Which is better for effective self defense?

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by Kyrotep, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Ok, now that we have discovered the real reason you are afraid of grappling maybe you could share the details.

    How old were you when this "unwanted" grappling started? Were you embarrassed by it? Did it make you feel dirty? Did you secretly like it?

    No wonder you were traumatized.

    Please, share with us, you'll feel better.
  2. Aikidojomofo

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    Point out on the doll the place where you were "grappled"
  3. LCC

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    LMAO! I wasn't going to comment any further on this thread seeing as it's impossible to convince certain people that their very limited life experiecnes don't make them an authority on combat. But I couldn't help reading those two gems. With my city just having been flooded and two possible hurricanes on the way next week, I really needed something to laugh about. :cool:

    Oh and for those college wrestlers out there, I sooo know that you guys are not gay. Heck would gay guys pose like this;


    HELL NO! So keep doing the college wrestling and one day those who are truly elite, can become pros.

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    For the record I am a grappler and a giant homo, but even I refuse to wear a singlet. I mean really, who came up with those things?
  5. LCC

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    It's all part of the tease. Left strap down, right strap follows. Without the tight singlet the teasing is over too quickly, like a Vegas stripper who comes out with nothing but bicycle tassles on her boobs.
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    Who says he won't bring friends?

    Who says he has to wrestle? It's not that hard to jump on someone's back, throw them in a chokehold, and wrap them up so they can't escape. And if he does, a good grappler on the ground can make up for a huge size deficit. That's how Genki Sudo beat Butterbean, despite the fact the Bean outweighed him by 250 pounds.



    You don't always have a chance to draw a weapon. It's silly to rely on that as your exclusive defense.

    Well, actually it came from Brazil, not America.

    If it's ineffective for real fighting, then why have a lot of different military branches adopted it for their fighting systems?
  7. Kuma

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    It's pretty apparent you don't have a lot of experience in grappling/wrestling, otherwise you'd know how important learning how to properly fall is. If you get tripped or thrown on hard asphalt, you're going to wish you knew how to land properly.

    I bet this kid wished he had learned how to fall better, otherwise he wouldn't have gotten smashed around so badly from those slams.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJeoaYv03NE"]Streetfight knockout slam - YouTube[/ame]
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    Brilliant post. I picture you tramping across downtown Tokyo Godzilla style?
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    Who says "fifthly"? Seriously?!
  10. Moi

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    Apparently ninzilla look like this. I guess how much??? of this'd be pretty freaky. Posts like a man

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    new to the forum, so bare with me.

    from my experience, and looking at it from a philosophical point... People who study the more traditional martial arts and live by the discipline and respect associated with them, tend to possess better "self defense" qualities. Meaning, they arent looking for a fight to begin with. By only seeking true self defense, they reserve their skills until absolutely needed, even if that means de-escalating the situation by some other means.
    now, if we are talking about "fighting" skills, I train side by side with MMA guys who can dogwhip someone in a sparring/duel type situation.
    But, put those same individuals at arms length apart, push them or grab them and their skills tend to turn from MMA to the classic American testosterone induced pushing match mentality as nearly all fights do. those exact moments are where solid self defense arts like Kenpo, traditional JuJutsu , Hwa Rang Do, Hapkido, etc. shine the most...so, are we talking self defense or "fighting"? there is a difference.
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  12. ap Oweyn

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    Can't say that my experience with competitive fighters mirrors yours. They've all been perfectly amiable people in real life.
  13. Killa_Gorillas

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    I've rolled and wrestled with guys of that size and it's really not that bad.

    I've seen guys at my gym dominate guys of that size... and they are the same weight as me just much more skilled.

    Seen plenty of footage of big guys getting choked TFO. Period.

    You could say that about any technique/skill set. I'm pretty good at pro evo but I'd have trouble playing with a dog chomping down on my ball bag.


    Having just returned from Thailand myself I can say with 100% certainty that that is testicles. There are plenty of places to learn BJJ in Thailand and in fact across all of south east asia.

    Brazilian Jiu jitsu right?

    It's also usefull in a whole load of other situations including against bigger, stronger opponants too.:cool:

    You might want to check into the history of BJJ a bit more thoroughly...

    Either way it's your loss mate.
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  14. Doublejab

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    There is a difference in that fighting is only part of self defence. But its a very important part, if you can't fight then you won't be able to defend yourself if the worst happens.

    I do find it hard to believe you when you say the MMA guys' MMA training goes out the window when they're pushed or grabbed.....I mean, MMA fights/sparring involve a great deal of both.... ?
  15. Preacher Wilson

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  16. Timmy Boy

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    Muay Thai and BJJ techniques don't rely on "brute force". If that were so, fighters would just lift weights rather than train and the stronger guy would always win. BJJ in particular has been made famous by smaller guys beating bigger guys - a claim many arts make but few live up to. Look up Helio Gracie.

    I think most of us here would agree that you train how you fight. But we'd disagree about what that actually entails. Sure, in THEORY you train to fight without rules. But if you don't do realistic sparring then theory is all your training will ever amount to and you won't be able to rely on it when someone's really trying to punch your lights out. Do you guys kick each other in the nuts in sparring?

    No offence mate but it sounds like your views are based on silly stereotypes of sport fighters rather than reality.
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  17. Preacher Wilson

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  18. ap Oweyn

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    How have you trained a well-placed kick in the nuts? Against an unmoving heavy bag or target? By pulling the attack on a real partner? By having your opponent gear up in a big "ballistic diaper"?

    However you've done it, it's clear that you haven't been training precisely the way you'd hope to fight. But you take for granted certain leaps in logic you'd need to make at "go time." Whilst simultaneously assuming a competitive martial artist would be incapable of same.

    I see where you're coming from, but there's more to it than that.

  19. Kurtka Jerker

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    You're coming from the (flawed) assumption that "real fights" and "self defense" are viewed as separate from technical prowess in competition in these arts. A solid competitive fighter doesn't train specific tricks to use when the opponent does this or that. He picks and fires back or jams and clinches or weaves and shoots just like he always does. When you resistance train every class, the "street" and "ring" dichtotomy goes out the window with regards to techniques. The only difference is how you play the angles prefight and pre-confrontation.

    In short, a competition judoka is going to throw a dude on his face and armlock him the exact same way in a real fight, because there's no such thing as competition or self defense techniques. Only techniques.
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