Wheres the shaolin in ussd's shaolin kempo?

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by buda warrior, Aug 28, 2006.

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    The effectiveness of the system is where I would think one would want to go, not to flesh it out, unless you are going for the money side, others mention. More katas to fill the bill, for each belt etc..

    John Bishop mentions that 50 (fist) strikes are around but teaching the basics of about 5 is where you see many arts. Boxing is one and FMA is another. The basic 5 strikes or blocks of a system once put into combinations are very good, explosive is the term for a few of the better ways of hitting. It does not matter the shape of the hammer hitting the nail, if it does the job (but some are more effective).

    Several schools I have seen are into selling the videos that are showing all the various katas and then they also sell the one where the kata is broken down in a video so you can visualize the techs that are in the Kata. It can be done with the techs first and string them into a Kata.
    Many times these are not to the public but are strickly in house stuff, for the aid to teach later and make sure the kata is correct. Teaching aids are old stuff.

    In the old school of Tai Chi the saying about secrets, "the secret is, there is no secrets".
    Master Bill Chun Jr. and I have been e-mailing back and forth and one of the things he mentions is the fact that in Kempo the creation of new techs or ideas is where Prof Chow came up with all his ideas and techs.

    The Prof. was a genius in the Martial Arts world he was one who may not have had a formal education but what he gave to the world of MA was huge.

    He did this for fleshing out his art, more techs more information. To learn these without Kata is a formidable task. For that reason Katas are good for basics, drills can be gained and of course connecting the dots makes them longer and more moves. They help to keep yourself in shape in a very small space (room) they are good also because you do them alone (in secret).

    I would think that even though Prof. Chow had no Kata to teach he had a form of Kata that he used when he was alone and practicing (back to aid situation of teaching).
    To have secrets you can not share them. I read that Sijo Emperado was a student of the Prof. until 1949 and yet he developed his system in 1947.

    "We" is a term used when others are involved in determing the outcome or the design. Chow was a loner for several reasons. When GM Sam decided to fleshout Kara-Ho and added Kata it was a very sensible move.

    GM Sam noticed that other systems that stem from the original (Chow who came up with it from Mitose and others) needed it. So did others who were given the keys to the system from the original assistants, to the last who have inherited a system.

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    That's a old rumor that just dosen't seem to want to die. Prof. Chow knew several katas. Both hard and soft. He also developed his own katas. Just because he preferred to teach other things dosen't mean he never taught or knew any katas.
    Here's a perfect example. When asked to do a demonstration at the California Karate Championships, why would he do a kata, if he didn't like them, and never did them?

    More misinformation. Sijo Emperado was with Prof. Chow, and was his chief instructor into the late 50's.
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    John I believe you are saying exactly what I am trying to point out, is that they were done for they are a way of saving information, we do it now with a camera and dvd's. Forms have been around for a long time but specific kata seems to be hooked up to Okinawa teaching of ie. Shorin Ryu or Shotokan.
    Tang Soo Do is similar because it is hooked to Gichin Funakoshi, what I have read. Many others also from Okinawa just an example...

    If the year was 50 or 49 it does not matter IMHO. The thought of creating your own and being taught and instructing for another is the point. It does not mean anything except a point of ambition. Similar to John Leoning going to the mainland from Hawaii in 57 or 58 not a biggie. You pointed out that he had a school in Hawaii, A Reyes took it over when Johnny left, I have heard.

    Many "Schools" will throw you out if they find that you are learning other work. Sort of the "Union" mentality, no side jobs. That is the point here.

    Thanks for addressing it and clearing up some things, from your point of view.

    I believe to teach kata, for when it is broken down and taught it is like money in the bank. If one chooses to go that route or not has a lot to do with the MA they learn IMHO.
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    So wait...I don't think it ever got answered...where is the Shaolin in USSD's Shaolin Kempo, or rather, in the Shaolin Kempo system et all schools?
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    Yeah you can test in the hotel parking lot for $300 in china.And learn one forum. That sounds like a good deal to me.
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    FORM (second post you've spelled it that way on).

    Anyways....you don't really learn crap. It goes way too fast to be of any use. The LAME black belts are trying to replicate what you were just shown and it is a serious joke. Not to mention tht it has no resemblance at all to the SKK that you practice back at the dojo.
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    Yes. I agree there. That's why I opted to stay in my group when they had the monks come out instead of trying to help with another group. It would be lame for those that are trying to learn the same thing I am. Kind of silly to me...
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    I found USSD's Shaolin! well, at least one guy that's kind of doing kung fu...


    Here's one with Tiger hook swords


    Unless this guy learned these forms from Steve DeMasco, he didn't learn them from USSD, as Tiger Hook Swords is not taught in the system and that Tiger form isn't from them either.
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    Don't go to the shaolin temple with USSD. You learn only one form and you go shopping the rest of the time. You could go there yourself for under two grand and train for a month with the shaolin monks.
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    Did he stay at the shaolin temple? Was he trained at the temple or some near by school?
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    Yes and he hocked up Mattera and Damasco with the Abbot Shi Yong Xin in 2000.
    This is where they claim the Abbot gave them their 10th Dan.
    The Abbot made them honorary disciples of the shaolin temple. Honorary meaning bought rank not earned rank IMHO. Doesn't the shaolin temple rank go student, disciple, master?

    Doesn't that mean they don't even consider them masters hahahahahahaha!

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