joining up, because I could stand to lose at least 20 lbs of lazy.
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